Berlin Wall – a triple conjunction marker


The fall of the Berlin Wall was the epoch-shaking moment 30 years ago in 1989 which was accompanied by the triple conjunction of Uranus, Saturn, Neptune in Capricorn. On November 9th the border between East and West Germany was finally opened after a series of revolutions in Poland and Hungary cracked the stranglehold of the old USSR.

The wall construction started on 13 August 1961 with the Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Capricorn in place trine Mars in Virgo. Jupiter Saturn is usually thought of as a beneficial influence but my experience is that it is less so in Earth signs.

The triple conjunction of the late 1980s/early 1990s which saw the break-up of Soviet Russia had been hammering away at the Russia 8 November 1917 2.12 am Leningrad chart’s control-freak 10th house Pluto in Cancer; and even more pointedly tr Pluto in Scorpio was conjunct the Russia Sun and square its Saturn as the satellite countries broke away.

The Germany 1 January 1871 12 am chart was, not surprisingly, significantly affected with the tr Neptune Saturn in Capricorn exactly conjunct the Germany Sun with the tr Jupiter in Cancer on the Germany midheaven. A time of huge celebration and some trepidation; with tr tr Pluto opposition the German 8th house Pluto, pulling away from the restrictions of the past but giving rise to some economic concerns.

The EU chart with a Capricorn Sun on the same degree was also enlivened and shaken by the turn of events.

I’ve always thought the ripple effect of that triple conjunction would be spotlighted by further events of magnitude when tr Uranus square tr Pluto in Capricorn came round a few years back after 2012. Though it’s not clear what – apart from Brexit in 2016, of course. Though Germany’s upheavals will run on with tr Pluto opposition the 10th house Uranus in 2021/22; with tr Uranus conjunct the 8th house Pluto in 2022/23 which will bring considerable economic and other hiccups. Assuming the UK does finally exit Germany’s share of the budget will increase exponentially which is already causing rumbles of discontent.

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  1. The U.S., invaded Panama on 20 December 1989 and left on 31 January 1990, Noriega gave himself up on 3 January 1990.
    In Romania, the Ceausescus were captured and executed on 25 December 1989, it was a tumultuos few weeks!

  2. Hi marjorie,
    I noticed that quite many sculptors have a conjunction jupiter/saturn in earthsigns(bourdelle,maillol,
    giacometti and cesar) but also vivienne westwood.
    For sure, it has to do with giving form to something….depending on other aspects particularly venus mars and mercurius .
    Excuse my english, it is mot my mothertong

  3. It’s interesting to me that Saturn and Jupiter move into Aquarius in 2020/2021
    and Pluto will move into Aquarius a few years later. Major change/s?

  4. Thanks for you thoughts on this, Marjorie. I’ve often wondered the same along similar lines.

    1989 is also very interesting for the contrast between the events of the Tiananmen Square protests and the Berlin Wall. You would expect Saturn in the sign it rules to hold firm and be the stronger energy of the three, and that’s how it was in China; too much power in one place with nothing powerful enough to keep it in check, bringing heavy handed reactions. Perhaps the station retrograde of all 3 planets that months also having an effect.

    However, as you say, Jupiter entered Cancer later in the year and opposed the conjunction by the time of the Berlin Wall. A key consideration here I suppose is that Jupiter was equally strong if not more so, exalted as it is in Cancer, so a very different scenario to earlier in the year. I’m never sure if the traditional dignity/debility concept holds up, but it seems to have had an effect in ’89, producing two very different outcomes to these events. What are your thoughts on it?

  5. There is a quadruple conjunction of Saturn, Pluto, Sun and Mercury at 22 Cap on 13 January 2020. I’m not sure what this might mean for Germany but they are all opposing Donald Trump’s Saturn.

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