Benoit Violier – world-class talent cut short

Chef Benoit Violier, whose Swiss restaurant was named the best in the world in December, has been found dead at his home in an apparent suicide. His death comes months after that of Philippe Rochat, his mentor and predecessor at the same restaurant, who fell ill while cycling. He seemed to have everything going for him though it is a hugely pressured world.

Born 22 August 1971, he was a charming Sun Venus in Leo square an enthusiastic Jupiter in Scorpio conjunct Neptune in Sagittarius. He also had an Air Grand Trine of Saturn in Gemini trine Uranus in Libra trine Mars North Node in Aquarius – so a thinker and communicator. His Moon and Mercury were in meticulous, anxiety-prone Virgo.

His Mercury was square his Mars/Pluto midpoint with Saturn square his Mercury and opposition Mars/Pluto – a good deal of mental strain from that.

His Solar Arc Uranus was conjunct his Sun, now which can be a shock. And his Solar Arc Mars was approaching an opposition to his Pluto as well as Solar Arc Pluto heading for a square to his Mars, not exactly now but the shadow would be looming. Both of these latter would be exceptionally challenging, putting him under enormous pressure.

What a waste and a shame.

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