Donald Trump – calling his bluff


Impeachment proceedings have been formalised against Donald Trump for abusing the power of his office to pressure a foreign leader to investigate his domestic political rivals. The process now moves to televised public hearings within two weeks and a vote on impeachment itself by the end of the year. If agreed, it then goes to a Senate trial (controlled by Republicans), possibly early next year, with a two-thirds majority vote required to remove him from office.

His Administration chart, 20 January 2017 12 noon, is very much on cue with the planetary influences at the moment with the tr Saturn Pluto square tr Mars of the end of this month and early November hitting on the central T Square of Uranus opposition Jupiter square Pluto. Tr Pluto is exactly square the Uranus which is always an indication of instability for a regime; with tr Mars exactly in the enraging/frustrating square to the Pluto now and tr Saturn reaching the blocked conjunction to Pluto in the final ten days of November. Plus even more destabilising, the Solar Arc Pluto is approaching the exact square to the Uranus over the next four months.

The wild card in this is Jupiter which can effect eleventh hour rescues no matter how ill deserved. It’s operational mid November to mid December with tr Pluto conjunct the Jupiter/Uranus midpoint and then in a bullishly confident (over confident?) tr Pluto square to Jupiter late December to late January 2020. Though tr Saturn is adding its tuppence worth of gloom into the mix as it forms a jolting square to Uranus over Christmas and is conjunct the Jupiter/Uranus over New Year. So it will damp festivities more than somewhat.

His own personal chart is blocked in mid November with tr Saturn opposition his Sun/Pluto midpoint; and facing a confidence dent November 21 to December 1st with tr Saturn square his Jupiter, which can also indicate less than favourable financial news as well. He’ll be substantially overtaxed to the point of impacting on his health late December to late January 2020 from tr Pluto opposition his Mars/Uranus midpoint. Then he’s into a continuous obstacle course and dark tunnel with tr Pluto opposition his Mars/Node and Saturn late January to late February; and thereafter tr Pluto opposition his Sun/Mars and Venus/Saturn till July. All of which will be fairly brutal in terms of stress and will shaft a spear into his wound of being unloved. There’s nothing much of cheer on his personal chart though if the birth time is accurate to the minute he does have tr Pluto trine his midheaven from late February which can be positive in career terms.

His Solar Return from birthday 2019 was always going to make for a disastrous year with Saturn Pluto in the 10th opposition Mars in the 4th – failure, loss of reputation, immense pressures, trapped, scary; and living in a bubble of delusion and false happiness from Sun opposition Jupiter square Neptune plus a Water Grand Trine.

His Solar Return from birthday 2020 isn’t as gothic though it has a lacklustre Sun square Neptune Mars in the 9th which could suggest uncertainties over legal matters. There’s also a high-tension, conflicted, and autocratic Saturn in the 7th square a changing-direction Uranus in the 10th. And by 2021 he’s picking up the doubly lacklustre and undermining, emotionally and physically, tr Neptune square his Sun and Moon.


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  1. Anybody else find it peculiar and intriguing that Pompeo is not being pressured; given that he hired Bill Taylor and it’s his department(State department) that’s under scrutiny?

  2. JW: Agree that Trump is probably in a financial tailspin. Many of his properties are struggling/losing money, including his Doral resort in Florida and his golf hotels in Scotland and Ireland. Last year the HOA at a condo he owns in NYC demanded that his name be removed from the building’s facade (it was). Trump’s presidency could spell doom for his brand/empire. As a Gemini, doesn’t he currently have Saturn and Pluto in his 8th house of banks, loans, etc.? There’s trouble there, for sure.

  3. He has declared himself a resident of Florida to make use of the homestead laws so he can retain Mara lago. He is selling his supposedly only money making hotel in DC. Sends out requests for donations continually. Has “rallies” all the time. He is likely going down the tubes financially. Can’t wait til he is out of office by health, impeachment or resignation.

    • As well, cities where he has held “rallies” continue to bill him/invoice him but without hope. As president, one supposes he has absolute immunity to paying his bills.

  4. There is one thing that I do not understand, and that is astrology deals with the positioning of the stars in a man’s chart; what I don’t follow is where does the moralizing and judging come from??????

    • Dinesh, you will find that everybody who writes on here including MO are Trump haters. The astrological interpretations are hugely biased against Trump..

    • @Dinesh, because in Western Astrology, as in Western Culture in general, we believe in a concept of Free Will. We do not believe in inherit “bad” or “good”, but in people making moral decisions based on Free Will. And what ever Donald Trump’s chart is showing, he is making decisions that we mostly find going against what’s considered “moral” in our culture. Some might call him even “amoral”, because he clearly doesn’t have an inkling of what such concepts as “greater good” or “serving other”, mean.

      @Dorothy, well, you won’t find many Gaddafi, El Chapo or Harvey Weinstein fans here, or elsewhere, either. On the other hand, it’s amazing to which lenghts Trump sycopaths go to justify his increasingly selfish, erratic and chaotic behavior. I get Barrs and Pompeos of this World must keep on going, because they’ve all committed crimes that are eventually career ending, and will face prison without any hope of an early pardon if Trump won’t be re-elected (because let’s face it, among many other things he has broken, Trump has completely messed Republican Party, and there currently isn’t a single Republican who could carry fair, National Election). But for the common voters, it really is just about admitting that no, you weren’t electing between two equally bad candidates in 2016, Trump, as a President, is bad beyond anything you’ve seen in that office.

  5. The infamous “Anonymous”(I suspect Mike Pompeo) book will be released later this month. I’m rubbing my hands with an evil laugh anticipating this nugget.
    I figure the Moron is gonna try another Government shutdown as a nice Christmas gift; as is widely suspected by Dems to occur.
    Captain Ameri….I mean “Pierre Delecto” is poised to pounce!

  6. Thank you Marjorie. Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune were all in Capricorn in 1990 – a time when Trump’s businesses were sailing pretty close to the wind – some clever shenanigans around bankruptcy laws seemed to keep him afloat. Here comes Saturn again in Capricorn, such a business sign, but this time with Pluto. Perhaps some longstanding bubble will finally burst, or scandal emerges that cannot be finessed…..then again, perhaps not! He got divorced from Ivana in 1991 as well. It was messy.

    • Trump was formally bankrupt on at least three occasions. He was kept afloat as you say by his close involvement with the Russian Alfa bank, the bank of choice for gangsters and state criminals. He laundered their illicit funds into property and land deals in the US, in partnership with Italian American “businessmen”. How the Republican Party allowed someone like Trump to become their candidate, his history was public record back then, is dreadful. His perceived electability outweighed his demonstrable criminality. Would you give Trump a senior position in your business? Him entering the UK election campaign yesterday in a radio interview on the day mercury went retrograde was telling

      • @Alex, spot on! I think this has a lot to do with them thinking they are “too big to fall”. I don’t blame them for that after Bush 43 Administration getting away with manufacturing a casus belli and all the bail outs after Financial Crisis. But really, this can turn into a political carnage really fast. Italian Christian Democrat party got just under 30 per cent of votes in a multi-party Parliamentary race 1992, but was obliterated due to corruption scandals by 1994. I think some of the smarter Republicans know this, which is why they keep quiet and are actually hoping to hop in to any alternative that will eventually replace Republicans, in worse case scenario.

        • This when NO American bank would lend to the Orange Amin. Wonder why? And what was the rationale behind Deutsche Bank’s decision to lend large sums to a clear and obvious terrible Risk? What exactly was the deal?

          • Well, Alex, there’s a book called The Art of the Deal, perhaps there are some clues in there?!
            Seriously, though, the world of high finance operates outside what seems logical or “normal” to everybody else. And one might say the same about DT. In October 2010 he was talking quite seriously about running for President – Saturn was then in Libra, Moon’s North Node in Capricorn – the Nodes are now in Cancer. I am just curious to see how he and his astrology responds to the transits of old Time Lord Saturn in particular.

  7. I recall one of your postings on George W. Bush – that he had some kind of Jupitor influence which allowed him to simply walk away from the drama of his Middle East wars. Undeserved luck. Similar positioning for Demigod Don?

    • I think there’s a generational aspect to this, as well. Dubayah got away with it because of that Reality TV Pluto in Sadgittarius / Uranus in Pisces combination. Yes, there were Old Hippies and some “No Global” Gen Xers protesting against Iraqi Invasion, but generally speaking people were much more anesthetized than now and missed all kind of things, such as the makings of the worst financial crisis since the 1930’s.

      I don’t know if the current “woke” environment will bring justice, but I doubt it will allow Trump to pull a Bush and retire peacefully (and even Bush got dragged into that when Ellen De Generis appeared to be friendly with him at a football match).

  8. He will always be unloved, in spite of his being “a very stable genius” and greater than any other US general in history.

    Ivanka posted some nonsense “…from Jefferson’s letter to his daughter Martha describing the political capital of the U.S. The quote reads “surrounded by enemies and spies catching and perverting every word that falls from my lips or flows from my pen, and inventing where facts fail them.”

    She posted the quote along with the message, “Some things never change, dad!” Mirrors are often like that…

  9. Tr. Mercury in Scorpio is currently stationary almost exactly squaring Trump’s natal Mars and ASC in Leo. Venus in Scorpio is also in the vicinity. He’s definitely under attack at the moment. Mercury returns to this position in early December, when we can probably expect some fireworks, given his other transits at that time.

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