Donald Trump – Paul Manafort trying to introduce gravitas

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Donald Trump has parted company with his excitable campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. The seasoned republican strategist Paul Manafort will take over.

Manafort, 1 April 1949 Connecticut, has been brought in to focus Trump more on policy than personality, which certainly fits with PM’s Saturn in Virgo sitting on Trump’s Ascendant and conjunct Trump’s Mars in Leo. It’s a tough, fairly volatile relationship with a chained-together composite Sun square Saturn Pluto; and an explosive Mars Uranus conjunction.

Manafort is a fiery, go-getting Sun Mars Venus Mercury in Aries opposition Neptune, trine Pluto so he’s no slouch when it comes to selling and marketing. His Aries planets fall in Trump’s 8th house which may not be too comfortable, but he’ll be more of a behind-the-scenes operator than Lewandowski.

There’s not much transit wise on their relationship to give much of a guide, without PM’s birth time. On midpoints they look very down at the moment and aggravated September to mid October; with one up and one down influence over the election. Tho’ the up could be relief at not having to work together anymore.

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