Dave Myers – a food-loving Virgo biker

Dave Myers, half of the much loved TV foodie Hairy Bikers has died. Half of an unlikely couple of middle aged blokes he was working as a television makeup artist when he met Si King, a locations manager on the Harry Potter films. Having holidayed together on their motorbikes and both being foodie/cooks since early on they pitched the idea of a culinary travelogue to the BBC twenty years ago and it took off.

   They travelled all over the world to sample local cuisine.  Portugal, Vietnam, Turkey, Egypt, Mexico amongst others and in Namibia, stopped off to cook crocodile satay and oryx rolls. Their disarmingly unpretentious love of food and easy on-screen banter won them an appreciative fan club.

  Though some worried their recipes were unhealthy. ‘Their banana French toast recipe, consisting of brioche, bananas, peanut butter and cream, was ominously dedicated to Elvis Presley. One critic suggested that their full-English shakshuka, featuring sausages, lardons and black pudding, “looks as if it should come with a diagram on how to administer CPR”.’ As a consequence they made a series The Hairy Dieters: How to Love Food and Lose Weight with the book selling millions.

 Dave Myers, 8 September 1957 Barrow in Furness, learnt to cook young when his mother was ill. He was an earthy Sun, Mercury, Mars in Virgo with a Pisces Moon. His Uranus in Leo was trine Saturn and sextile Jupiter – inventive, risk-taking, adventurous, laid-back. Tough as well and used to hard conditions with Pluto probably opposition Moon square Saturn.

  What is curious (unless wiki dates are off) is that Si King, 20 October 1966 had his Mars in Virgo conjunct Dave’s Pluto and square his Saturn. And Si’s Uranus Pluto in Virgo was conjunct Dave’s Mars, Mercury, Sun which does not look like an easy-going bro-romance.  Admittedly Si has a charming Sun Venus in Libra which is conjunct Dave’s Venus. And Si’s Jupiter in Leo does chime with Dave’s fun-loving Uranus.

  Their relationship chart is also quite heavy going with a challenging composite Mars Pluto conjunction and Saturn inconjunct Uranus Jupiter.  The Uranus Jupiter conjunction would help giving them a joint sense of a fun romp. The Sun trine Saturn was businesslike and good for a work relationship.

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  1. Thanks Marjorie – such a charming and unpretentious man – whenever I watched the Hairy Bikers, they always made me laugh at some point.

    I did wonder, too, about another pair of unlikely cooks on TV, who rode around in a motorbike with sidecar to various locations, and made food oozing with butter and cream. Their food often attracted criticism for being unhealthy. The show was Two Fat Ladies, first aired in 1996. Maybe they inspired the Hairy Bikers? They were like characters from a Nancy Mitford novel.

    Jennifer Paterson (3 April 1928) and Clarissa Dixon Wright (24 June 1947) were wildly eccentric and probably far too “posh” for today’s audiences. Both had Virgo Moons. The indulgent recipes might be seen in Jennifer’s Venus in Pisces trine Clarissa’s Jupiter in Scorpio, with Jennifer’s Jupiter in Aries sextile Clarissa’s Venus in Gemini. Their Plutos trine the other’s Jupiters. They had a web of mutual aspects between Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn, plus fixed Mars square fixed Mars which must have made for a very hot kitchen sometimes.

    • “Thanks Marjorie – such a charming and unpretentious man – whenever I watched the Hairy Bikers, they always made me laugh at some point.”

      Me too! Their Finland episode was maybe the most relatable cooking and/or travel show episodes done here for me. No wonder given Dave’s chart seemed to hit most of my Virgo and Libra, especially shared Mercury and his Mars. I definitely got the sense of humour.

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