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  1. Eclipses conjunct and opposition your Sun are a hint/a nudge from the universe that the time is ripe for change in your life and your relationships. But although Eclipses can be challenging, sometimes they also slide by without much noticeable effect. It really depends on whether you are motivated to ask the right questions of yourself and then take action. They can cause a crisis in the months afterwards if you don’t take action, forcing you into overdue change, but not always. It will depend to some extent on how your Sun is aspected natally and what house it and the Eclipses fall in.
    Progressed to progressed positions will be milder than transits or Solar Arcs to natal or indeed progressions to natal. It might be so subtle you wouldn’t really notice it.
    The general rule of thumb is if something major is going to happen in your life then there will be several transits, Solar Arcs and Progressions all pointing the same way. So the more minor aspects may cause a tremor but not anything substantial.

    Will look at Angelina Jolie later in the week.

  2. Dear Marjorie,

    What is your opinion about eclipse (overrated/underrated?). I’m asking because the upcoming eclipse in Virgo will oppose my Sun and the eclipse of February 2017 will conjunct my Sun.

    Also can a prog. Moon conjunct progr. MC transit have any impact? Are progressed to progressed transits of any use?

    Last question: Angelina Jolie is now professor. Can you take a closer look at her, please?


  3. Hi Marjorie, any thoughts on the Australian election? Neither side seems to be winning at the moment, and the electorate seems very disappointed with both sides.

  4. Elizabeth, I agree it is odd. All the main players have shot themselves in the foot, one way or another. And it always was a moot point if the vote was OUT whether the EU would suddenly cave and offer more concessions and then insist on a rerun. And the truth is no one really knows whether in the long run it would be beneficial to leave. In the short term it would be a horrendous mess.

  5. Hi Marjorie,

    I wondering if David Cameron is a secret Brexit? Is he using reversed psychology?
    Does he want the vote to be out, maybe to re-enter again at a later date?

    To me he doesn’t defend his corner, and he and others keep coming out with alarming statements.

    It seems there’s no real contest as if it would be for party elections.

    On both sides, the politicians owe it to the British people to make more of an effort on such an important life changing and decision making concern.

    Is there something politicians are not telling us?
    To me the Prime Minister is standing back a bit too much, especially as he and his followers so much want to remain.

    The leave side seem to lack unity and togetherness.

    There must be Brexit people in all parties that we are not hearing about. To me its seems rather odd as its a vote for all people, even politicians, in true open balance.

    This campaign to me seems unorganized unfocused and Scatty on both sides, lacking power and oomph.

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