Capricorn Ingress – ever onwards

The winter Solstice (in the Northern Hemisphere) brings with it the Capricorn Ingress which is one of the four entry points through the year of the Sun into a Cardinal sign.

  Capricorn has a duality which is not reflected in its standard interpretation as a coldly ambitious and materialistic sign. The old glyph was of a goat fish, so able to move in both in the realms of Water and of Earth, able to dive deep into the unconscious to come up with imaginative ideas and make them real on dry land. Creative and practical.  It is also associated with Janus, the two-faced god – not duplicitous, but able to look back over the year that has been and forward to the one that is coming. A stander on the threshold.

In theory the Ingress chart  shows the theme of the months ahead, though there is debate about which of the four in the year works best.   Last December’s Capricorn Ingress had the frustrating, scary, trapped Mars square Pluto, a confused Moon Neptune and a high tension Saturn square Uranus – which sounds reasonably descriptive.  

  Most notable about this Ingress is an emotionally intense Moon opposition Venus Pluto hinting that feelings will run high. The Saturn square Uranus is still in place but it mercifully lacks the blocked Mars Pluto. And there is a smidgeon more Jupiter around – sextile the Sun and square Mars for a surge of uplifting enthusiasm.

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  1. “Most notable about this Ingress is an emotionally intense Moon opposition Venus Pluto hinting that feelings will run high.”
    Lewis Hamilton is a Capricorn. Interesting how this seems to apply to his current predicament.

    Happy holidays Marjorie and all the best in coming years.

  2. Marjorie, probably in the wrong place but couldn’t find where to put this question – if you have time! Have you looked at the James Web telescope liftoff suddenly moved to 25 December, instead of 24th? My computer guy was explaining his adoration for the man’s invention and the trepidation surrounding the long-term effects… my utter shame, I hadn’t heard of it at all and have been watching amazing videos….talk about arriving in the future! I think you should have time off in this time of year but, if, by any chance you have a minute or two (of course costing hours!) you could hazard a guess at the outcome….? thanks for your stupendous work this year, looking forward to the shocking year Uranus will being esp in the Eu. Grateful thanks for your time, experience, reliability and…wit! Happy days and good luck in 2022.

  3. Thank you Marjorie, love your posts! enjoy the holidays. I have sun and moon in Pisces with Capricorn rising, grateful for the goat to keep me grounded!

  4. To Marjorie and everyone here:
    Wishing you all a very happy Solstice, Christmas, New Year, and all the other wonderful things …
    Keep up the fantastic work!
    Best as ever,

  5. Thanks Marjorie. I was wondering about it, and also which one of the charts works best. Next spring there’ll be a Venus/Mars conjunction square Uranus, which looks lively! And Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Pisces, which could be delightful and/or confusing or over-optimistic. Or much rain…..

    Capricorn is not well described by just the ambitious goat climbing the mountain, I agree with you. There are many very musical Capricorns, for instance. Both my grandmothers were Capricorns, one a professional pianist, the other very psychic. Both were very sensible with money though.

    There are, I think, a few notable trans people born under Capricorn. I can’t find my list. However, there’s artist Lili Elbe, 28 December 1882 – subject of a film a few years ago. And Billy Tipton, bandleader and musician, who lived and worked as a man most of his life but was born female. 29th December, 1914. Not trans, but a notable gay bohemian eccentric was Quentin Crisp, 25th December, 1908. Anyway, none of these individuals fit the popular Capricorn thumbnail sketch, and were all definitely “Goat-fish” I feel!

    • Capricorns Solar Arc Suns moved into Pisces later in life..
      How lovely for them!

      Hence the move into what is beyond the material mountain peak!
      And the Water Goat, even!

      • My mother, a proficient astrologer and Sun Capricorn / Moon Virgo (who wore her pragmatism like a badge of honour), vehemently declared that her progressed Sun in Pisces made for a life of drudgery and self-sacrifice. The last twenty years of her life were spent with progressed Sun in Aries, during which time she was a far happier goatfish!

        • oh what a crack-up!!!
          so funny… maybe her natal Moon in Virgo struggled.. or maybe it was amplified? .. “drudgery and self-sacrifice” sounds more Virgoan.

          My husband is delighting in his SA Sun in Pisces.
          MINE is in Virgo now!… sometimes feels more like your Mom’s experience.
          ahhh.. we all bring so much to the table.

  6. As a Capricorn with Mercury at 0 Aquarius, I wish to add two comments.

    First, the Janus image should be extended to include a deep understanding of history to build a more viable future. Capricorn ruled by Saturn is the sign of time and timing.

    Second, Saturn is also the co-ruler of Aquarius. Being a Goat in water means it is spontaneous friends with water signs Scorpio and Pisces, but not so much Cancer I tend to see as needy and neurotic. Sharing its ruler with Aquarius means Capricorn is also often surprisingly comfortable with, and admiring of, the innovation and the vision of the future of that sign. Capricorn’s ideal is the enlightened head of state who balances past and future to lead humanity wisely at a crucial time. Charlemagne, for instance, or Marcus Aurelius. A rare commodity, admittedly, and both had disastrous successors.

    • I have had such fun learning about Earth signs… given I only have Pluto at 0 Virgo! First wasband (a good friend still) was the most true and happy Virgo I have ever met!

      Now? I am married to a true Capricorn… Sun, Venus and retrograde Mercury. Oh my! Good thing he has a lot of Aquarian influence in him.

      However… the Capricorn husband now is fascinating. At times it feels so much like he needs to be RIGHT about mostly everything. He will always come back with a more “correct” wording or distillation of what I have said. Infuriating at times!! And yet, underneath I see this Quest…. for a kind of purity in form… words, actions. His Integrity is at stake!!! In Every. Little. Thing. Interestingly.. he also has a Cancer Moon.. which adds a nice touch. A lovely man.

      I have a Capricorn woman friend who does the same thing… she must have the last word of correction… it is so interesting! (once I get past being annoyed by this!).

      I also work with a fellow.. his quest is the Buddhist path. One solid step at a time. We wrote birthday wishes on a board in the staff room…. and HE wrote for himself (wow!)…
      “next year… Full Enlightenment”… and signed it.
      I wonder what will happen with him after that!!

      all the best to each of you through this Season..
      and into the New Year.
      Marjorie…. you are a treasure.

      • My Moon/Mars conjunction in Capricorn sq MH Mercury had me searching for the “best authority” on everything when I was a young adult. I had a bad habit of trying to answer any and all questions, even if I had to guess.

        Now that I’m much older, I enjoy saying, “I don’t know”. I think it’s a combination of competition and the ego’s desire to be considered “an authority”.

        • Capricorns ALWAYS want to impress the(ir) parent/s…always. It never leaves them no matter how old they get. They aren’t really trying to compete — not the ones I know anyway — it just seems that have truly inculcated their parents’ wishes for them to excel at something… whatever that thing is. Seems like the parent is always in the room with them checking if they got the answer right haha. PS I’m not a Capricorn.

        • oh KateS…. well done… grabbing that intense square and transforming it! I have Moon/Mars conj in Aries, flanking my S. Node…. Mars in 3rd square the Sun in 7th. I was the master of quick retorts and sarcasm when I was young. An unhealthy way of having power. No longer necessary, thankfully. These squares are good prods towards a deeper resolution, aren’t they?!!

          • You bet, Sandra, if aging has taught me anything, it’s timing and patience (sorely lacking in Moon/Mars conjunctions).

            Happy Solstice, Everyone!

  7. The biggest divorce settlement ever awarded in a UK court for Princess Haya came about when the Moon in Cancer opposed the Venus Pluto conjunction in Capricorn – shared assets involving an absolute ruler.

    Capricorn can be a fairly harsh sign. There is the annual bout of dieting and self-deprivation that commences in January when the Sun in Capricorn.

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