Ben & Jen – both Leo Sun Scorpio Moon

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez appear to have hit a marital stumbling block according to reports which will upset devoted fans of BenJen and evoke told-you-so nods from cynics.

 Both are Sun Leos with Scorpio Moons which is a tricky enough combination individually and as a twosome would raise the emotional temperature considerably, both positively and negatively. Added to that the Leonine inclination to want attention – though less obvious in his case – might have created a tension or two.

  Plus he has Uranus and Pluto in his 4th so will be inclined to over-control the domestic environment as well as demand freedom to please himself. And her Pluto and Uranus fall in his 4th so she’ll be doing exactly the same.

  If her birth time of 5.49am is sound (thank you to Parker McPhinney) then both of them have their marriage significator Sun/Moon midpoint at 28 degrees Virgo which is catching the undermining tr Neptune opposition through this year as well as being in the line of fire of the September Lunar Eclipse and the 2025 October Solar Eclipse as well.

  Their relationship chart has a chained-together composite Saturn trine Pluto but also an uncertain Saturn opposition Neptune square North Node which is being buffeted this year and next; as well as a disappointed tr Neptune square the composite Venus this year.

  Their wedding chart of 16 July 2022 Las Vegas which has Sun Mercury conjunct Procyon (= flies high and crashes) opposition Pluto. The Solar Arc Uranus is conjunct the North Node now as the Solar SArc Sun moves to oppose the Pluto exactly over the next year plus.

 At the very least it will be a rough patch and the sentimentalists will hope they weather the storm.

  They do mirror each other’s temperament which is not always a winning combination.

18 thoughts on “Ben & Jen – both Leo Sun Scorpio Moon

  1. The Daily Beast has two apt thoughts for Ben and Jen maybe-split.
    ‘Two flowers, no gardener.’
    The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long.” Lao Tze.

    • Very apt. It’s either over of they’re taking time out – which doesn’t bode well for a new marriage. Both strong characters.

  2. I am sad that you consider me a cynic. I am a realist, if anything. Except perhaps in my own life. Well nobody’s perfect.

  3. His Asc, Venus and South Node in Cancer – security issues, security through needing to feel needed. A lot of feminine energy, mother attachment and wanting to be mothered, co-dependency but also quite nurturing. Mars in Virgo can be neurotic and submissive, including sexually submissive. She is a couple of years older than him and has that take-charge, boss energy with a lot of warmth. There is a schism – he wants to feel mothered and secure but will not lke being bossed around either. He is confused and confusing in relationships – not communicating emotional needs and wants directly – but in a way that forces the other to always have to read between the lines. That thing of trying to get someone to come towards you without you actually asking them to if you know what I mean. A lot of scope for misunderstandings. With her Pisces/Virgo nodes, she is terrified of failing and it all falling apart again but likely has convinced herself that she can avoid the pain and make it work this time if she can just work harder at it, be perfect and more self-sacrificing and control it all better than last time. She’s probably not quite as over-confident and together as she seems. They seem to ‘meet’ at this watery emotional plane rather than through their sun energy which almost feels kind of familial which is interesting because both seem fundamentally driven by the idea of family and security. Both have a strong work ethic and a strong desire to make it work. Theyre older and wiser but instinctual drives tends to dominate when egos and feelings are under stress.

    • Interesting analysis. Reports today say they have reconciled. Both Leo and Scorpio are incredibly loyal signs and don’t ever end things lightly.

      • I also add that as someone with a Scorpio Moon, I’ve always experienced emotions as deep and intense, often physically painful. I would imagine creatives and actors with Moon in Scorpio use this intensity to good effect in their performances.

      • True re Leo and Scorpio – they often pair up. Leo is especially loath to leave a relationship.
        I bet Jennifer Garner has an interesting story to tell. Interestingly she has Cancer on the ascendant which no doubt drew Affleck to her feminine nurturing energy but their Mercs are both fire so comms would be pretty combustible – as with JLo too. Leo merc is usually highly intelligent but quicky to anger and verbally aggressive; quite intimidating in fact. You wouldn’t want to cross them imo.

    • Hello. When they tied the knot the second time, there were rumors that this was strictly a business arrangement with the both of them immediately securing millions in deals. He did secure a deal with Dunkin Donuts. Not sure what other deals. Her profile was definitely boosted. Food for thought.

  4. How bizarre, what are the chances of Sun and Moon in same signs…in over 45 years of astrology I have never seen a couple with such a combination….its obviously the dramatic aspect grasping them both with Leo Suns, having to be seen and shown, and the seething Scorpio Soon that usually (even on it’s own) reflects back…. can’t be a pretty sight. No doubt it contributes to their talents but living it in everyday life must be knackering…perhaps JL is reminded of family issues, or BA wields power on the home front. With Cancer rising the 4th is ‘her’ house but great control may be an issue from her own early days..? Her Scorpio Moon exact shows doubt or inability about children. I’ve seen this combination in charts where they experience difficulty, or strong misgivings about this issue, degree of Neptune in the 5th… I only used the natals…no doubt it adds to her talent, yet on a personal level there could be great confusion deeply inbedded there….

  5. His Pluto/Uranus midpoint is square his Venus and Ascendant. In some respect a sudden attraction can be caught up in a need for a deep and meaningful relationship. Air and Water is mist and can create an illusion rather than the real thing. His Pluto sextile Neptune is also caught up in the passion of romance, this time with a fire and water connection, explosive sense of connection and passion. Scorpio ruling the 8th house can be seen as marriage, sex and money. There is a deep need for all three. Especially as Venus is in a water sign Cancer – adding security. A Cancer ascendant doesn’t want their home life discussed in the open. Interestingly Jen has the same Sun degree as Meghan Markle. Jen’s Ascendent Leo Sun/ Ascendant Leo loves to be in the limelight. Number one. In fact to a certain degree needs it. I doubt whether a Cancer (crab) will like this much. One introvert and the other extrovert? Her Sun is also trine her Mars, a need for a man to be out their travelling with her and being by her side. Transiting Pluto in Aquarius has burst the bubble and is highlighting what she is missing. Especially has it is on her Descendant. In fact Pluto is just about to enter and travel through the 7th house, if the timing is right. If not, it is transiting her Sun and bringing up issues to do with men/father, that she no longer hide. It is also interesting that transiting Pluto is now in trine to her Jupiter, which is normally associated with marriage. Can’t help feeling he will take the emotional hit hard though.

  6. Unlike the stock market, past performance in relationships is usually a good guide to future performance – especially when you’re on marriage #4 ! For some reason, they’re difficult for J-Lo. My initial thinking is that with Scorpio Neptune-Moon / Sag mars trine Leo Sun-Mercury and Libra Jupiter-Uranus – she’s too optimistic going into these things. And the Venus Gemini will be enthusiastic when things are fresh. And being beautiful, she won’t lack for offers when she’s single – so all too easy to keep diving into relationships rather than working out what’s stopping her.

    The problem in her chart seems to me to be the Saturn at 8 Taurus – it doesn’t have any good aspects that I can see. It’s maybe just out of orb to create a yod with Libra Jupiter-Uranus and Sag Mars. But it’s certainly in range to create a square with her Leo Sun-Mercury. So while she is a highly successful woman in her own right; looking at the fact she’s now married to a Leo man and before that it was baseball’s A-Rod (Sun at 4Leo) and her 2nd marriage was to Cris Judd who was born (like Affleck) on Aug 15th. They say a woman’s Sun is what she looks for in a man and she’s finding that but also Saturn is often what women want from a man so there’s an underlying tension there for her between the Taurus/Leo aspects.

    • Same with the Moon and Venus. Ben’s Venus is in Cancer and his Moon in Scorpio . Perhaps with this placement a man likes his women to be financially solvent and behind the scenes?

      • Agreed. And her need for public validation and adulation is the worst of Leo. Jen publicly releasing Ben’s love letters – against his wishes, is an example of that.
        But the blinkers could be off and Ben may use that as an excuse for the relationship not working. Jen is 54.
        Midlife brings lots of changes. Not only physical, but tolerance levels change too.

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