France’s Far Right – gearing up for success, maybe short lived

Expectations (and fears) are running high that France’s far-right Front National party will do well in this weekend’s regional elections after the Paris shootings and Charlie Hebdo earlier in the year. The party under Marine Le Pen has cleaned up its act in recent years, moving its image away from the old anti-semitic, neo-Nazi rantings of her now estranged father. She’s even being spoken of as a possible President in 2017.

Marine Le Pen, 5 Aug 1968 12.20 am Neuilly sur Seine, France is a Sun Mercury in Leo with a Capricorn Moon so certainly ambitious. With a heavy Yod of Pluto Uranus in Virgo sextile Neptune inconjunct Saturn in Aries – that gives a sharply focussed purpose in life but needs real maturity to make it work. Fated changes can bring a turning point which will test the individual to the limit and can set them on a path of social responsibility; or it can bring self-defeating actions which end in failure.

She certainly looks successful and confident exactly now with tr Jupiter conjunct her Pluto. Though tr Neptune opposing her Jupiter through 2016 which bring over-confident hopes which are then not fulfilled. She does have good transits to Jupiter midpoints in 2016/17 as well. Though she’ll experience quite a knock from Solar Arc Uranus square her Sun in about 6 months’ time.
What is interesting is that tr Uranus will conjunct her Yod focal point Saturn in 2017 exactly when the election result is due. That will really test her mettle to see if she can rise to the challenge of the Yod or end up in failure. Tr Pluto will be opposition her MC then which might suggest a failure. But maybe that is wishful thinking on my part.
Tr Jupiter will then be in her 1st house which will boost her image.

Her niece Marion Marechal-Le Pen, 10 Dec 1989 1.05am St Germain en Laye, Fr, is also into the family business, hoping for a win this weekend. She’s got Mercury Uranus Neptune Saturn in Capricorn in the 4th opposition a 10th house Jupiter – so highly strung, quite chaotic, emotionally changeable. Though ultimately in life will gain a reputation in her own community. She has a fearsomely angry and bitter Pluto Mars conjunction in Scorpio with Pluto opposition an 8th house Taurus Moon. A loose cannon in some ways and may end up falling out with her aunt.

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