ECB largesse – a snub for the German court




Christine Lagarde, head of the European Central Bank, has effectively dismissed the recent German court ruling about bond purchases being against Treaty law and announced a 600 billion euro top up. The previous recovery fund announced by the Commission in May is still not agreed with the frugal states northern dragging their heels. This further top up which may never get through is still deemed not enough to support the pandemic economic damage especially in Greece and Italy where public finances have become unsustainable. The ECB decision was described by one commentator as a “declaration of war” against the German court.

Her ECB start chart of 1 November 2019 12am is in a rebellious mood with tr Uranus opposition the Scorpio Sun exactly now and repeating on and off into early 2021.

Her personal chart, which is formidably enduring and obstinate with a Capricorn Sun, and Mars Saturn in Scorpio square Pluto Moon (Jupiter) is upbeat and pushily confident till early July but then it runs into a failed-plans slump through July. This is when the EU’s own chart starts to show considerable economic strain with tr Uranus conjunct the 8th house Taurus Moon and square the Uranus.

Her relationship chart with Jens Weidmann, head of the German Bundesbank, is on red-alert exactly now and continuing to be in a tension-erupting phase till mid 2021. If she or the Commission can’t persuade Germany to agree then none of it will work.

The December Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius will hit her ECB CEO chart’s Moon and Jupiter for an over confident push along with an emotional upset in the months following.

Her relationship with the Germany country chart looks at daggers drawn for two and a half years ahead. Germany’s relations with the EU are being tested with this July’s Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn putting serious pressure on the ties-that-bind. There will also be a deepening froideur from this December onwards as the Sagittarius Eclipse is conjunct the composite Saturn.

Too many eclipses in one year and too much going on all over the place. The EU is set to rock n’ roll and not in a good way.

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