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Tory tempers are getting very rattled and ratty as the Referendum date approaches (dear Lord make it soon before we all keel over from boredom, important though it is.) David Cameron is coming in for increasingly toxic criticism from his own party of the Brexit persuasion with open talk of a post-referendum leadership challenge, no matter what the result.

The Tories have always been better at beheading unwanted leaders than the Left, but when Maggie Thatcher was ousted there were obvious indicators on the Conservative Party chart, 12 Nov 1867 – tr Pluto conjunct the Scorpio Sun and in the run up conjunct the Solar Arc Uranus; with tr Neptune opposition Uranus. So turmoil, radical transformation and high anxiety.

There’s nothing remotely similar at the moment.

If I had to hazard a guess it would be 2018 when David Cameron’s 2nd Term chart, 8 May 2015 12.30pm, has the Solar Arc Pluto exactly square Uranus; with a year of rumbling discontent prior from tr Pluto square Uranus.  David Cameron’s relationship chart with the Conservative Party also has tr Uranus opposition the composite Sun in 2018 which looks like a definite separation.

There’ll certainly be some poisonous arguments and tensions through this summer and until late year with tr Pluto square the composite Mars on that relationship chart, but probably not terminal.

He’s having a slipping and sliding, panicky year with tr Neptune square his Mars/Saturn at the moment though that disappears from early June. He’s got that lucky Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct his Uranus, exact in 3 months time but in effect now; and a minor uplift from tr Uranus sextile Jupiter/Node from June 25th.  And buoyant Uranus transits to Jupiter midpoints through 2017.  Though I’d imagine post-No 10 he’ll not feel that deflated since a whole new world beckons with more global travel, more money and less hassle, no matter what he chooses to do.

When George Papandreou exited the Greece PM job his chart looked positively elated, which could have been mistaken for success in an election but was just sheer relief at being out of an unfixable mess.

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