Algeria – into uncertain times

Algeria also didn’t handle its uprising well in 2010/11 though they did make some changes in the aftermath but there is still harassment of government opponents and widespread criticism of electoral fraud. The President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, 2 March 1937, has now been in power through four terms since 27 April 1999.

Algeria gained independence from the French on 3 July 1962 10.38am Algiers which gives it a Water Grand Trine of Cancer Sun trine Jupiter in Pisces trine Neptune, formed into a Kite by Jupiter opposition Pluto – so inward looking, secretive, driven by power. With Mars conjunct Algol in Taurus square Uranus – so used to cruelty and explosive situations.

Tr Saturn will square that central Jupiter opposition Pluto on the Desc/Asc in December/Jan 2016 for a blocked and discouraging few weeks. Then tr Neptune will oppose Pluto and square the Jupiter/Pluto midpoint in 2016 and conjunct Jupiter in 2017 which will be extended period of power losing its grip and perhaps financial bubble-bursting.

Tr Neptune will also square the MC in 2016 for an uncertain, indecisive year. With the September Virgo Eclipse conjunct the Pluto leading to a crisis.

The Presidency chart from 1999 is unpleasant with a Taurus Sun Saturn opposition Mars in Scorpio square Neptune – not much sentiment or kindness in there.

Bouteflika’s personal chart, is definitely sagging in 2016 which may be age since he’s in his late 70s. Tr Neptune will conjunct his Pisces Sun from April onwards till late 2017 which undermines energy, motivation and ability to make decisions. He’s also got a confused tr Pluto trine his Neptune which is much the same.

His chart has a ruthless Water Grand Trine of Saturn in Pisces trine Pluto trine Mars in Scorpio. He fits the country chart but it hardly makes for an easy lifestyle having him as ruler.

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