Ed Balls – gone but not forgotten


Ed Balls, once an unpopular Labour Cabinet minister, has reinvented himself having lost his seat at the last election. His ungainly but good-humoured attempts in Strictly Come Dancing saw him through to the 10th round against the odds. Although he won’t run this election, there’s a suspicion he might be tempted back in future.

Born 25 Feb 1967 in Norwich, he’s a Sun Pisces trine Mars in determined Scorpio; with a Water Grand Trine of Saturn in Pisces (conjunct Venus in Aries) trine Neptune trine Jupiter in Cancer, formed into a reformist Kite with Saturn opposition Uranus in Virgo.

Tr Uranus is at the moment exactly square his Jupiter giving him a surge of enthusiasm and shaking his Grand Trine onto a new track sometime soon. And in 2021 when the next election is due, he’ll have tr Pluto opposition his Jupiter, with Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct his Pluto – so a double whammy of confidence and success, which his present piecemeal academic career is unlikely to bring.

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  1. Just a point re the timing of the next election – it could be up to 5 years after this one. Under the FTPA it would be May 2022 and could be June if the next government repealed the FTPA.

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