David Cameron determined to earn his stripes

Just a snippet as Westminster goes into vote on bombing Daesh in Syria. David Cameron’s 2nd Term chart has Mars in Taurus in the 10th conjunct Algol and = the Mars/Saturn midpoint which has associations with the military and killings.
Algol marks Medusa’s severed head and has a reputation for violence and extreme danger. Algol is a name derived from Arabic “Al Ghoul” meaning “demon”, “evil spirit” or “devil”. Nature of Mars and Saturn.

The Venus is conjunct Betelgeuse which evidently confers military honour or success in combative situations.

And his personal chart, 5.30am being accurate, puts Jupiter on the MC in Syria. Mind you his Mars aspects at least three risky and unpleasant Fixed Stars as well.
Alphard is associated with ‘poisoned thinking’.

Adhafera is a star on the crest of the Lion’s mane. A malefic star associated with danger from fire, explosives, acid or poison. Nature of Mercury and Saturn.

Al Jabhah brings loss and danger of violence.

Uranus conjunct Denebola warns of misfortune and disasters; there is the risk of loss of position or a fall from grace.

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