Eclipses 2024 – USA a hotspot ++ Canada

  The first of this year’s eclipses comes next Monday with a Lunar Eclipse at 5 degrees Libra/Aries. Pluto will trine/sextile the Full Moon to provide a degree of get-it-together energy. Though Neptune widely conjunct the Sun opposition Moon may cast an air of dither and drift into proceedings. Jupiter Uranus conjunct will produce a dash of adventure and luck. It’s not a well-integrated chart so unless planets are on the axis it may not have much impact – Moon MC mid North America. Argumentative Mars MC Moscow, Saudi and Irag; and Pluto MC Germany.

  The Total Solar Eclipse on 8 April at 19 degrees Aries – the great American eclipse – has its path across the USA.   In addition to the lucky Jupiter Uranus there is a less cheerful Mars Saturn conjunction in Pisces which can be accident-prone or bring setbacks. Like the Lunar Eclipse it is not especially well integrated as a chart.  The New Moon/Midheaven line runs through the USA east and centre. The Mars Saturn Midheaven which is less helpful through the western USA. Jupiter Uranus through South America. Mars Saturn IC through Iran. Pluto IC through Germany.

  Bernadette Brady says of this Saros series that it is inventive, with flashes of genius, insights, good ideas, vivid dreams and an urge for freedom which may pull the individual away from relationships temporarily causing strain. Around before in 2006, 1988, 1970, 1952, 1934, 1916.

The eclipse will enter Canada in Southern Ontario, and continue through Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Cape Breton. The eclipse will exit continental North America on the Atlantic coast of Newfoundland, Canada, at 5:16 p.m. NDT. For those lucky enough to be in the ‘path of totality’, daytime will turn into darkness for a short time.

  The 18 September 2024 Lunar Eclipse at 25 degrees Pisces/Virgo is conjunct Neptune and square Jupiter for a hint of over-optimism and delusion. There is an Earth Grand Trine of Uranus in Taurus trine Sun trine Pluto which is practical and good for crafting solid achievements. Except in this case it also forms a Kite with Sun opposition Neptune so there will be a degree of indecisiveness and confusion. As well as high hopes and enthusiasm.

The Solar Eclipse of 2 October 2024 at 10 degrees Libra has the New Moon in a hyper-active and argumentative square to Mars. And Jupiter square Neptune and Saturn so prone to mood swings, up and down.

 Bernadette Brady says of this Saros Series it is about separation and loss, to finish or complete a process. With sadness at the end or closure. Not good for strenuous physical activities. Around before 2006, 1988, 1970, 1952, 1934, 1916.  

 New Moon Midheaven through central USA. Pluto Midheaven Germany, Italy. Saturn MC Iran. Neptune MC Pakistan. Uranus MC Hong Kong and Philippines.  Jupiter Ascendant through Ukraine.

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    • How do you interpret such conjunctions, when three or more planets are at about the same place in the sky? What do you think of this conjunction in particular?

      • I personally think Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions are difficult.

        Because Jupiter expands and Saturn constricts, so you’ll constantly be at war with yourself, especially if they’re both conjunct the Moon as well.

        Hope others chip in with their opinions.

        • The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction happens every 20 years at the start of the 60s, 80s, 00s etc. The opposition happens in the 70, 90s, 10s.

          I’m sure I’ve read the conjunction really helps people be successful. (Bear in mind Meghan is born a few days before Roger Federer and a month before Beyonce who are superstars in their respective fields).

          It will depend on the chart of course, someone with Capricorn Sun would probably find the Saturn side dominates, a Sag focus on the Jupiter.

          Further to that, most people are held back by Saturn in their younger years until they learn its lessons so you might find that is a factor in how it plays out and over a lifetime the balance might change.

          • I have it at the end of Capricorn, as did my Grandfather. Mine is trined by Venus and in the 5th so it emphasises the creative potentials. Both he and I experienced episodes of depression, but on the positive side I think it has helped me have good judgement regarding business and finance, because I’m not extravagant or a risk taker.

      • You have to figure it out for the individual.

        In MM’s case, based on how she is*, the Libra moon doesn’t like to feel its feelings. So add in the Saturn and there is restriction on emotional development. And Jupiter magnifies that lack of emotional development. (* Doesn’t deal with feelings just cut ties and moves on)

        Astrologically, I have no evidence for this comment, it might be that her mother builds her up and encourages her but then from time to criticises and it knocks her down.

        • Thinking about what you say, Gnarly, about people being successful with this placement, it’s as if I recall Marjorie mentioning it at least at one point.

          These interpretations are very helpful, everyone, so thank you so much!

          • From the article on Huw Edwards …

            “He also has a Saturn Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn which may be significant. For many this is a comme ci comme ca aspect but for a few – Princess Diana, John Lennon, certain US Presidents – it has an overly expansionary side. The Jupiterian magnification factor flies them too high near the gods of Olympus, of which Zeus/Jove/Jupiter was the supreme being. At which point Saturn steps in with a sharp reality check to remind them they are human and subject to the same restrictions of morality and/or mortality as everyone else. In Roman times a slave would stand behind a triumphant general on a victory parade to remind him of his own mortality. It needn’t be as bleak as death dealing, but it can bring hubris down to earth with a bump if their Jupiterian streak gets out of control.”

            I think Marjorie may also have mentioned it recently, possibly in the Trump article about him and Biden likely contesting the Nov election. And the “president died in office” curse for the ones who take office under the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. But I don’t know that will shed light on individuals with the conjunction

          • That is very true, GD, certainly when I was young. Over the years and with experience and the Capricornian school of hard knocks one learns not to fly or reach too high so that when successes do occur, one learns to be grounded, more realistic and a little more humble.

  1. In addition to the US, the solar eclipse path seems to be going over Niagara Falls and Montreal in Canada, just barely missing Toronto (but still hitting parts of the Grater Toronto Metropolitan area).

    What does the eclipse presage for those areas in particular and Canada (and Greenland/Denmark) in general.

  2. Less than 36 hours before the March 24 lunar eclipse saw the terrible attack on the concert hall in Moscow with considerable loss of lives for which ISIS have claimed responsibility. I note that the eclipse squares the Cancer Moon of the Russia 862 chart as it occurs on the chart’s Midheaven/Sun/Saturn. Just over 2 weeks ago, according to an article dated March 8th in Forbes, both the US and UK embassies in Russia warned of an imminent attack on Moscow by Islamic extremists. In fact, Russian FSB has claimed that it thwarted an attack on a Moscow Synagogue by an Afghan arm of ISIS. From the articel:

    ‘Tensions between Russia’s Jewish and Muslim population have soared since the start of the Israel-Hamas war in October. Similar to many other parts of the world, the fighting in Gaza has stoked a wave of antisemitism in Russia, including violent protests. Israel urged Russia to protect its citizens in late October after a mob in the mostly Muslim Dagestan region stormed an airport in search of Jewish passengers arriving from Israel.’

    • It also worth pointing out that the April Solar eclipse at 19 Aries will conjunct the Russia 862 chart’s Pluto in Aries.

      • Thanks for looking at that 862 chart, VF. I remember you’ve talked about it before, and a bit like the ancient Edgar chart for the UK, it has resonance.
        Interesting to see how signs and degrees do link up across the centuries, both in national and family ancestry charts sometimes too.

        The Romanoff dynasty chart, 3 March, 1613 is also activated this year. It has a Saturn Return, at 19 Pisces, in June. Tomorrow’s Lunar Eclipse will see Jupiter conjunct the Nodes, 15 Taurus, and tr Saturn conjunct the Sun at 12 Pisces. For April, Mars at 13 Pisces and Saturn, 14 Pisces, will be just passed that Sun. These connections all seem to symbolise leadership, direction, government.

        The Lunar Eclipse in September opposes Romanoff Neptune, 25 Virgo, conjunct Jupiter 22 Virgo. As Marjorie notes, this eclipse is in a ‘difficult’ Saros Series. Neptune in the Romanoff chart is square Uranus, 22 Gemini, and Mars, 19 Gemini. Obviously, tr Jupiter (king, leader?) in Gemini and tr Saturn in Pisces (government, status quo) will be activating this chart over the coming months with a similar mutable, possibly unstable, atmosphere. The Virgo Lunar Eclipse in March, 2025, at 23 Virgo, has similar impact.

        • Thanks, Jane. Very interesting about the Romanovs and those degrees. It prompted me to look at the death chart for the Romanovs, which has Mars at 22 Gemini, conjunct the Moon at 27. There is of course the signature Saturn/Neptune conjunction which appears to mark key moments of change in Russian history. Here, it is in Leo at 2 and 4 degrees. The South Node in Cancer conjuncts Pluto which befits a the murder of an entire family. The Sun and Mercury are also in Cancer.

          Interestingly, Chiron in the chart is at 29 degrees of Pisces, due to be joined in our own times by transit Saturn and Neptune. Again, Chiron on the fixed star Scheat, ‘Astrology King’ says of this star:

          “According to Ptolemy it is of the nature of Mars and Mercury; to Simmonite, of Saturn; to other authors, of Saturn and Mercury; and, to Alvidas, of Neptune in square to Saturn or Mars. It causes extreme misfortune, murder, suicide, and drowning.

          “This star imparts to its natives’ stubbornness, one who can be headstrong of a combative nature. The native gains lose friends and acquaintances, may be unfortunate, of a changeable, almost unpredictable nature, has high enterprise, and may be subject to violence. May become of a controversial nature. Fantasizes.”


          Scheat is an especially unfortunate star regarding the sea. It was said to indicate danger from that element in the form of tidal waves or violent storms. [2]

          “Scheat, the Shoulder of Pegasus, is a fixed star of accentuated Saturnian character. Tied up with a malefic, this could lead the native to lose his life in catastrophes such as floods, shipwrecks, mining accidents, airplane accidents or maybe by suicide.”

          • I do apologise. I got the date wrong by a year, execution of Romanovs in July 1918.

            Still, a Venus SN conjunction at 20 Gemini, a Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in Cancer Square Chiron and Mars/BML in Libra. The Saturn/Neptune conjunct Mercury in the4th squared by the Moon. And Uranus at 26 Aquarius at the top of the chart in the 10th.

          • I know you said the year was wrong at first, but the Russian Royal Family must have already been suffering then. The charts are interesting because, partly, of Putin’s own positive attitude towards them, and his Czar-like behaviour at times. Seeing that 1613 chart activated by eclipses and transits did make me ponder somewhat….

            As did this, from Marjorie’s post above:

            “New Moon Midheaven through central USA. Pluto Midheaven Germany, Italy. Saturn MC Iran. Neptune MC Pakistan. Uranus MC Hong Kong and Philippines. Jupiter Ascendant through Ukraine.”

            Some of the more troubled regions highlighted there.

            Slightly OT, but Neptune is drawing close to fixed star Scheat, in the constellation of his mythical ‘child’ Pegasus. I associate this star with plane crashes, in particular – the winged horse soars above, its rider, Bellepheron, falls to earth. This summer Uranus, Mars, and Algol align. Algol is the Medusa, the ‘mother’ of Pegasus from her blood falling to earth, or into Neptune’s ocean. Simply intrigued to see Pegasus’ parents prominent in our approaching astrology, along with Pegasus himself.

  3. Thank you for this information which I will be saving as reminders, with all 3 eclipses potentially applicable on a mundane as well as personal level – a Virgo with Capricorn planets in a trine with the eclipse, currently living in the US (if not exactly in the path of totality, close enough), and with links to Taiwan, aligns directly with HK and the Phillipines, so would also have Uranus on the MC.

  4. Monday’s eclipse could witness news of which properties might be seized from 45.
    Seven of his NYC buildings might cover it.

    • He looks set to make millions from the flotation of his Truth Social platform. More undeserved luck… A risky investment given the auditors’ warning last year.

      • Well, he’s not “allowed” to cash them in until after a so-called 6-month grace period. Still, too late for the 600million bond.

  5. Some of the religious channels on YouTube are hyped-up over the fact that several US towns called Ninevah are in the path of the eclipse.

      • No idea! – I don’t watch them either but the YT algorithm threw them up (That’ll teach me to watch Prepper Channels!). Curious – I had a quick peek at a couple and they of the Armageddon / Rapture variety. I kind of hoped some of the very wise contributors on here with wider knowledge and a more traditional background than myself may give a clue.

      • ChatGPT:

        “Nineveh holds significance in Christianity primarily due to its mention in the Bible, particularly in the Old Testament book of Jonah. In the biblical narrative, Nineveh was a major city of the Assyrian Empire where the prophet Jonah was sent by God to deliver a message of repentance. The people of Nineveh heeded Jonah’s warning and repented, leading to God sparing the city from destruction. This story is often interpreted as a lesson in God’s mercy and the importance of repentance. Additionally, Nineveh’s historical and archaeological significance adds to its importance in understanding biblical narratives and ancient civilizations.”

  6. I think the 8 April eclipse will coincide with increased visibility of that comet we talked about, 12P/Pons–Brooks, especially across Indiana. I should take a look at that article I’ve bumped onto about it.

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