Cuba – a surge of popular anger

Cuba is seeing the biggest protests for decades against the Communist government. Cubans have been angered by the collapse of the economy, restrictions on civil liberties and the handling of the pandemic, with record infections in recent days.

  One demonstrator said: “This is the day: we can’t take it anymore. There is no food, there is no medicine, there is no freedom. They do not let us live.”

 The president urged them to defend the 1959 revolution which brought in communism and the police used pepper spray and violence against the marchers.

  Both the Independence 20 May 1902 and the 1 January 1959 charts point to 2022 as the year of major disruption with the Mars in Taurus on both being triggered by tr Uranus conjunct and tr Saturn square. That will unleash a wave of anger. The 1902 chart will be heavily discouraged and suffering deprivation in 2022/23 with tr Pluto conjunct the Saturn; and the Revolutionary 1959 chart shows up 2024 as its nadir.

 Miguel Diaz-Canel, a technocrat, who replaced Raul Castro, was sworn in on 19 April 2018 at 9.30am in Havana. His Term chart has a ruthless, secretive and crises-prone 8th house Mars Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn with an unstable Pluto square Uranus Sun. So it was always going to be an economically troubled and high-risk administration. The Mars Pluto conjunction has moved to exact by Solar Arc now so no surprises that anger has boiled over. 2022/23/24 will be worse with a disruptive tr Pluto square the Uranus which is often when governments topple.

 His personal chart, 20 April 1960, does have a lucky and powerful Earth Grand Trine of Taurus Sun trine Pluto trine Jupiter, formed into a Kite by Sun opposition Neptune. But he also has a strained Yod of Mars sextile Saturn quincunx Uranus in Leo – with his Uranus getting pulled every which way next year by tr Uranus square tr Saturn. That last will shift him onto a different trajectory. 2023/2024 sees tr Pluto square his Sun pulling down old structures in his life and putting him under considerable pressure as well.

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  1. Will he lash out same style as Bashar al-Assad in Syria?

    Might be a good time to consider offering an olive branch to Cuba…

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