Dan Brown & Boris Johnson – ramblers & myth makers


Another amuse-bouche on the subject of astro-twins. Novelist Dan Brown, now dubbed the Da Vinci Cad was born three days after Boris Johnson and shares many similar chart – and temperamental – features.

Brown, author of the mega-successful if much derided Da Vinci Code novels which generated even more cash as they turned into Tom Hanks blockbuster movies has been condemned by his ex-wife in a legal suit. She claimed that for years unbeknownst to her he “conducted sordid extra-marital affairs with women — one half his age — and to pursue a clandestine life.’ While she believed their relationship was ‘based on mutual trust, respect and honesty’, for years the author ‘engaged in a systematic pattern of deception and lies’, the suit adds.

Brown, born 22 June 1964, dabbled in the music business, became a teacher after he married Blythe who was 12 years older in his early thirties, had little success with his first three novels but his fourth, produced and marketed with his wife’s help, The Da Vinci Code, became one of the most popular books of all time, selling 100 million copies.

Despite public acclaim (much like Fifty Shades of Grey) the critics were uniformly scathing: “his ambition wildly exceeds his ability.” “Complaining that Brown can’t write is like complaining that crisps are crunchy. And you know what? It doesn’t really matter at all. The book is fun in its galumphing way.” “… terribly written book, which is nevertheless a page-turner and will make bucketloads of cash.”

Brown differs from Boris with an early Cancer rather than a late Gemini Sun, but he shares the social-butterfly Venus Mercury in Gemini, and the scattergun Mutable T Square of Saturn opposition Uranus Pluto square Mars in Gemini.  And they both have that super-optimistic, not always realistic Jupiter in indulgent Taurus opposition Neptune. Ebertin describes the Jupiter Neptune combination thus: ‘Visionaries, dreamers, mystics, hypocrites, speculators – scandal which is caused through one’s own instability.’

If anything Brown is even more of a windmill in a storm than Boris with a Sagittarius Moon almost certainly tied in to his Mutable T Square.

The June Cancer Solar Eclipse is conjunct Brown’s Sun and North Node in Cancer and is also in orb to Boris’s late Gemini Sun and North Node – lighting up a crisis path ahead in the coming months.  The December Sagittarius Eclipse will also cause upset to both as it is opposition their Venus Mercury and Boris’s Sun.

A surfeit of Gemini and Mutable does not lend itself to a settled life of ploughing the same furrow endlessly. Venus in Gemini especially with a pleasure-loving Jupiter in Taurus will also incline towards a wandering eye.

What is marginally strange is that both Boris and Brown and indeed Trump, who shares some of the same Geminian traits, have all done spectacularly well despite scorn being poured on their talents and having been found out as fantasists/and or somewhat lax in their relationship with the truth.

7 thoughts on “Dan Brown & Boris Johnson – ramblers & myth makers

  1. Very interesting!
    Your colleague Steve Judd doesn’t see BJ lasting as PM for much longer due to this Eclipse falling near his Sun.
    Will be an interesting 6 months ahead.

  2. Dan Brown writes books for people who don’t read.

    I tried to read TDC, and hadn’t laughed so hard for ages. It was so poorly written, that it beggars
    belief that such dismal drivel captured the public’s imagination so wildly.
    Perhaps he should venture into comedy, it would be far more entertaining.

    It also clogs up the bookshelves of many charity shops that speak volumes.
    James Ellroy, James Lee Burke, or Walter Mosely he is not.
    Unfortunately, he sells more novels than all three of them put together………

    • But it is a good read, even it is nonsense, often the most boring books are Booker prize winners. Like it or not most people just read for fun. Sorry!

  3. To be fair, there are few people in the world who can claim to be totally truthful 🙂 But some seem less so than most of us! Another thing about Dan Brown that was really deceitful is he pinched the story from the more serious book by Michael Bageant written a long while before who postulated the theory of Mary Magdalene being the wife of Jesus. Sadly Bageant lost the law suit accusing Brown of plagiarism. I think MB was related to Liz Greene the astrologer (her brother?) But Brown was the one who turned it into a ‘galumphing novel’ and did well from it, poor Michael died soon after, a disappointed man. As you say, Marjorie, it’s intrighuing how these mercurial people have done so well despite all their carry ons. Regular Tricksters!

    • Also because of The Da Vinci Codes’ mainstream popularity and film releases it was like a Plutonic steroid injection into many of the conspiracy theories which are destabilizing the world today. This book is an important book in the conspiracy landscape of people’s half-cocked beliefs and distrust of those in power, especially the Illuminati, whom they believe really runs the world.

      • How interesting to see Dan Brown and Boris Johnson are astro twins. Both capable of using whatever comes along to further their own agendas. The idea Dan Brown used – that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene – had been around since the 13th century, and was eventually the subject of a book by Louis Martin in 1886. There are endless legends, but how could there be a “bloodline”? We know if you go back far enough, everyone is related to everyone else!

        As for the Illuminati, they were invented by Bavarian Adam Weishaupt (6 February 1748), a multiple Aquarian. This tedious sounding secret society launched on 1st May, 1776, with Jupiter in Gemini square Neptune in Virgo. It’s curious that Pluto in May 1776 was at 28 Capricorn square Mercury at 27 Aries. By July 4th Pluto was 27 Capricorn opposite Mercury at 24 Cancer. The Pluto trine to Neptune in Virgo remains the same. So the USA “birthday” had something in common with the Illuminati, and that’s coming full circle in some way now as Pluto returns, and Neptune opposes itself. Maybe the combination of Pluto and Neptune will dismantle the consipiracy theories….which have been around since the Illuminati were supposed to have triggered the French Revolution!

        • The good thing that is coming out of the spreading of fake news and conspiracies are the birth of fact-checking companies that will provide links to evidence and truth to a post or piece of news. Facebook have started to attach the truthful information links and warnings to some posts, and Reddit, Twitter, and Youtube are now censoring many of these views or removing them completely. Youtube just shut down 3 channels that belonged to prominent white supremacists this week. What a shame it took the current explosion of the Black Lives Matter movement happening after George Floyd’s death for them to pull their fingers out of their arse to do something about it. Better late than never, I suppose.

          I think a LOT of channels and social media groups will go the same route in the following years to come. Good riddance to them all. Let them disappear back into the sewers from whence they came and hopefully we can start to get to normality along with equality for every race, sex, and gender, being accommodated as we move forward.

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