Bob Hawke – an old style political leader


Bob Hawke, the former Australian prime minister, a charismatic character, described as a ‘rambunctious rogue’ and a consensus builder has died. He didn’t care about convention, had a reputation as a heavy drinker and womaniser and was voted in three times over eight years  in the 1980s and early 1990s – still a record for a Labor leader.

Born 9 December 1929 5.30 am Bordertown, Australia, he was a fiery Sun, Mercury, Mars conjunct in Sagittarius with Venus also in Sagittarius; and his Sun Mars in an enthusiastic and risk-taking opposition to Jupiter. His Pisces Moon opposed Neptune and squared Venus so he was designed for a public career but very scattered, quite highly strung with a predominantly Mutable chart. His Uranus was trine both his Venus and Mars – so he’d be fickle emotionally and a live wire. ius Pisces Moon opposed Neptune and squared Venus

He suited Australia with its Venus, Uranus, Mercury, Jupiter all in Sagittarius.

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