Doreen Virtue – from high priestess to humble devotee



A huge brand name in the tarot market has given it up in a conversion to Jesus and has now denounced all her former extremely lucrative books, cards and courses. Doreen Virtue (I confess I had never heard of her) is now pushing a presumably equally money-making line in more religious guidance. From google searches I can’t work out whether her fairyology courses are old or new incarnation but she seems to be punting a Devotional Prayer book hard on her twitter.

Born 29 April 1958 1.13am? Burbank, California, into a Christian Scientist family, she had clairvoyant experiences from childhood, speaking to spirits; and has been married and divorced four times. She’s a Taurus Sun opposition Neptune conjunct her Scorpio MC square Uranus in her 7th. Uranus Neptune can be fairly fanatical in beliefs which are not always conventional. Uranus in the 7th is a pointer to multiple relationships.

Neptune in the 9th conjunct Midheaven makes sense of a psychic/spiritual career. She’s also got an entrepreneurial Fire Grand Trine of Pluto in the hidden 8th trine Saturn trine Mercury in Aries, with Mercury opposition Jupiter in the 9th, forming it into a Kite. So all that heavyweight Saturn Pluto fiery energy is being pushed into publishing (9th) and communication (3rd). She’s also got an ambitious-for-money Mars in her 2nd house of personal finances opposition Pluto in the business chart area. Her chart is a curious mix of deeply buried pointing to interests in what lies beyond/beneath reality and materialism. So making money out of a psychic/spiritual approach does fit.

I’m not sure when her epiphany/conversion on the road to Damascus occurred. Though her career seems to be moving seamlessly into another success, at least for the next two years, if her birth time is accurate. In 2019, however, she picks up tr Uranus in hard aspect to her Fixed T square of Neptune (MC) opposition Sun square Uranus, which points to another radical shift in her path.

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  1. Yeah, exactly. I feel like I lost the best friend. I felt so happy that she came to my life and became my “teacher”. But Im taking it as you said that we shouldnt put anyone on the pedestal and I guess I will have more time to spent on different activities because I cant follow her at the moment. Im sure that it brings something new in my life but at the moment I feel really sad about. She was really the light.

  2. Wow, this is a shock for me – I have about 4 of her books and her Angel cards. I just went on youtube to watch her honest account of why she is changing paths and you can feel her raw emotions and genuine reasons and intentions which makes her such a loving humble person. I cannot fully relate to where she is right now as its going to take some time to process. But a lesson I have learned and hoping others do to, is to never place anyone on a spiritual pedestal and ironically, is the reason for her conversion. What I’m learning right now is that we all have our unique paths to follow, even if we are all made of the same light. Her conversion has really shaken my own belief and its something I am going to spend some time working on – no other person’s faith should be able to shake another’s so strongly, which to me means in some way, I had placed Doreen on some pedestal that I should never have; no wonder I am feeling very disappointed right now. I wish her well and I believe her new path is the right path, for her and I need to rediscover mine.

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