The Trump circus in town – a set of carnival sideshows

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The chaos around Trump’s his first days in office isn’t quite addictive but it’s so unnerving it leaches interest out of almost everything else. The desperate inanities of his need to have had the biggest Inaugural crowd and to have actually won the popular vote are either signs of a pathological narcissism that’s off the Richter scale; or a cunning manoeuvre to distract attention from the myriad executive orders he is spewing out at speed. [Don’t get distracted by the dead cat on the table. Url:] And indeed how his obsession with voter fraud could well lead to restrictions on who votes in future and possible/probable claims of rigged elections if the Republicans lose the midterms in 2018, never mind the 2020 re-run of this farrago. There may be more method in his madness than appears.

But for all that he isn’t Emperor Nero and even his nominees are refusing to buckle under his over-heated wish-list. Mattis on taking over the Pentagon made his first call to the head of NATO; and he, Pompeo (CIA) and McCain have spoken out firmly against torture. Rex Tillerson in State appears to have lost (or fired) all the top staff which given his lack of political experience is a distinct handicap. The Mexico wall will run into a thousand road blocks, as probably will the pipeline. Federal workers are likely to increase subversive action; swingeing tax cuts and stratospheric infrastructure spending is likely to run into Congress budgetary resistance. His protectionist trade policies run the risk of costing consumers (in the rust belt) more and de-stabilising the global economy. The only world leaders he appears to be on talking terms to are Putin, Netanyahu and (lord help us) Theresa May.

His Gemini Sun Uranus opposition Sagittarius Moon sitting on top of the USA 1776 Mars square Neptune makes more and more sense, given the anger, divisiveness and panic he is creating. His Saturn in Cancer conjunct the USA Mercury opposition Pluto will be interesting to watch when the tr Uranus squares come along from just after mid March onwards, given the history of that aspect on the USA chart in fuelling McCarthyite fascist responses and scandals, financial and Watergate-wise. [See post USA 2017 Dec 26th.] Trump’s relationship chart with the USA does indicate anger/insecurity breaking out into the open from mid March on at the same time, if not before, since the composite Moon may be at 22 Capricorn and, if so, will trigger late February.

Plus, of course, his bullying, bombastic Mars in Leo is opposite the USA Moon in Aquarius, trampling women’s rights into the ground – and not just in the US, overseas as well – resulting in a hot-tempered response.

His present hardline anti-abortion stance is a new acquisition since he was never that stuck on it as an issue until Mike Pence stepped in beside him. Be wary of praying for an impeached Trump. Pence would move up. In Congress he co-sponsored a bill that would allow hospitals to deny abortions to pregnant women who would die without the procedure. His war against Planned Parenthood when he was governor of Indiana led to the closing of five clinics. (None of them did abortions. They did, however, provide testing for sexually transmitted diseases, and one of the counties where a clinic was closed suffered a big H.I.V. outbreak.) He also voted against the Lilly Ledbetter act for equal pay for women. He once argued that having two working parents would lead to “stunted emotional growth” in children. In 2006, he said same-sex couples were a sign of “societal collapse.” And all this in the name of Christian piety. That Moon on the Inauguration chart squaring the Mars/Saturn midpoint certainly makes sense – cruel treatment of women.

Though if its any consolation  Pence is having a horrible time ahead with tr Pluto square his Mars/Saturn and trine his Mars/Neptune midpoints from early March onwards for two years – which indicates cataclysmic setbacks and plans not working out; tr Neptune square his Jupiter/Saturn midpoint from mid May to late 2018 which usually accompanies career losses; and tr Neptune squaring his Gemini Sun in 2018/19 which is lack-lustre and not ego-friendly.

What intrigues me (amongst a thousand other things) is Trump’s relationship with Stephen Bannon, his faithful buddy, which is hitting a sharp downhill slide from mid May onwards as tr Neptune opposes the composite Sun Saturn. Jared Kushner doesn’t get on with him and their dip comes earlier in mid March. Kellyanne Conway loathes him with a passion and that could lead to open warfare from early March onwards.

Keep an eye also on Trump and Paul Ryan from early April onwards as their uneasy co-operation stalls into suspicion, lack of confidence and uncertainty which will roll on till late 2019.


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  1. Marjorie, do you see this, astrologically, as the Republican’s way of getting rid of Trump?
    Section 4 of the 25th Amendment. “Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President.”
    They could use “mental illness” or “conflict of interests” or “acts of treason” against him.

    • Surreptitiously, the GOP needs a majority of their own (private) agendas implemented before removing / replacing Trump.

      Trump could, of course, possibly find enough fanatical GOP support to suspecnd the US Constitution. It’s all a matter of time. The true control freak at his best.

    • They’ll muddle along for a while. There was serious worry about Lyndon Johnson’s mental stability at one point (five Mutable planets plus Uranus opposition Neptune) but the Republicans would have supported him for a second run in 1968 if he hadn’t withdrawn due to physical health worries.
      JFK was on a staggering amount of medication and not all of it for physical ailments. Though Trump is in a different category. The Washington Post isn’t pulling its punches today: ‘The leaks coming out of the Trump White House cast the president as a clueless child’

  2. Larryc,

    I wasn’t clear. When I said republican, I was referring to the men (politicians) in Congress and the Senate who want to pass these draconian laws on women’s bodies.

    You are correct, the pro-life movement has its fanatical women, i.e., their protest in Washington D.C. today.

  3. Marjorie, it’s not so much the USA and abortion, it is the republican party (men) who are religious nuts. Abortion is their bread and butter that they feed to the religious zealots who vote only on that. These religious fanatics are holding the rest of us hostage. A month before the election I had one religious nut (a catholic, and btw, the Catholic Church played a strong part in this election by telling their parishioner to vote for the person who will ban abortions) tell me that he is voting for Trump to protect the fetuses. I wanted to puke.

    • Jai – this isn’t a “man” thing. Religion is not limited to one gender. I’ve met many female religious nut cases – at the moment, my cousin and I no longer talk – it’s been a year – over Trump and religion. She believes the country must return to its “Christian” roots and that “Christians” are the only ones being persecuted in this country. It’s hopeless, and I don’t expect our friendship to return.

  4. Jo You are right about there being commonalities. Grandiosity is part of mania and narcissism which is why it’s dangerous to diagnose at a distance. If you observe the behaviours eg 12 executive orders being signed I think in 7 days, thought and communication disconnect ( word salad) and his need for very little sleep ( although Margaret Thatcher only had 4 hours she said) in particular strikes me as a manic element of bipolar. I am only looking at the behaviours mind. I lived with someone who almost bankrupted us withh is grand schemes involving huge loans and paranoid delusions and yes your own mind is badly affected after 20 years. It is most likely that there are multiple issues here. The good news is that some of the Republicans are beginning to notice the emotional lability. As the stress builds the behaviour becomes more extreme. I don’t wish the guy any harm ( I’m in the UK) but IF he does have a mood disorder it must cause him distress at times. It all depends on the amount of insight he ( and others) have. Look up Carl Jung’s work on the shadow and the collective shadow. It’s very enlightening in times like this.

    • Thanks for this Angelena :). I’m UK based too. Well, it’s good to know those around him will try their best to stabilize any potential damage he does, political ideaologies aside. I’m suprised he’s never had any seriou shealth issues so far (that i’m aware of anyway). Pushing the body to the limits like that is crazy and does have a snapping point. In fact, I’m sure Marjorie previously mentioned in one of her posts that he doesn’t have much contact/any elements in the Earth elements, which will make him detached from how his body is feeling. I think that would also explain his attitude to money also? I know quite a few people with no planets in earth and they are useless with money or listening to their bodies. They just keep pushing until a health problem stalls them or they end up bancrupt. But, those are in my personal experiences. Don’t know if this goes right across the board? I do know one person in my life who is clearly bipolar/narcisisstic but she will not acknowledge she has the problem. It’s everybody elses problem. She has a lot of mutable planets which would indicate the bipolar side of her nature. Also sleeps very little and is always on the go and lacks empathy too. And her attitude to money is shocking; she assumes EVERYBODY else will bail her out and that it is her birth right. Some folks attitudes to others and their treatment of them outright shock me at times and I’m not that easily shocked.

  5. I’m a behavioural specialist of 35 years which is why astrology fascinates me so much. I read a recent article about trump’s first year of madness ,(not my words) was in 1988 when he made a lot of very bad deals very quickly. With experience of working with mania sufferers.. and they do suffer together with a quick calculation of trump’s age, it puts him at a time of his Uranus opposition aka mid life crisis. Mania and I believe a Uranus transit can bring grandiosity, flight of thought and speech, inability to get traction on ideas and lack of empathy. Just my two penny worth. My ex had bipolar and there was no reasoning with his paranoia and alt reality. Truly sad.

    • Do you think Trump shows signs of Bipolar, Angelena? I would have put him in the pathological narcissist box. Although, I have read that narcissism and bipolar are quite closely related? I’m not just an armchair analyst – I’ve had personal experience of it from other people with these symptoms and even the saintliest Saint would crack from under the pressure they put on others.

    • The definition of psychosis is a ‘disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality’. I’m never sure of the line between psychosis and personality disorder. And anyway entrenched mental conditions vary individual to individual, in degree and crossover between labels. It’s not like measles which you’ve got or not got.
      I’ve always been fascinated by the perverse personality structure which perverts share with artists – reality is too difficult for them to face so they create their own. Interestingly that temperament is also associated with the fascist state of mind in which the sufferer becomes a leader and imposes his skewed and self-created reality on followers, who get subsumed in a cult-like devotion into an alternative reality. There then ensues a battle between those who are inside this delusional system and those on the outside. Chasseguet-Smirgel, the French analyst, writes, “He who does not think as the group does is excluded, harassed, killed or declared insane.”
      The same process of denigration, character assassination, caricaturing is described by London analyst Christopher Bollas talking about The Fascist State of Mind – one which he says “entertains no doubt or uncertainty”. Distortion of the views of opponents to render them less intelligible and credible is the first move. They have to be discredited because no separation of view is possible from the accepted one. He says the profoundly destructive processes are then denied by a form of delusional narcissism. There is a false idealization of the self, a delusional grandiosity in the perpetrator.
      The problem with a narcissistic ego is that it is exceptionally fragile, like a balloon. So pin pricks are regarded as potentially mortal attacks. And I would imagine becoming the most powerful person in the world (while always an underlying belief) would threaten to exacerbate psychotic tendencies.
      All politicians and business leaders are narcissistic to a degree otherwise they wouldn’t do what they do. It’s just a question of degree.
      They are impossible to live with but the key thing to keep in mind is that the under-side of narcissism, which has to be kept at bay at all costs is – shame – and zero self-worth, an empty space.

    • Trump has suddenly called off his voter fraud investigation. In addition to Bannon, his son in law Jared Kushner, daughter Tiffany, Sean Spicer, and the future Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin are all registed to vote in two states.

      And the investigatiin had just started…

  6. Honestly, this all feels like some seedy car crash reality TV show that seems to be having the power to drive the matrix of reality into utter discombobulation.

      • Why do folks always feel the need to announce they are leaving a group, site, forum, etc when they get offended by other peoples opinions or views on something? It’s such a bloody narcissistic trait and such a sign of our times! If it offends, scroll on. If it really offends, leave. We little individuals are not that important in the grand scheme of things that somebody else should change their behaviour because we so easily get our jockstraps in a knot. Dear me…..

    • Jess, this is week ONE of his administration. Four, possibly eight years to go, and you’ve already done a face-plant into the shag carpet. For those years and years to come, you will be blind-sided by snark about Trump on sites where you will never expect it. Over and over and over and over….

        • I’m surprised he’s lasted till 70 if he eats like that every day. Mind you, I’ve heard stories of people who smoke 80 cigarettes and drink whiskey every day of their adult life and live to 95-100. Also, those who feed off everybody elses misery to empower themselves tend to have long innings anyway. I guess it’s the vampire effect. It’s their victims that die away of stress 😀

  7. What about the ‘resistance’ movements? Starting with the women’s march on 21st, and today in Philadelphia, and hopefully more to come such as April 15th Trump Tax March in DC (if it happens)
    Will it upset thin-skinned Trump and affect any change with the GOP?
    I attended the Women’s March in DC & found it an uplifting experience. Even though I’ve never done anything like it before (too middle-class & middle-aged!) I am now excited to do more. But I realize these things often loose momentum, it’s what happens next that is more important.

  8. Many people I spoke with – everyday folk and white-collar professionals – voted for Trump/Pence because of the anti-abortion stance. Had Trump/Pence been somewhat more moderate on the point, and Hillary not been such a dingbat over the email server, she might hv become president.

    Indeed, regardless if Pence steps into the Oval Office soon, we’re stuck with those views through the 2020’s.

    America may see the return of upstairs/backroom abortion clinics. A wave of religious fanatacism that will drag the country into the dark ages.

    But I’m not an alarmist…no, not me.

    • What gives with the USA and abortion? It ceased to be an issue in the UK in the late 1960s with David Steel’s Abortion Bill. There are occasionally some arguments about late term abortions but it isn’t a burning topic. Pro-life? Look at Pence’s views on the death penalty from 2014. “I support the death penalty. I believe justice demands it in our most heinous cases.” Weird. Those who are pro-abortion tend to be against the death penalty and vice versa. Jesus as I recollect was all about love, compassion and forgiveness not punitive judgements on poor women who often have no choices about getting pregnant and can’t feed their kids.

      • Last week, I read a non-religious history of the times when Jesus lived, and abortion was common.

        Marjorie, does the US chart show a pathological issue with women and their rights as human beings? Around 40 years ago, an amendment to the constitution that would have given women civil rights stalled out with 35 of the 38 states needed for approval. Women are uniquely without constitutional rights in the US. (That is a fact, no matter what people “think” or imagine.)

        The hard-core conservative men who treat the constitution as another chapter of the Bible may consider it their duty ban as much freedom as possible to a constitutionally unprotected segment of society. They certainly didn’t mind doing that to African Americans, until they were granted civil rights.

        • Great Britain’s brilliant and capable Elizabeth I & II have done a lot to erase common misconceptions about women in your country.

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