Boris Johnson – hotheaded diplomat

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UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson’s tortured relationship with PM Theresa May has ratcheted up another notch with his undiplomatic (and oh so true) comments about Saudi Arabia and the devastating effects of its military interference in the Yemen. He had been ruffled by being the butt of her jokes in speeches and has now been publicly slapped down for talking out of turn.

With a Mutable T Square of Saturn opposition Uranus Pluto squaring onto an 8th house Mars in Gemini, impulsive comments were to be expected from him. But she knew that which raises the question of what her game was in appointing him. Giving him enough rope? Or better having him inside the tent than stirring up rebellion from the backbenches?

Their relationship chart has a composite Saturn opposition Jupiter square Mars which is being walloped around over the next three years with tr Pluto conjunct the composite Saturn in January and tr Uranus conjunct the Mars in March – so it’ll be simmering dislike before breaking out into open warfare.

He doesn’t look remotely at ease through 2017 or 2018 – from February next with tr Uranus square his Mars/Pluto and then following, an extraordinarily tough tr Pluto square his Mars/Saturn and then opposition his Mars/Uranus. It all looks high risk apart from anything else, but also deeply frustrated and bad-tempered. He’ll sag badly as well in 2018 with tr Neptune square his Sun/Mars. Then get his mojo back in 2019/20 just in time for the next election.

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