Bahrain – not much change for a couple of years ahead

Bahrain handled its Arab Spring in 2011 with brutal suppression, imprisoning and torturing opponents of its virtual autocratic monarchy. King Hamad bin Isa Salman Al Khalifa, 28 Jan 1950, was mainly school educated in England, Cambridge Univ, Sandhurst and then Leavenworth, USA. He is friendly with the Brit Royals though did not appear at Prince William’s wedding because of bad publicity over his crackdown.

Bahrain gained independence on 14 August 1971 making it a Sun Venus in flamboyant Leo opposition Mars and North Node in Aquarius; with Sun square Jupiter in Scorpio. So grandiose. There’s also a Moon Saturn in Gemini opposition Neptune square Mercury in Virgo – so not a happy population – anxious, uncertain.

2015 has been a tricky year with a Solar Arc Mars opposition Pluto, frustrating and stuck, though that is now moving on. There’s a slight hint of positive change with tr Uranus trine Sun early in 2016. But not much else of note apart from the September 2016 Solar Eclipse falling conjunct Mercury which will bring mental strain.

King Khalifa took over the emirate on 6 March 1999 with a Pisces Sun square Pluto and trine Mars in Scorpio – so controlling and vengeful. There’s a stuck tr Saturn conjunct Pluto this December and square Sun next year which will be downbeat but not much else.

His personal chart, born 28 Jan 1950, only two days after the former Austrian neo-nazi politician Jorg Haider, has a Sun Venus Jupiter in Aquarius opposition Pluto and trine Mars Neptune in Libra – superficially charming, stubborn, controlling, keen on the right kind of publicity. Tr Uranus is trine his Pluto once more into early 2016 which might provoke some change but he has a very fixed chart.

2018/19 is where it gets tougher for him with tr Pluto conjunct his Mercury and trine his Saturn; and a sagging, panicked Solar Arc Sun opposition Neptune in 2019.

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