Australia – another political dog fight



Another country sinking into a political morass is Australia up for electoral grabs this weekend. The incumbent PM Scott Morrison leads a coalition split by infighting and the opposition, who used to be ahead in the polls, now sliding back to be neck and neck, with the Murdoch press making an ill judged and tasteless attack on Bill Shorten, the not-very-popular opposition leader’s deceased mother.

Both are Sun Taurus with the tr Saturn Pluto trine give or take a degree or two. Scott Morrison, 13 May 1968 has a weighed-down tr Saturn trine Pluto; a couple of minor transiting Jupiter uplifts and a devastating tr Pluto square his Neptune/Pluto picking up in the final ten days of this month.

Bill Shorten, 12 May 1967, has tr Saturn trine his Sun and Uranus which could be stabilising and progressive; and does have his Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct his Pluto which is definitely good news and it moves on to conjunct his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint and then Pluto over the next couple of years which all looks successful. But he’s also got tr Saturn opposing his Sun/Uranus and then Sun/Pluto through this month which looks stuck now and in the aftermath with a nerve wracked tr Uranus opposition his Mars/Neptune picking up later this month.

So the usual hotch potch. If anything Shorten has more pluses.

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  1. Drat it. What happened to Shorten’s Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct his Pluto?? Not that I care politically – just don’t like the astrology not making sense. Will wait and see in coming months what transpires.

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