East meets West – astro-combinations

Blending western and Chinese astrology into a whole adds layer upon layer of insight into character and compatibilities in a new book by Jill Carr – Astrolations.  A monumental achievement which took ten years to compile it describes personality traits of each Sun sign with their Chinese counterpart – a blend of 144 combinations. A Leo born in a Pig year differs from a Leo Rat, with the Eastern sub-division into Water, Wood, Fire, Metal, Earth refining the interpretation further.

 An example in point is Princess Catherine and Meghan Markle – both born in a Metal Rooster year. Meghan as a Leo Rooster is a force to be reckoned with, flamboyant, perfectionist, a tad self-righteous and over judgemental, likes to rule the roost with spouse. Whereas Kate is a Capricorn Rooster, so not as flashy, steadfast, a tireless workers, who sees life as a serious business.

 King Charles a Scorpio Earth Rat is deep, intense, intuitive, a worrier. Camilla a Cancer Fire Pig is warm, generous, outgoing and emotional.

  Prince William is a Cancer Water Dog – sensitive to over sensitive at times, good spouse material.

Prince Harry, a Virgo Wood Rat, likes to be busy, light-hearted, amiable and sociable, can be neurotic and petty.

  There is a section on each Chinese sign as children as well.

   A truly comprehensive run down on individual characteristics and how they operate as life partners, family members, friends and workmates. You won’t need to look any further.   

13 thoughts on “East meets West – astro-combinations

  1. Thank you, Marjorie, from this Capricorn Wood Horse. I read a similar French book years ago. Chinese astrology also has an Ascendant, which they call a companion sign. I always thought mine was the Cat, but I learned a few months ago it is the Tiger, which seems more fitting. This adds another layer of refinement and understanding.

    • the asc is the sign at the hour of your birth – i just don’t know if midnight is the start point for rat, or the meridien which would be 1-3am. then add your western asc sign

      Suzanne White – a couple of years ago I commented under her book on amazon how apt the book is for briging new animals into the existing mix or for choosig a pet (along with the natural at antonia frazier technique and she replied – I was so glad having read the foreword to her book

  2. Suzanne White also has a similar book (published in the ’80’s), if anyone is interested – The New Astrology (combining western & Chinese astrology).

    • This is a great book and a well-thumbed go-to for me. The author is a Scorpio Tiger and she has a no nonsense approach to her descriptions… very direct! Suzanne took it upon herself to change Year of the Rabbit to Year of the Cat…. was a better fit, she believed. Knowing a few 1951 babies, I think she was on to something!

      great to have another approach to this.
      And, yes, the research to create such a book is astonishing!

  3. I’ve been interested in Chinese horoscopes for years. I tried them initially out on our extended family and was astonished how accurate they are – even to the tension between the monkey and the tiger. Apparently the mischievous monkey tweaks the tiger’s tail, which is spot-on for two sisters, born in 1950 and 1956! Combining east and west will be fascinating, I shall read it with interest.

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