Cher – still raving it up towards her 80s

Cher in a black leather corset and sparkly trousers was showing no sign of her 77 years as she strutted her stuff and sang with gusto at the Royal Variety Show (to be shown on TV this weekend) alongside the inimitable Hannah Waddingham.

  Given her fractured start in life it is astonishing Cher is still raving it up on and off stage, with a forty years younger boyfriend in tow.

  Born 20 May 1946 7.25am El Centro, California, her mother married several times, leaving her in an orphanage at one point and living in poverty on many occasions. She rose to fame at nineteen as one half of the folk rock husband-wife duo Sonny & Cher before launching a successful six-decade-long solo career. Best known for her top-ten singles “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down” as well as “Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves“, and “Half-Breed“, she became the female solo artist with the most number-one singles in US history at the time after her divorce.

  She has an 11th house Taurus Sun widely trine a 7th house Capricorn Moon which in turn opposes Saturn in Cancer  in her first – the latter a legacy from her less-than-nurturing mother. Though since her Moon Saturn opposition square onto Jupiter in the 4th she would be ambivalent about her childhood, regretful one moment and accentuating the positive at other times. But with Chiron in her 4th the wound would never completely heal. A do-or-die- determined Mars Pluto conjunction in Leo in her financial 2nd gave her a driving determination never to be poor again.

  Her latest beau, music producer Alexander Edwards, 21 September 1986, is at a simple level not a bad fit since she is a Taurus Sun with a Capricorn Moon and he is a Virgo Sun with a Taurus Moon. But his ambitious Mars in Capricorn is conjunct her Sun and opposition her Saturn which will create a definite imbalance and rough edges of irritation. And his charming though manipulative Venus Pluto in Scorpio square her Mars Pluto which will also give rise to aggravation.

 Their relationship chart does have an exuberant composite Venus trine Jupiter sextile Mars so superficially all good fun. But maybe not forever.

  She’s in a phase where with Neptune moving across her Midheaven she is less driven by ambitions for personal glory; though with Saturn following along behind it is unlikely she will retire from view altogether.

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4 thoughts on “Cher – still raving it up towards her 80s

  1. Apparently she was extremey close to her mother.
    And tbh Im not at all sold on the theory of chiron as unhealed wound. There were multiple chiron myths, that being just one. It was jumped onto with no research at all at chirons discovery by American new age astrologers and never really scrutinised except by Dennis Elwell who warned at jumping to conclusions.
    In fact, and particularly in Aires, I would argue its were we reach beyond/ overeach ourselves,are audacious and a maverick, stand apart from other centaurs because we have ‘bettered ourselves,
    and where we mentor. And this fits with the Sagittarius archetype which it so obviously associates with.

  2. I’ve read an article a few days in the The Daily Mail where she said that she made a career mistake – “I was stupid” – which would’ve made her even richer: she didn’t ask about co-writer credit for one of the verses in “Believe” (“I’ve had time to think it through, || and maybe I’m too good for you”), so there that went.

  3. I was never a fan of hers or tina turner. Their voices were aggravating to my ears. Apart from TT, cher made a big deal of having s3x with Warren beauty. She is not a gr8 mom to her own kids tho both of stated.

  4. I remember an interview with her decades ago. At the time, she really appreciated her mother for pushing her forward and cultivating her stardom. Her mom wanted her to be famous.

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