Boris Johnson – sleaze, leaks, denials – plus ca change ++ Carrie

For a man who infamously uttered the scornful dismissal of business concerns about Brexit – ‘f*** business’ when Foreign Secretary – Boris Johnson has done a sharp U-turn since entering No 10 to cosy up to Tory donors and others in a government that is sinking in accusations about sleaze and favouritism. The latest kerfuffle concerns leaked text messages with billionaire James Dyson over lifting tax liabilities for his overseas workers, exchanges with Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) over a blocked Saudi bid for Newcastle FC and leaked emails about donations solicited to cover the renovations of the prime minister’s flat.

  A former civil servant said that Johnson’s mobile phone use demonstrated that “he just doesn’t understand that there needs to be a level of transparency and accountability” in regards to his actions.

 Dominic Cummings, the bitter ex-adviser who was kicked out late last year is being fingered for these leaks though denies them hotly.

  Dyson, 2 May 1947 Cromer, England, has his business headquartered in Singapore but is returning from tax exile to live in the UK. He has a Sun Taurus square Pluto, which is being severely shaken up this year into early 2022 by the tr Uranus square tr Saturn. His acquisitive Taurus Sun falls in Boris’s financial 8th close to BJ’s Jupiter and opposition BJ’s financial 2nd house Neptune with Dyson’s Jupiter also in BJ’s 2nd – so a potentially financially lucrative tie-up.

  MBS is a less obvious connection with an aggravated Saturn opposition Mars Venus square Pluto in their relationship chart. Though MBS’s inflated and power-hungry Pluto is conjunct Boris’s Sun so he will exert fear if not influence.

  What was always intriguing was Boris’s choice of Dom Cummings as his Svengali since their charts are seriously at odds. Dom Cumming’s Sun Neptune in Sagittarius opposition Saturn square Mars (Moon) in Pisces grates badly with BJ’s Uranus Pluto opposition Saturn in Pisces square Mars in Gemini. And worse their relationship chart has a ‘fated’ and bad-tempered Yod, suggesting a connection that would irrevocably change the lives of both. Which it has done with Brexit but there may be more to come.  The Yod involves Neptune sextile Sun, Pluto, Uranus, Venus inconjunct Mars Saturn North Node – and that is not only truly difficult, it’s also highly unstable and prone to blow a fuse. Which is what Matthew Parris, the Times columnist, said right at the start of their association.

  The angry, resentful composite Mars Saturn squares the hidden 12th house Saturn Venus Pluto in Capricorn in BJ’s 2nd Term chart – which is a touch obscure but makes me wonder whether Cummings is now intent on chipping away at the foundations since he knows where the bodies are buried and has plenty of ammunition for exposures.

  None of which is likely to have an instant impact since, for all the media squalls, Boris sails on impervious to attacks that would have ousted politicians on the instant years ago. Especially since Labour appear incapable of mounting an effective opposition and getting their criticism to stick.

Add ON: Whoever thought it a bright idea to lob a grenade at Cummings – some say Boris against advice in a fit of pique, others say Carrie – it resulted in a scud missile kickback in return which could reverberate down the ages.

  What’s clear is that Cummings’ dislike of Carrie is one component of his beef against his erstwhile bro-romancer. It’s not surprising since his Uranus squares her ambitious Mars in Capricorn, his Pluto opposes her Sun and worse her Mercury in Pisces collides with his Saturn, Neptune, Sun and Mars so she will arouse all his paranoia and it will have made calm communication impossible. Power struggles are also obvious in their relationship chart with Pluto trine the composite Mars and square Mercury, Sun – a tug of war for the ear of the flaxen-haired dolly trapped between them.

  Boris is attempting to brush it all off in his usual piffle waffle way though Carrie seems less sanguine.  She has her composite Neptune square her Pluto and Venus now which is emotionally confused, even devastated; and she will be tossed around from late May with tensions breaking into the open, with worse to follow from July onwards.

  Her relationship chart with Boris shows a serious dose of panic and failure and disruptions from late May till late July, repeating on and off till early 2023 – that may be part personal but given she is a political force in her own right may also be a series of professional banana skins.

Useful indicator of where more landmines may explode in the near future from The Telegraph:

33 thoughts on “Boris Johnson – sleaze, leaks, denials – plus ca change ++ Carrie

  1. Thanks Solaia, my main problem is that I have become dyslexic looking at it and have been feeling a bit frail. If your husband is at a loose end… just kidding!

    I find myself curious as to what they did with the flat that they had to replace the super tasteful Cameron’s make-over along with anything that Theresa had done. But then I keep imaginining my kitchen back splash with either yellow stacked tiles and grey grout or grey stacked tiles with yellow grout which I think would be wonderful. But evidently designers haven’t caught on to that. But as this is a pipe dream, none of it matters.

  2. Boris is being investigated for over-the-top apartment flat renovations. “”

    You know he isn;t spending $400USD on haircuts… 😉

    Just some light humor from way across the pond.

  3. Cummings has a plan – he wants his old boss Gove in No 10 hence the all out assault on Johnson. Gove has quite a cosy relationship with Murdoch, at least for now, so it is no surprise to see the Murdoch owned papers turn on Johnson. How is Gove looking going forwards? We are now in the situation where Cummings is providing more opposition to the Govt than Labour under Starmer.

        • Press are calling it “Cash for curtains”

          She’s being called “Carrie Antoinette” after saying John Lewis furniture isn’t good enough

          • Did you see the John Lewis stunt yesterday – parking a huge John Lewis delivery van outside the gates to Downing Street yesterday for a photo op?

          • Didn’t see that Sarah but I saw their Twitter. Nice and subtle. Something like “Check out our home furnishings department. We have something for *almost* everyone.”

            (Just realised why the “Cash for curtains” felt familiar but didn’t immediately twig. It’s the follow-up to the “Cash for questions” which was the 1994 scandal of John Major’s Tory government)

          • That John Lewis tweet was wonderfully understated, unlike those horrendously gaudy furnishings chosen by Carrie Antoinette.

  4. The former Attorney General Sir Domonic Grieve spoke on Radio 4 this morning describing the issue as quote ‘ just one illustration of the chaos Mr Johnson seems to bring in his wake and that is because he is a vacuum of integrity ‘
    Strong words
    Marjorie…Do you think that the proverbial SH– has at last hit the fan ?

    • ‘Vacuum of integrity’ seems very apt considering the Dyson incident.

      I do actually own a Dyson fan and I must say they’re much easier to clean than a conventional fan.

      • I think he can slip his way out of most things, but if he’s found to have endorsed the breakaway super league he’s in trouble. I know it sounds stupid that that should be the thing that a certain demographic of voters will find to be the thing that’s beyond the pale, out of everything that he’d done, but in an odd way I think that it will really hit it home to them. He will lost a lot of his “bloke” appeal, if that makes any sense?

  5. I see parallels to Wills and Harry:

    ” I don’t like your girlfriend much”

    Cue massive fall out….and ensuing media sh*t storm….

    Joking aside – be interesting to see where this one goes. Ages ago I did see some astrological / psychic predictions where Boris was ousted after a short time in office and it was all based on dodgy finances and cover-up of said dodgy finances.

    First PM to lose his job over the wallpaper?

    • Funnily enough, the opening paragraph of Guardian writer Marina Hyde’s article on it is:

      “Well, I for one won’t be happy until I see Dominic Cummings in a rattan armchair, looking right at Oprah Winfrey and saying: “Thank you for asking how I am. Not many people have asked if I’m OK.””

  6. Further to my previous comment:
    “It is sad to see the PM and his office fall so far below the standards of competence and integrity the country deserves,” Cummings said in a post on his personal blog.
    As you indicated Marjorie, it’s not over yet.

  7. In my view Boris only needed Cummings “to get Brexit done” as BJ himself hardly believed in it and only saw it as an opportuity to get to the top of the greasy pole, while Cummings was always a dedicated leaver. Hence they had to put up with each other to get their agendas met.
    The whole lack of transparency and accountability in the way BJ uses his phone to make agreements that are not his to make is entirely reminiscent of Trump. Surely the tax authorities are required to apply the law, what makes Dyson think that with a whatsapp from BJ he is suddenly above the law? I too wonder what made Dyson decide to return to the UK.

  8. I am much more curious about Dyson. I wonder what went wrong in Singapore. I have one of his very expensive vacuum cleaners and it works wonderfully, provided someone else works it.

    • So Boris, so Not in Charge ‘they are out of their mind” – hello? Just the one mind? he doesn’t even have that….under the deflector of mad hair, the man has done humungous damage to the British economy and reputation in Europe. Europe sourly accepts that UK is out of it, but there is no honour in this man – he hasn’t thought a day ahead, doesn’t give a damn and some other poor fool next year will inherit the minefield he will shortly walk away from. Cummings…and Goings…..

        • Yes! and him talking about Boris lacking integrity (having of course ‘forgotten’ he broke covid laws and lied about it). Pot, kettle, black, etc

      • It is quite incredible that a man so gobsmackingly devoid of any kind of integrity could become P.M. What extraordinary times we live in?

    • @ Linda, LOL. We have one my husband insisted (he has Moon/Jupiter/Mercury in Aries, and loves loud, powerful cars and appliances) getting over 10 years ago, over my protests on how cumbersome it would be to use at an 80 square meter flat. So, we agreed he’d do vacuuming from there on. A good decision, given our child was so terrified of the sound for the first 4-5 years he had to do the cleaning when we were outside.

      Smaller handheld vacuum cleaner is great, though, and I was dreaming of their ridiculously expensive hairdryer until I saw couple of tech magazine tests stating GHD, still expensive but only half the price, worked better with lower temperatures. GHD is still British and based in Britain, although part of Coty, so there’s that, too. I have nothing against British businesses providing great goods and services as long as the profits don’t enrich hypocrites.

  9. Thanks for looking at this Marjorie. I suspect there’s much more to come, and that whether or not Cummings (or one of his fans) is behind this current “leak” he has plenty of ammunition and will enjoy playing with it. That streak of Scorpio in Boris’ natal may lead him to think he can control things, but I think he’s bitten off more than he can chew this time.

    Boris and Dyson have the June Solar eclipse at 19 Gemini to look forward to. Boris’ Mercury, Dyson’s Uranus. As the eclipse is conjunct Mercury too, I wonder if it will bring more revelations. Or hide them?

    • From the Telegraph;

      “Cummings is a proper nasty piece of work who will have stashed the location of all the bodies… if Cummings can release one text exchange you have to assume he was busy screenshotting anything incriminating.” (Mind you, the Telegraph this time last year was defending Cummings as if he were some kind of martyr, over the Barnard Castle episode).

      You don’t have to be a cunning genius to gather incriminating information for later use, it’s the oldest trick in the book. Cummings is an exceedingly effective operator when it comes to using information to his advantage, and he understands how to use information. He knew for example, what would resonate with people during the referendum through poring over focus group results. During the election, he knew where to focus the most resources to get the majority – even with a not terribly huge popular vote.

      One advantage he has over Johnson is that he has absolutely no need to be liked, unlike Johnson who has a pathological need for it. Cummings will use that knowledge too.

      • Yes, you’re right – Cummings can be completely anarchic. Johnson is, of course, acting like a fool. We can now await the build up to the lunar eclipse of 26th May in Sagittarius, when, on that same day, Cummings will answer questions from MPs re the handling of the Covid crisis. This eclipse is conjunct the Term 2 Mercury. Cummings states:

        “Issues concerning covid and/or the PM’s conduct should not be handled as No10 has handled them over the past 24 hours. I will cooperate fully”

        I imagine fuses will be going off like firecrackers over the coming weeks.

    • It’s going to touch my Venus 21 Gemini. Don’t know whether to run for cover or even whether it’s gonna be a storm. Do trines count?

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