Bill Roache – ignoring Saturn’s message

Bill Roache, the Coronation Street TV soap star still going strong at 91 after more than six decades in the role, has been declared bankrupt for the second time in his life owing a whopping £550k in back taxes. It follows an HMRC win over a Cayman Islands scheme aimed at minimizing taxes which was declared tax avoidance.

 The previous bankruptcy stemmed from a 1991 libel action he brought, which despite winning, landed him with huge costs at which point he sued his lawyers leading two years later to his creditors estimating he had £600,000 in unpaid debts.

  This year’s contract with Coronation Street is reckoned to be worth a rumoured £250,000.  Nothing by half measures.

  I wondered what in his chart led to such a devil-may-care (or unlucky) approach to his finances.

  He was born 25 April 1932 7.30am Ilkeston into a well-to-do family with a violent alcoholic grandfather and grandmother who was a successful businesswoman.  He has an Earth Grand Trine of a Taurus Sun trine an 8th house Capricorn Moon trine Neptune in his 4th with his Sun square Saturn in Aquarius conjunct his Midheaven. Taurus is acquisitive and so is a Capricorn Moon especially in the 8th – and Neptune is impractical and unrealistic.

  Plus he has an excitable, over impulsive Mercury, Mars, Uranus in Aries square Pluto with Mars trine Jupiter in Leo – so he will leap first and think second. Mars Pluto will make it difficult for him to let go of hurts/grudges which may explain suing his lawyers, not always an advisable course of action whatever the rights or wrongs.

  His North Node in his 11th according to Schulman makes him “his own worst enemy” with the hint that ‘he must never allow the fires of passion to cloud his vision.’   The North Node in Pisces demands at some point he move away from earthly matters towards a more spiritual outlook.

  His first bankruptcy was around his Second Saturn Return and this third tax dust up around his Third Saturn Return. His First Saturn Return saw him break into the TV big time with his Coronation Street permanent residency starting then.

  Somehow I don’t think he ever quite got Saturn’s message.

7 thoughts on “Bill Roache – ignoring Saturn’s message

  1. He is very into astrology. Many years ago he was interviewed on the radio by a journalist who asked, “So, you believe in astrology?” His reply was, “I don’t believe in it, I KNOW it!”.

  2. I’d add …

    Aquarius and the 11th house are both related to how you contribute to society.

    In his case, with Saturn placed in Aqua he will have always felt the outsider and found it hard to want to contribute.

    Then when you put a Taurus Sun (which values money) square to that, he will not have wanted to pay taxes. He’ll have wanted to keep it for himself.

  3. “despite winning, landed him with huge costs”

    Reading Dickens taught me that winning a lawsuit is still a loss, but this sounds pretty bad! In the U.S., when you win the opponent is usually ordered to pay your legal costs. Is that not how it works in the UK?

    • Visitor 2,

      You have to have it as part of your lawsuit. Though I have no idea how that works against the tax man. But generally your barrister will have done the paperwork for that.

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