Donald Trump – out of the frying pan …….

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Donald Trump, under new campaign management from strategist Kellyanne Conway, is pulling back from his core stance of deporting all illegal immigrants, in the hope of reclaiming some of the centrist Republican ground. Not only is this making him look like a flip-flopper, it is antagonising his grassroots support and the lovely Sarah Palin who’s now voicing “massive disappointment” if he holds to this new “wishy-washy” line.

That was never a harmonious match with her rough-edged Sun Mars Saturn in Aquarius opposition his Mars Ascendant in Leo.

Their relationship chart is volcanic with a composite Mars opposition Venus square Pluto; and an unstable, fanatical composite Sun opposition Neptune square Uranus. There’ll be further splits between them when tr Uranus moves to conjunct the composite Sun in October, which could see a real eruption.

Trump’s new CEO Stephen Bannon is also picking up unfavourable press for past domestic violence and anti-Semitic issues (which he’s denying.)

3rd September onwards sees tr Uranus square Trump’s Saturn which won’t make his forward trajectory any easier or smoother.

6 thoughts on “Donald Trump – out of the frying pan …….

  1. As I recall from history lessons, the Puritans moved from Endland into Europe and thence onto the Colonies due due its extremeist policies. “Here’s this nice wooden cruise ship. Have fun sailing into the new world…” There wasn’t much choice over cabin selections and culinary accomodations.

  2. Trump seems to go up in favor and then down.Rather like a see saw.however,H.C has told an Awful lot of lies and is being protected by all thosebillionaires.There must be something in it for them.How do you see the 26th for trump and Clinton? Seems it is a very crucial day. And can you see Marjorie what Assange will divulge? Be grateful for your astro.opinion.

    • They all tell lies, Joss. It’s how the lies are packaged. “Finnessing the facts”, it’s called. If you want a puritan, well…one can form a Puritan Party.


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