Brexit – a reality check for the fantasy

The Brexit bonfire of EU laws has been drastically scaled back to the fury of the fervent Euro-hating lobby. Only 550 laws will be sent into the sunset by December, allowing about 3,000 to remain indefinitely. The Whitehall civil service ‘blob’ has been blamed for their inertia. The British Chambers of Commerce, the business lobby group, welcomed the decision which it said had carried the “real risk of unintended but negative consequences”. The legislation has been heavily criticised by conservation groups, who warned that it handed ministers extensive powers to erode environmental protections, many of which are based on EU-era regulations.

  And this week the EU capitals have signalled their desire to reset relations with the UK, with representatives from all 27 member states saying they wanted to “develop further ties between the EU and the UK” after the Windsor framework deal settled Brexit trade arrangements for Northern Ireland.

  Looking at the Brexit chart seven years on, 24 June 2016, it is clear there are tectonic shifts ongoing. The disruptive Uranus square Pluto has tr Pluto square the Solar Arc Uranus exactly now and the Solar Arc Pluto will close to the square to Uranus by next spring. Both of which would suggest either a reversal or the decision being tossed up into the air. Not that anyone is suggesting re-joining – but a less aggravated relationship would lessen damaging effects.

  There will be continuing pressure on the Brexit chart – with angry eruptions from this August, on and off into early 2024, no doubt as Rees Mogg/Farage and friends complain of treachery. 2024 will dampen enthusiasm for Brexit as tr Saturn hits the unrealistic Neptune opposition Jupiter; and there will be further Brexit disappointment in 2025/6 with tr Saturn Neptune square the Sun Venus.

   The astrological markers for Brexit were a convergence of three influences. One the revolutionary, status-quo upsetting Uranus square Pluto was in place. More significantly in the run up tr Pluto has been squaring the  UK go-it-alone Aries North Node in the 7th house of relationships with tr Uranus square – and both impacting on the 10th house (= ruling classes) Cancer Moon.

  The Solar Arc Sun was squaring the 8th house Mars, stirring a deep-rooted anger and resentment at not being a free agent financially and in other ways.  Plus an overly-confident Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct the UK Pluto.

  Of the three, the tr Uranus square tr Pluto triggering the  UK Aries North Node was probably the key.

  What has helped with a softening of relations recently has been Ukraine, as well as the Northern Ireland deal.

  Although some financial indicators look better now for the UK there’s a fair few hitches and glitches ahead. There is a stuck Solar Arc Pluto square Sun exactly now. And two ratchety, economically-challenging Uranus Saturn aspects later this year. Tr Uranus square the UK Saturn from August onwards and a Solar Arc Saturn opposition Uranus exact late 2023 alongside an undermining Solar Arc Sun square the 2nd house Neptune. The Saturn Uranus hard aspects also point to a tug of war between the old guard and the progressives.

  2024/25 could see a revival of confidence with tr Pluto opposition the UK Jupiter but there will be jolts and jangles of considerable magnitude when the Solar Arc Uranus is conjunct the UK financial Mars in 2025.

  The Bank of England also looks frustrated this year and next with an additionally troubled 2024 with tr Neptune in an uncertain square to the Saturn; and a road-blocked 2026.    Once tr Uranus clears the UK 8th house in 2027 life should calm down marginally.

  The UK/EU relationship chart showed an uptick in warmth and cooperation as Boris exited and Rishi Sunak arrived with tr Jupiter moving into the 7th.  It’ll bump and grind a touch over the next two years but will be into calmer waters also from 2027 onwards.

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  1. I recall that the Eu chart was very fixed, that is when David Cameron went cap in hand to Ursula and co, they weren’t going to budge which IMO accelerated the ‘we are out of here’ reaction…lets hope that with more measured heads a better way will be found.

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