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Bruce Springsteen, ‘the ‘Boss’, American singer, song-writer and activist, is in his late sixties but still out on the concert tour (the present one is 75 gigs globally, each lasting three and a half hours and is his highest grossing tour ever, $135 million last count). He’s also just published a mammoth memoir Born to Run in an effort to shake off demons that have haunted him for years, including a ruptured relationship with his hard-drinking father. His father said “fewer than 1,000 words” to him through most of his childhood, he says in the book. “He loved me, but he couldn’t stand me. He felt we competed for my mother’s affections.” He’s very anti-Trump, pro-the working man, anti-combat weapons being sold, pro-LGBT.

Born 23 Sept 1949 10.50pm, Freehold, New Jersey, he has a 4th house Libra Sun square a first house Uranus in Cancer, so a born rebel, not an image normally associated with diplomatic Libra. He does have a high-energy, outspoken and deeply frustrated Mars Pluto in his 3rd which added to his 4th house Saturn in Virgo fits with a cold, angry father. His mother was the main breadwinner in the family and his Libra Moon in the performing 5th squares an 8th house Jupiter, so she would be a supportive figure for him. He also has musical Neptune, Mercury in Libra and Venus in Scorpio in the 5th  – a born entertainer, despite his depressive streak. His Venus is square Mars Pluto, so he would get tortured at times by his feelings.

He’s been married since 1990 to singer/song-writer, guitarist, Patti Scialfa since 1991 with three children. Which given the pressures of that lifestyle is amazing. She’s a feisty Sun Leo conjunct Mars in late Cancer or Leo; with a charming, light-hearted Jupiter Venus in Gemini which sits on his Ascendant, so she’d cheer him up, though her Saturn Neptune are conjunct his Moon and her Sun is conjunct his Mars – so there would be a fair few arguments about boundaries of behaviour.

Their relationship chart has an affectionate composite Sun Venus probably trine Moon and opposition Jupiter; and an adventurous and morale-boosting Mars trine Jupiter, so there’d be enough pluses to smooth round the rougher patches.


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