Dan Cooper – the ultimate heist

Dan Cooper


Dan Cooper is a mythic character, a real man who hijacked a Boeing 727 on 24 Nov 1971 but who has never been identified. He said he had a bomb and demanded $200,000 in currency and four parachutes. On landing at Seattle, the airline paid the ransom, the passengers disembarked, plane refuelled and took off again. He left by the back exit in mid-air with the money and was never heard of again. 9 years later a few bundles of bills were found, but despite an intensive FBI investigation, which has just been wound down, nothing has ever been found.

On best guesses, he parachuted out at 8.13pm somewhere close to Ariel, WA.  This gives an Air Grand Trine of a tough-minded (with some associations to black magicians) Saturn trine Pluto trine Node in Aquarius, formed into a Kite by Saturn opposition Sun Neptune – so slippery Neptune in adventurous Sagittarius was the driving planet conjunct the Sun. Sun Neptune and Jupiter all in Sagittarius were in a gambler’s square to Mars. And Mars in Pisces was on the focal point of a T Square to Saturn opposition Sun Neptune – so certainly foolhardy and impulsive.

Mercury Venus were also in Sagittarius, making five planets in all – as a sign it tends to rely on its lucky guardian angel turning up at the eleventh hour.

The conjunctions to Fixed stars seem fairly spot on, of which a few examples:

Sun & Neptune to Dschubba is in “the forehead” of the scorpion, connected to secrecy and investigative work, as well as violence and immorality.

Saturn to Mirfak – A bold but dishonest nature.

Neptune to Graffias – a malefic star associated with malice, theft, crime.

Ascendant conjunct Procyon – Hasty and single-minded but also strong-willed and capable of putting thoughts and plans into action. Can take people to great heights and bring them crashing down.

As the file is finally closed on the case the tr Neptune square tr Saturn are conjunct/square the focal point Mars; and tr Pluto is square the 4th house Uranus.

What a fascinating mystery. The man was in his mid forties in 1971 according to eye witness descriptions, so he’d be in his mid 80s if he’s still around.

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  1. A key bit of the puzzle is the Moon — ruler of the ascendant — in eighth house of death: not an indication of likely survival. Better prospects if Cooper had jumped a bit later, when ascendant moved into Leo.

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