Terry Wogan – a lilting, twinkling Leo

Terry Wogan, one of the most memorable voices on BBC radio and television has died suddenly aged 77. Born 3 August 1938 Limerick, Ireland, he had a mellifluous Irish brogue which rattled on with amusing whimsy, seemingly with no effort, for two and a half hours every morning five days a week. He was educated by Jesuits but lost his faith at 17 (‘with relief’), was married for 51 years, had a happy family life with children and grandchildren and never a hint of scandal.

He had a surprisingly strong chart for someone who seemed self-deprecating, friendly and placid.

His flamboyant, showy Sun Mars in Leo were on the point of a T Square to a private Scorpio Moon opposition Uranus – so he thrived on being an entertainer in a constantly changing environment. His Sun was trine Saturn in self-reliant Aries which would help to keep him anchored down.

His Pluto was conjunct Mars giving him determination, and Pluto was also inconjunct Jupiter in tolerant Aquarius – so influential, pushy when necessary.

His Venus Neptune in Virgo must have been in a significant place in his chart, perhaps on the Ascendant or in his 3rd, giving him his ability to charm and softening the harder edges of other planets and configurations.

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