Donald Trump – flying high above the real world

Trump is at it again, backed up by the GOP, claiming not only to be wholly and on every matter sinless, but to be above the laws by which ordinary mortals have to live. Questioned on financial irregularities which have caused his accountants to drop him like a hot brick, he pleads the Fifth Amendment; and hurls brickbats over the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago looking for classified government papers.

  For all his prima-donna grandstanding he is more than concerned at the moment. He has a catastrophic tr Uranus square his Mars/Pluto in Leo at 18 degrees, which caught the August 1st triple whammy and continues on till mid October, returning May 2023. Ebertin describes this influence as “calamities of great consequence.” In addition he has the growing storm (of typhoon dimensions) building up towards November/December with his Solar Arc Mars square his Pluto, exact in four months but in effect before and after.

  Plus a disappointing tr Neptune opposition his Sun/Moon midpoint and Mars/Jupiter midpoint late October to early January 2023. He does have one lucky Jupiter midpoint transit late October to mid this November so something will be going right in the midst of the ceiling falling on his head.

  He will have some blips of good fortune in 2023 in April, June and July but is also facing a grind-to-a-halt Solar Arc Pluto square his Saturn, exact this time next year as well.

  He does bring cheer to the Republicans on their 12 October 1853 chart since his Jupiter is conjunct their Libra Sun and his Sagittarius Moon and South node are conjunct their Jupiter with his Sun across the zodiac. He may plug into their least evolved selves with that South Node but they certainly will see him as a lucky talisman. His Pluto is conjunct their Mars in Leo so he may well scare them not a little.

   When will they fall out of love with him? The slide picked up in 2021 with tr Neptune square the composite Pluto. It is a chained-together relationship so will take some unpicking. But tr Saturn is chipping away at the composite Sun Mars between now and early 2023 which are separating aspects. And tr Neptune is going its best opposing the composite Venus from April 2023 onwards, moving on to an uncertain square to the Saturn. With separating jolts and jangles from tr Uranus square the Mars Sun from May 2023 onwards. So it won’t all be champagne, or even diet coke, and happy smiles.

  Why the USA has been blighted with his head-twisting, reality-distorting perversions has to be partly the USA rabble-rousing Mercury opposition Pluto which is being pounded by the Pluto Return which tends to attract huckster-showmen. And also his Pluto being conjunct the USA ‘leadership’ Leo North Node. His MAGA platform would resonate with a country losing its self-confidence as a world leader. He was always going to be a divisive figure, causing anger with his Sun conjunct the USA Mars.

  Never say never with personalities like Trump who have the luck of the devil and a shape-shifter’s uncanny ability to survive against the odds. But even he will be hard pushed to come through the next eighteen months in exuberant form.

Psycho-babble: I’ve always been allergic to any tendency to manipulate reality and the psychological mechanism behind it  has always fascinated me.

“Gaslighting is a form of manipulation that occurs in abusive relationships in which the bully or abuser misleads the target, creating a false narrative and making them question their judgments and reality.”

  Christopher Bollas, the London analyst, years ago wrote a paper on The Fascist State of Mind which he thought shared a similar mind pattern to sexual perversion.  Both are fuelled by delusional narcissism. There is a false idealization of the self, a delusional grandiosity in the perpetrator. This is accomplished by a ‘cleansing of the self’ with the badness being projected onto others who are then to be destroyed. What follows is the possible birth of a new, forever empty self to be born …. with no past (which is severed) and with a future entirely of its own creation.

  The narcissist’s world view is one which “entertains no doubt or uncertainty”. Distortion of the views of opponents to render them less intelligible and credible is the first move. They have to be discredited because no separation of view is possible from the accepted one. It is a relentless process of  denigration, character assassination and caricaturing.

 Janine Chasseguet-Smirgel, the French analyst, writing about  perversion and group delusion echoes the same thought. “He who does not think as the group does is excluded, harassed, killed or declared insane.”

  It might go aways to explain the continuing adoration and blind acceptance of Trump by his fanclub who are caught up in the unquestioning group-think as was true of the Hitler/Mussolini supporters – until it wasn’t.  Reality has to creep in at some point. Though pulling the veil away and facing the fact that idols have feet of clay comes very hard. The unreal dream of an idealised leader is comforting to a certain personality type.    

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  1. Marjorie his SA MC is 3 degrees and applying to Trump’s natal Pluto. Is this close enough to have a bearing on his prospects? Such a conjunction involving someone as powerful and indeed plutocratic as a former US president could spell some dark juju. Let’s hope so…

  2. – It is interesting that the first visit by the justice dept -was on June 3, 2022- was not that the end of mercury retrograde?

    “Timeline- from CNN-” Four investigators, including a top Justice Department counterintelligence official, visit Mar-a-Lago seeking more information about classified material that had been taken to Florida. The four investigators meet with Trump’s attorneys and look around the basement room where the documents are being stored. Trump briefly stops by the meeting to say hello to the officials, but he does not answer any questions. During the meeting, the federal officials serve a grand jury subpoena for some of the sensitive national security documents on the premises, and they take away the subpoenaed documents.”

  3. “His Pluto is conjunct their Mars in Leo so he may well scare them not a little.”

    Thanks Marjorie. The FBI, 26 July 1908, also have Mars at 11 Leo – an interesting coincidence. And this week’s intense Aquarian Full Moon opposes the FBI Jupiter at 19 Leo – maybe that throws a light onto big ideas of law and justice, with Saturn in Aquarius not far off? FBI Jupiter opposes it’s Chiron at 21 Aquarius. And then all of that appears in the Composite here, with Mars 19 Leo and Sun 21 Leo.

    More Mars for The Donald too – it crossed his MC this week, waking up angry Algol I suspect. Mars will soon be spending months in Gemini, energising that tenth house and maybe increasing belligerence? It turns retrograde at 25 Gemini at the end of October, conjunct the FBI’s Pluto. Happy Halloween?!

  4. Thank you for the addition of ” The narcissist’s world view”.

    It immediately brought to mind Canadian PM Justin Trudeau.

    The PM routinely calls protester misogynists, racists and the like. Despite none of them wearing blackface or having bought off groping victims with NDA’s like he has.

  5. Very interesting, also, to have a look at the US’ Republican party. It shows that:

    1. The party’s Moon and Venus will soon be under duress from Saturn in a conjunction and square next year

    2. Its natal Pluto will be squared by tr Pluto at 1 Aquarius, but while also in a trine to Natal Saturn: perhaps a rethinking of their values and a grounded, forged new beginning? Those aspects will both be in 2 years. Important, as it will be the US presidential and senatorial election year, they’ll do it for the voters sakes

    3. In two years, tr Saturn will also be going through Pisces, getting rid of a lot of fantasy-type thinking, and will come to conjunct the party’s natal Neptune. This will really help to clear out the fantasy-driven cobwebs of the US Republicans It’s wake up and smell the coffee time for them.

    4. Uranus transiting Taurus will quincunx the Republicans’ 19 Libra Sun at 19 Tau (into early 2024). Jupiter will also conjunct Uranus. Saturn will be in line to provide the third leg at 19 Pisces, but not until June, so between April and June, these planets will be circling and making a yod with a fairly wide base to the US Republican party Sun. Just in time for all the conventions activity that summer. Whether this can be counted as an actual yod or not, there will be pressure on the republicans to change things up given two applying quincunxes.

    In two years, they’ll be a very different party.

  6. Fun fact:
    “Tucked into a bill Trump signed into law in January 2018 was a provision increasing the punishment for knowingly removing classified materials with the intent to retain them at an “unauthorized location.”
    Previously, someone found guilty of this crime could face up to one year in prison.
    Now, a person convicted of violating this law can face up to five years in prison ― making it a felony-level offense to mishandle classified documents under 18 U.S.C. 1924.

    Could 2018 Trump have unknowingly put 2022 Trump in a tough spot?”

    Talk about walking into your own trap! 🙂 What a wretched ignoramus.

    • Trump has always projected his own misdoings onto others. He accuses them of everything he does himself.

      Therefore, it would make perfect sense for him to have increased punishment for knowingly removing classified materials.

      • @GD: That’s right. He signed on to that provision in the bill because he thought Hillary got away with a crime. Only to become a victim of his own vindictiveness.
        Trump is a prime example of a clinical narcissist with room temperature I.Q. 🙂
        ‘Lock him up….lock him up.’ Lol oh the irony. Karma is a b….!

    • Per Barbara McQuade, former US attorney, it doesn’t matter whether they were classified or not, so that defense is not going to hold up. “No, this defense will fail because the three laws that they selected to put on the search warrant don’t require that the documents be classified,” McQuade replied… “Instead, they require only one charge of government records, another charge related to national defense and another concealment of records when the government comes calling for them.”

  7. FBI took 11 sets of documents from Trump’s home. “”

    “Mr Trump denies any wrongdoing. He said the items were unclassified and safe. ”

    The list shows that one list of documents is marked “TS/SCI” – or top-secret/sensitive compartmented information – a classification level reserved for information that could cause “exceptionally grave” damage to US security, the Wall Street Journal reports.

    Additionally, the list is said to include four sets of “top secret documents”, three sets of “secret documents, and three sets of “confidential” documents.

    We can only hope the Thanksgiving Trump turkey himself will be cooked in the oven early this year.

    What in Ned was he thinking?

    • NY times reports seized documents were part of an inquiry into violation of the Espionage Act and two other laws and Wash Post that they included natl security pertaining to nuclear. Fact is those docs cannot be declassified by any President it would involve congress.

      • Posted this above in the wrong thread.

        Per Barbara McQuade, former US attorney, it doesn’t matter whether they were classified or not, so that defense is not going to hold up. “No, this defense will fail because the three laws that they selected to put on the search warrant don’t require that the documents be classified,” McQuade replied… “Instead, they require only one charge of government records, another charge related to national defense and another concealment of records when the government comes calling for them.”

  8. I agree with Lyn , MOST politicians ,left, right, communist, fascist are all narcissistic
    not just Trump. The more he’s demonised the more people idolise him unfortunately

  9. The two months that matter terribly in the U.S. are November 2022 and November 2024, the mid-term and presidential elections. With our obsolete electoral system, it is horrifying but possible that Trump will, indeed, be reelected president. He will never win the popular vote, but he doesn’t have to if enough militia-and-white supremacy states support him. Thank you for keeping an eye on this, Marjorie. He is our national nightmare, and unfortunately, even if he cannot run for reelection, his poison has spread to wannabes who could win.

  10. Thank you Marjorie. You got it all so far.
    I don’t think of the Republicans as the traditional Republican Party–but I guess the birth date of what we have now might be when Newt Gingrich in the 90s got them to be fighting all the time (no compromise allowed) or the birth of the “tea party” (really anti-Obama folk) or the growth of QAnon members and now bona fide fascists – Proud Boys and Oath Keepers (2 “militia” groups–funny to realize how weird this may be to you guys across the pond.)

    I’m in California and I fell that we will be in good shape regardless of what occurs in the rest of the country, but…who knows!

    Again, THANK YOU!

  11. Re Gaslighting.
    Boris Johnson in every way.
    But, aren’t most politicians, Royalty, Vatican and Church leaders etc all the same and we only just have realised on masse?
    At least they can afford the gas though.

    • Marjorie wrote a very good description of narcissism and how the person has no authentic self.

      Remember the myth of Narcissus was he fell in love with his own reflection. How this applies to the psychological condition is that with lack of inner self, narcissists are reliant on what is reflected back to them by others. Their lack of self-esteem and self-worth often means they surround themselves with more talented and beautiful people because that then reflects on them.

      This is the bit most people don’t understand. It’s not that narcissists are full of themselves, it’s the opposite. They don’t have skills, they aren’t any good at any thing beyond talking a good game. Donald Trump is the perfect example of this – he’s grifted his way to the top, no actual talent – just lots of showy gold stuff to impress others.

      So one question to ask when you want to accuse some of being a narcissist is – does this person have any genuine skills or talents beyond manipulation and grifting?

      All narcissists are sociopaths due to their lack of empathy or caring for others, not all sociopaths are narcissists. But it’s easy to confuse the two.

  12. Worried about Ron Desantis in FL because if Trump is out of commission, he will gladly fill his shoes. And he is smarter and more strategic. Scary times.

    • I also have a bad feeling about Mr DeSantis, although I’m not American. I do have relatives in Florida though.
      Anyway, here’s a little of what Marjorie said about him in a post dated 19th March 2022:

      “Once he loses that debilitating influence, 2024 is a different matter. He will pick up the upbeat, super-confident tr Pluto opposition his Jupiter in March 2024, repeating June/July and across the Inauguration in 2025. Plus a ‘lucky break’ tr Uranus square his Sun/Jupiter midpoint running from July to late October 2024 and April 2025. Plus a charming, popular Solar Arc Sun conjunct his Venus in 2024.”

  13. My husband and I are speculating that Trump was selling US intelligence documents to the Russians, Israelis, Saudis or Chinese — and informants and moles provided the goods on Trump’s espionage activities.

    • If this speculation is true, I hope Trump tried to sell secrets to a US agent posing as a foreign agent. His guilt would then be incontestable!

    • Hello Nicole, BBC has an article which suggests the same end-game by Trump.

      Of course, Trump’s whining is catering to the brainless following of his minions:

      “Mr Trump has reacted angrily on his social media site, Truth Social.

      “Nuclear weapons issue is a Hoax, just like Russia, Russia, Russia was a Hoax, two Impeachments were a Hoax, the Mueller investigation was a Hoax, and much more. Same sleazy people involved.

      “Why wouldn’t the FBI allow the inspection of areas at Mar-a-Lago with our lawyer’s, or others, present. Made them wait outside in the heat, wouldn’t let them get even close.”

      (sigh) It never ends. The hall of mirrors and the constant shell game of Trump.

      • Hi there, thanks for calling me a brainless follower and a minion. I really appreciate the respect for the vision of other people as brainless. Have you ever thought that people that don’t share your opinion about the world are not necessarily brainless. If I may, as a minion, say something: It has taken quite a lot of courage for me to say that I am a Trump supporter. I have been bashed and ridiculed by my liberal friends who all think that they have superior views.
        I don’t mind what they are thinking, but why do you all want me to HATE this man? What good does hate do? And why, I wonder, says everybody I know exactly the same thing about him. I have not heard one original thought in the argument. That is what bothers me more than anything. Maybe you can answer. See that you are a bit less brainless than me.
        There is one thing above all: Trump is the only president that hasn’t started a war. I don’t think that can be said for any other president in recent history.

        • From Michael Galant
          Donald Trump ended his term in office just as he started it: lying about being “anti-war.”
          Claiming (without evidence) that he had opposed the invasion of Iraq, Trump lambasted the bipartisan foreign policy establishment for its decades of disastrous militarism.
          It’s time to kill this myth once and for all.
          He escalated conflict in every theatre of war he inherited. He increased troop levels, deepened reliance on private contractors, and scaled up aerial warfare. His term saw four consecutive years of growth of the Pentagon budget.
          On Yemen — he repeatedly used his veto power to override bipartisan majorities in Congress that tried to stop U.S. military involvement and block the flow of arms to the conflict.
          Nuclear War — Trump shredded the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, withdrew from the Open Skies Treaty that ensured transparency between the U.S., much of Europe, and Russia, and failed to extend the critical New START Treaty with Russia.

          • Sterling, with respect it’s usually best just to summarise an article and provide the link. If, for no other reason, than repeating it in its entirety is a probably a breach of copyright.

        • A Germers, Trump is the only US president to incite a murderous insurrection within his own country.

          The terrible events of January 6th, 2021 were solely down to him.
          He is an amoral grifter and possible traitor. He has turned the GOP into a hideous joke.

          Abe Lincoln would be weeping in shame if he knew what the Republican Party had become now.

    • The latest I have seen is there was a $2Billion deal with Kushner and the Saudis. They tried to give the Saudis the nuclear information while Trump was President, but that was not completed. Flynn had a hand in that. The whole thing makes me sick to my stomach. I have worked in DC Metro for 16 years.

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