Berlin truck killings – Uranus Jupiter + Pluto

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12 holiday shoppers and sight seers are dead with 48 injured from last night’s atrocity in Germany as a truck drove into a Christmas market in Berlin at 7.14pm. It is being viewed as a “probable terrorist attack” with the driver, reportedly a Pakistani asylum seeker, being questioned. The Polish driver was apparently stabbed and his lorry, carrying steel girders, hi-jacked.

Uranus was opposition Jupiter square Pluto – and that is a signature carried through next year’s US Inauguration Trump First Term and the February Eclipses. Jupiter despite its merry reputation often appears critically placed in disasters. The negative aspect of a Jupiter Uranus opposition can lead to wild optimism and grandiose get-rich-quick-schemes far removed from common sense; and can stir up religious conflict. Which latter this will certainly do. Angela Merkel has already had to back away from her open-hearted welcome-to-all approach; and called for a ban-the-burqua policy.

Germany was always due for an emotional shock with the Solar Arc Moon conjunct its 12th house Mars now, though not exact until four months’ time, so there may be more to come.

9 thoughts on “Berlin truck killings – Uranus Jupiter + Pluto

    • Trump is lately on another drum-roll about “being proven right” about Muslims. The registry will begin, then expand to “non-Christians”. Until…no one remains unregistered.

      Kind of like the draft.

      McCarthy and his Communist/un-American witch-hunts. “He was noted for making claims that there were large numbers of Communists and Soviet spies and sympathizers inside the United States federal government and elsewhere.” [from Wiki]

      Marjorie – are they similar in astro signatures? Joe McCarthy and Trump?

  1. Do what we’ve done in Birmingham UK – bollards everywhere, security all over the place, restrict access to vehicles… in other words sacrifice some of our freedoms. Our Christmas market security was put in place in advance. What a way to live eh?

  2. Also in the hours before the Berlin, Ankara and Zurich attacks Mars left Aquarius and moved into Pisces the sign of religious fanaticism.

  3. Online articles describing the ease with which lorries, cars, and vans become easy-access “terrorist weapon” in Europe. How does one stop this kind of weapon?

    What will our Commander-in-Tweet have to say on the matter?

    • “Anti-terrorist measures still not standard in cars. Obama unqualified to lead this initiative, Kenyans happy with small donkeys. Sad.”

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