Boris Becker – unlucky in love and money



Boris Becker doesn’t have his woes to seek at the moment with a calamitous financial situation, involving ludicrous excuses about non-existent diplomatic immunity as a get-out, as well as an acrimonious and messy public divorce being played out through the tabloids.

Born 22 November 1967 8.45 am Leimen, Germany he became the wunderkind tennis star very young, won everything going,  had a turbulent emotional life throughout and has not found his feet in his retirement.

He married his second wife Lilly, on 12th June 2009, when there was a passionate and aggravated Venus Mars in Taurus trine Pluto; a head-in-the-clouds, illusory Sun trine Neptune Jupiter; as well as Sun in a needs-space square to Uranus and in a cool square to Saturn. Not ideal.

He’s a last degree Scorpio Sun conjunct Neptune with a talented, ultra-determined and highly emotional Half Grand Sextile. His intense 8th house Cancer Moon opposes Mars and is sextile/trine Sun Neptune and Uranus Pluto. Certainly a unique personality but there’s chaos, anger and delusions tied up in that configuration. His Moon, the leading planet of his Half Grand Sextile is conjunct the Fixed star Procyon which is changeable and unpredictable, raising people to great heights and bringing them down again.

Lilly is also emotionally intense and possessive with a Sun Venus in Cancer square Pluto and trine Uranus; a Gemini Moon; and a dramatic Mars in Leo square Jupiter in Taurus. Her Mars squares his Sun Neptune for arguments and irritation on her side about his evasiveness. Her Pluto is conjunct his midheaven so she’d try to control him which was obviously a lost cause.

Their relationship chart is a touch sparse without her birth time but there’s probably a composite Moon square Pluto and trine Mars, which isn’t too tranquil; with a suspicious and doubting Saturn opposition Neptune.

He’s moving into a low profile phase with tr Saturn now into his 2nd house, for money shortages; with a frustrating, trapped and scary 2019/2020 as tr Pluto is conjunct his 2nd house Mars and that will run on beyond 2020 for three years or so right round his Half Grand Sextile.

All that talent and what a tragic mess it’s all turned out to be.

2 thoughts on “Boris Becker – unlucky in love and money

  1. Sounds like my ex-wife, also Scorpio. After she ran off with another man, she hit hurdle
    after hurdle. Two terrible short-lived marriages in the space of six years, and in a state of
    dreadful financial disarray, she has gone back to live with her elderly ailing parents.

    Her dreams have turned to dust.

  2. I read a theory ( I think it was someone connected to Ronnie Wood from the Rolling Stones) that you stop maturing the minute you become famous- it would explain why hugely talented young people make such a mess of things

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