Bill De Blasio – minuses and pluses



Bill de Blasio, the twice elected though not hugely popular Mayor of New York, has become the umpteenth Democrat to put his name forward for the presidential nomination.

Born 8 May 1961 7.03 pm New York, he is a Sun Mercury in Taurus; with his Sun in a maverick square to Uranus and widely trine a practical Saturn in Capricorn; with a Fixed T Square of Mars in flamboyant Leo opposition Jupiter in Aquarius square Neptune in Scorpio. He has stamina and endurance, is stubborn, can be evasive with such a strong Neptune.

He looks totally jammed up and frustrated over coming months with his Solar Arc Pluto square his Mars, exact in six months, and taking time to wind down on the far side of that.

But for all that he’s looking quite chipper at points with tr Uranus conjunct his Mars/Jupiter midpoint this month, and square his Jupiter July to September which brings lucky breaks; and that latter influence repeats through 2020 and is exact for a final time over the 2021 Inauguration. I’d reckon the Mars Pluto would knock him out and he was always a long shot anyway. But he’s definitely pleased about something and there are some fair winds blowing behind him at points.

Pic: Kevin Case.


5 thoughts on “Bill De Blasio – minuses and pluses

  1. he’s turned (turning) new York city subway trains and stations back into bum houses! like KocH(Curtis sliwa”I’ve never seen it worse!) a faux populsiT

    • I live in NYC and this comment is untrue. As a matter of fact, I think the subways have gotten a bit cleaner. Further, I would listen to nothing Curtis Sliwa has to say.

  2. “Everyone already knows this”, a commentator said on The Daily Mail Web site, but I didn’t know that his real name is Warren Wilhelm Jr., that he is of half German ancestry (I thought he was fully Italian American), and that his wife was a lesbian before she got together with him.

    Astrologically, he has an interesting unaspected Venus in Aries.

    Not that bad of a set of transits I was expecting for someone another commentator on the DM Web site had a “dead on arrival” campaign.

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