David Cameron – hoist with his own petard, but ducking the fallout

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David Cameron’s ‘lucky’ Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct his Uranus, exact in three months’ time, is obviously his Papandreou moment when he walks away from a horrendous mess in sheer relief. Today on the news of a Brexit win the pound and the markets made historic falls; there’s talk of UK’s credit rating dropping a notch or two; Scotland who voted for Remain is talking of another referendum to leave the UK and stay in the EU which they might well win this time; Northern Ireland also voted Remain and are now facing the prospect of a ‘hard’ border with the Republic which could brew up the old troubles again. Finance houses and banks may well relocate; businesses will stagnate in the interim two or more years of exfiltration. The leaders of the Brexit campaign may find this is a victory which proves to be a poisoned chalice.

The Bank of England, 27 July 1694 10 am, is looking jangled from late November this year with tr Saturn opposition Uranus and the financial Venus; and appears to be in meltdown in 2017 with tr Saturn square Mars and Neptune; and even worse the Solar Arc Sun squares Mars and Neptune in 2017. All of which is panicky and sliding downhill.

David Cameron’s chart, 9 October 1966 5.30am?  London, has another couple of hits of the forced-to-change tr Pluto square his Libra Sun this year and the deeply frustrating tr Pluto square his Solar Arc Mars now till 2018 as he tastes his legacy of failure. However he also has tr Jupiter about to move across his Ascendant in August or thereabouts which will buck him up. Though he’s got the tr Neptune square tr Saturn hitting two of his Mars midpoints and his Sun/Moon through into 2017.  2017 will pick up more Jupiter for him.

His Second Term chart, 8 May 2015 12.30pm, did have Mars conjunct the destructive Fixed star Algol in the 10th which never sounded like good news. The Term chart hasn’t much of note exactly now though picks up the de-stabilising tr Pluto square Uranus from early 2017 for two years; and if it survives till 2018 the Solar Arc Pluto square Uranus. The government will continue with a new leader, to be announced/elected.


If Article 50 is invoked this year which the sulky EU leaders are calling for, then the UK/EU divorce happens two years thereafter. Tr Saturn will conjunct the EU and UK and composite Sun in late 2018 which could fit the timetable.

The problem for the EU is that other countries now want to follow suit into a referendum, egged on by the far right. The EU chart, 31 December 1957 11pm Brussels, does have a bubble-bursting Solar Arc Pluto conjunct the Jupiter/Neptune midpoint within four minutes of a degree exact now (one fifteenth of a degree); moving on to conjunct Neptune in 2019 which is ditto and ditto and ditto.  Next year they have tr Neptune back to square the Mars/Saturn midpoint, which is around this month, which has a nasty sagging feel to it.

The EU/UK relationship chart has the separating tr Saturn opposition the composite Moon this year; and disappointing tr Neptune square the Moon in 2018/19.  Plus tr Saturn conjunct Sun in 2019 for the final separation. There will be a fair amount of one-upmanship through the next few months as early negotiations begin with tr Pluto trine the composite Jupiter.

7 thoughts on “David Cameron – hoist with his own petard, but ducking the fallout

  1. Well, the morning after the big game, armchair quarterbacks have the best advice.

    There’s a movement to call for another referendum to rejoin the EU. Ireland appears desperate to remain as is Scotland. I admit that the LEAVE movement is living past dreams – and now two generation of workers are facing a border closed to relatively easy access to the world.

    Marjorie – all that Jupiter boyancy for Cameron was similar to that for Bush and his bubble of isolation over the Gulf Wars, I recall you writing. He’d make a decision and walk on by the carnage and disasters, dismissive or indifferent of what he’d done.

  2. Thanks Marjorie and Jo.

    Let’s be honest, if the EU was working properly, none of this would have arisen in the first place. It is a slightly scary proposition to find that the nation’s clock has been reset to zero, but it’s probably less frightening than it looks – at least I hope so! It will be interesting to see how many rats leave what they think is a sinking ship.

    Perhaps we’ll become an even less important country than we used to be as a result (not that we’ve been all that important in the first place!), but it’s much better to be a backwater than a crazy country struggling to maintain world standing.

    Like you, Jo, I’m usually a cynic, but a fresh start is probably better than ploughing the same old furrow. A lot of people that I’ve spoken to are wondering what we’ve got ourselves into, but I wonder just how much things will change in reality, if at all. I hope you’ll keep an eye on things, Marjorie, and let us all know just what a stupid thing we’ve all done!

  3. Jo, All remains to be seen. Sadly change isn’t necessarily always for the good – Southern Rhodesia morphed into Zimbabwe and became a complete basket case; South Africa is moving the same way. The Russian revolution replaced an out-of-touch aristocracy with a different kind of dictatorship. The Shah was booted out of Iran and the beards moved in.
    What we have at the moment with Uranus square Pluto is certainly the hope for liberation and freedom, but that can quickly fall into chaos and anarchy and then Pluto re-asserts itself and you end up with worse or the same in different guise. History isn’t always a story of progress.

  4. Thanks, Marjorie 🙂

    I hope we pull through, though I believe it will take some time to adjust. I’m probably being a silly bugger when I say that when massive changes happen like this, they happen for a reason on a vast cosmic level? And it seems to be global at the moment, ironically. It all looks a bit scary at the moment. I like to think we are evolving as a human race, albeit at a slow pace.

    As things were going sour with the EU and they were not prepared to compromise on many topics, we should be allowed to see if we can build the aftermath towards something good? One problem is, we have removed one bunch of corrupt elitists and now we are left with this homegrown selfish lot to contend with. I don’t think (I’m hoping anyway) any far-right party will ever overtake Westminster. In fact, I think we were in more danger of that happening had we stayed IN. I hope other countries can correct themselves of this too, as the far-right seem to be flourishing at a far faster rate than here in the UK. But, then, much of that is borne out of them dealing with the immigrants moving in to their hometowns.

    I just wish world politics would have the foresight and the nerve to look at other countries where certain systems work SUCCESSFULLY and then implement them in their own political system. Australia and New Zealand have good immigration policies that benefit both country and immigrant – implement it. Scandinavia have a great education, environmental, and work policies – implement them. I can’t believe in the modern day Western World that this is difficult to do? But, we are always left with idiots in power whom we elect who are self serving and look out for themselves.

    I think we’ll have a couple of very drab years ahead but, I’m sure we’ll pull through somehow. We always do. Even if the EU is done away with for good, I’m sure something else will take its place in this globalized world and perhaps may well be more transparent with well defined healthy lines of power that benefit us ALL for the better. I’m surprised how optimistic I sound, because I’m usually quite cynical, Lol!

  5. Jo, In answer to your comment, now disappeared onto another page. Relationships are made up of three things – two individuals and the ‘chemistry’ between them represented on the relationship chart. Relationships can live through very tough influences as has the EU/UK one with tr Pluto square tr Uranus hitting on the composite Sun a few years back; plus the tr Saturn in Gemini banging away at the composite Moon before that. What is different now is the UK’s mindset, with tr Pluto at the end of a longish two/three years following tr Uranus hitting on the partnership Sun/Moon midpoint and the 7th house North Node. It takes two to tango and if one side wants out, they want out.
    I don’t think all the Brexiters are racist though there was a worrying far-right bloc in there. It was a vote against the posh boys in government and the bloated bureaucracy in Brussels. Plus a fantasy that the UK could stand alone and return to former days of glory. Not going to happen in these days of globalisation. Merkel’s as much to blame as anyone for that idiotic ‘open the doors’ stunt which backfired even in Germany. The UK is already overcrowded from Tony Blair’s shenanigans. There were and are genuine worries. But the cost of this decision is going to be a good deal higher than the Brexit leaders promised.

  6. So interesting. Also so worrying. In the US, we are concerned that all of this (because UK polls were off) may point to more hidden support for Trump than anticipated. Many of his silent followers may not be reachable by the pollsters because they are working their 3rd job shifts…seriously. We are sad about the UK/EU ramifications, and also demoralized because of the rotten choice facing our own country in November…Trump, no words needed; Clinton, perceived by many lifelong Democrats as no more in touch with millions of ordinary citizens than Imelda Marcos or Marie Antionette. All of her key decisions have been elitist or militaristic, and several have been disastrous. Added to this…Obama’s huge loss in yesterday’s Supreme Court decision, re: protection of undocumented residents here, has delighted our far right wing; and the House of Representatives couldn’t even get a bill passed barring those on terrorist watch lists who are not permitted to fly from buying military-grade assault weapons. Sad and incomprehensible times. Always appreciate your insights, astrological and editorial, and look forward to seeing how you think it will all fall out.

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