Chris Evans – BBC – Jeremy Clarkson – petrolheads backfiring

There are rumblings of trouble in the BBC Top Gear camp as it attempts a rebirth with Chris Evans at the steering wheel. Various executives have left and there must be considerable worry over what was a top money spinner when Jeremy Clarkson and co were running it.

Chris Evans, 1 April 1966, has an ominous tr Pluto square his Mars in Aries from late March, on and off for two years thereafter. That is frustratingly blocked, trapped, bad-tempered and not helpful. Even before then tr Uranus makes a final conjunction to Mars from the final few days of this month till late February which could see crockery flying. Uranus Mars is insecure, leads to outbursts and bad decisions.

The BBC, 14 Nov 1922 6pm London, is generally having a discouragingly stuck year with the leaked Jimmy Savile report out slating the BBC culture for allowing his abusive behaviour to continue unchecked. A crashed Top Gear would not add to their joys. Solar Arc Pluto is conjunct their Saturn now as well as tr Pluto square Saturn, both of which are bleak, stuck and can suggest financial hardship. That won’t shift till 2017 by which time the undermining Solar Arc Neptune will conjunct the BBC Scorpio Sun. 2018 looks more of a revival but it’ll be a tough time ahead.

This year there’s also a panicky and erratic tr Saturn square tr Neptune bouncing off the BBC 10th house Uranus in Pisces – so nothing going to plan.

Chris Evans’ relationship with the BBC looks beleaguered with intense and highly emotional discussions ongoing at the moment and that influence returns on and off till late 2017

Jeremy Clarkson, 11 April 1960, who moved his team over to Amazon for a new petrolhead show, airing later this year, is through an exceptionally difficult time in the past two years as tr Neptune opposed his Pluto and was conjunct his Mars, resulting in him losing his cool and losing his BBC niche. He does have tr Uranus square his Saturn and conjunct his Sun so there will be lively and unpredictable moments up till late 2016.

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