Aung San Suu Kyi – Myanmar – a new, winding road ahead

Aung San Suu Kyi took her place in the swearing in session for the new Myanmar parliament after the first free elections in 50 years, in which her party scored a resounding 80% victory. It ends decades of military rule though the army still control key ministries and a quarter of the seats. So there’ll be concern about quite what follows.

She was born 19 June 1945 and is a Sun Gemini square Jupiter in Virgo; with a charming and highly determined Mars Venus in Taurus square Pluto.

She was a political prisoner on house arrest after winning the 1990 election until her release in 2010.

She’s had a tough, scary time in the past three years with the tr Pluto square tr Uranus in hard aspect to her Saturn in Cancer; as well as Solar Arc Mars conjunct her Saturn in 2014/15. So it would feel knife edge.

Even at the moment she has her Solar Arc Saturn conjunct her Jupiter which will temper her enthusiasm with realism. Where she starts to forge ahead with more confidence and real success is from 2017 onwards as tr Pluto trines her Jupiter for two years.

The Burma 1 April 1937 12 am Rangoon chart definitely looks upbeat at the moment with Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct the Sun; and a relief-bringing tr Uranus square Jupiter from mid this year for twelve months.; and tr Uranus square Pluto in 2017 – so major changes.

But there is also anxiety, confusion, upheavals as the country attempts to make the transition away from a brutal and paternalistic junta into democracy. A panicky Solar Arc Neptune is conjunct Mars in 2017; a disruptive Solar Arc Uranus conjunct Pluto in 2018;and an uncertain Solar Arc Saturn square Neptune in 2019.

There are ongoing ethnic conflicts, especially with the marginalised Rohingya Muslims, described as one of the most persecuted minorities in the world.

Thw new government chart, circa 9am 1 February 2016, is complicated. There a controlling Pluto sextile a ruthless Mars in Scorpio, and a confident trine to Jupiter. With Sun square Moon Mars; Saturn square Neptune on one side and square Jupiter on the other; plus the Uranus Pluto square. So argumentative, power blocs not giving way easily, will see saw between highs and lows.

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