Celestial timetable – surviving the future

Arab astrologers believed the greatest use of astrology came from insights it gave on the past, putting into context what had gone before. Predictive astrology tends to shine a light ahead and worry about what comes next. The oft repeated self-help mantra ‘Forget the Past, Live in the Present & Ignore the Future’ contains a nugget of truth, but is not feasible when there are ephemeris to be poured over (celestial-railway timetables) and both before and after become of all consuming interest.

  [When in a terminal catastropherian meltdown about the End of Times coming think crocodile. It has paddled on largely unchanged since the time of the dinosaurs. Life goes on.]  

  At present the great celestial gear change with Pluto moving into Aquarius, tentatively in 2023 and decisively in 2025 remaining till 2043, Neptune and Saturn moving into Aries in 2025/26 and Uranus into Gemini in 2025/26 – is causing a greater than usual level of uncertainty about what comes next. There won’t be such a close coincidence of four outer planets changing sign in such a short space of time for decades to come.

 Taking it year by year;

2025/26 Neptune Saturn conjunction in Pisces/Aries – hope for a better society, women’s and workers’ issues to the fore, some uncertainty, and health issues, both medical advances or panics.

2026 has Uranus just into Gemini (for seven years) trine Pluto sextile Neptune in Air and Fire which should be interesting in changing outlooks and advances.

2028 Saturn in Taurus square Pluto – tough-going, could see a war somewhere (plus ca change), deprivation.

2030/31 Saturn in Gemini trine Pluto sextile Neptune – could  see social improvements, could bring confusion.

2032 Saturn conjunct Uranus in Gemini – social reform, historically saw the rise of Golden Ages.

2032/33 Uranus Saturn into Cancer

2023/34 Saturn square Neptune – panicky, uncertain.

2035/36 Saturn in Leo opposition Pluto in Aquarius – deprivation, tough conditions, war.

2038 Neptune in Taurus – maybe art and nature combining. Constantin Brancusi the sculptor was born in 1876 as Neptune entered Taurus the previous time – a lovely combination of creativity with tangible form in sculptures.

2039 Uranus into Leo square Neptune in Taurus – highly strung, inspired, whacky ideas, fanaticism.  

2042 Saturn in Scorpio opposition Neptune square Uranus in Leo – creative, though also great uncertainty, line between fantasy and reality blurred.

2043 Pluto into Pisces.

  Nothing as tricky as the present four years between 2023 and 2026 but life’s winding path will continue to throw up mayhem as well as advances and advantages.

5 thoughts on “Celestial timetable – surviving the future

  1. Another interesting point (more closer to home astrologically) are the transits of Neptune’s ingress into Aries on January 26th, 2026. On that date there will be five planets aligned in Aquarius, with Saturn also conjoining Neptune in Aries. Frankly the aspects of that year look absolutely visionary, progressive and positive. If our leaders could align with its energies, it can lead to real advances in human civilization. At the very least it’ll be an era of new inventions and technological development, especially in communications. Embracing reactionary ideologies during this time could backfire badly. Social justice will be on the agenda. The protest movements we are seeing today focused around Gaza are just the start of something much bigger. People will demand real fundamental changes to how the world operates. The neoliberal paradigm that has dominated since the 1980s is on the way out, and what will replace it is more of a focus on production and labor.

  2. I get the sense that once the Uranus/Neptune in Capricorn generation of the late 1980s – early/mid 1990s gets into power in the late 2030s, that they may lead the world into the briar-patch. I appreciate their idealism, but they can also be erratic, neurotic and organizationally impractical. No doubt that will lead to significant errors in judgement due to excess utopianism. We can see that manifest in the transits of the late 2030s and into the Uranus/Pluto opposition of the late 2040s.

    • What is interesting is that there is a bunch of those Capricorn stellium people with Mar in Taurus opposite Pluto in Scorpio.

      From time to time the various online forum will always have a bunch of people asking about this aspect.

  3. My word – that 2026 Uranus-Neptune-Pluto at 4Gem-Ari-Aqu also has Jupiter at 3Leo along with the moon.

    And while not part of that set of trines/sextiles – Chiron will have just moved into Taurus for its first look and making a t-square with Jupiter-Pluto

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