BBC – challenges coming in from all sides


The BBC is mired in more disputes about equal pay as a dozen women prepare to take their cases to tribunal. That in addition to running bad publicity over highly-paid stars and top-heavy management; and the competition now from Netflix and other streaming channels with suggestions that the BBC itself could be switched over to a subscription service in future, makes it an even more critical time than usual.

The BBC launched 14 November 1922 6pm London and has a full entertainment and performing 5th house with a Scorpio Sun there square Neptune in Leo; as well as Jupiter Mercury in Scorpio on one leg of a creative Grand Trine to Pluto in Cancer trine a 10th house Uranus in Pisces. There’s also an uncompromising, contrary and combative 9th house Mars in Aquarius square Mercury. The Grand Trine especially in Water can act like a bubble within which there is a degree of separation from the outside world and reality. But it’s a strong and successful chart.

It has tr Neptune slipping and sliding through the 10th house of career direction for most of this coming decade, so may not commit to any decisively different plans for the time ahead. Financial wrangles will continue with tr Pluto (until 2025) and now tr Saturn (until 2021) moving through the 8th, creating shortages and sticky situations.

There’ll be major arguments from July 2020 onwards and high insecurity as tr Uranus squares the BBC Mars; and a ‘car-crash collision’ of sorts in 2021/22 as Solar Arc Mars opposes the Sun. By 2023 change will be in the air with tr Uranus opposes the Sun.

But there’s nothing that looks terminal about any of these humps and bumps along the road.

The BBC’s Pluto is conjunct the UK’s Midheaven so it is influential and highly significant for the country; with the BBC Mars and Midheaven in the UK’s 5th house of entertainment. However much politicians of all shades dislike the BBC and however blinkered the grotesquely over-weighted and overpaid management are, it’s difficult to see it disappearing totally. Although it will be on a popularity slide for a few years till 2024 with tr Neptune undermining the central configuration of the UK/BBC relationship chart..


3 thoughts on “BBC – challenges coming in from all sides

  1. Yes the BBC can be hypocritical, and seemingly biased. I’ve often noticed how many news items are overlooked on TV – the ones relating to events in Europe in particular. And there are extraordinary stories on World Service, for instance, which I often prefer to mainstream BBC reporting. Radio 3 is wonderful. Radio 4 is having an identity crisis. Radio 6 Music can often surprise you. I too would happily pay for the radio, but the tv broadcasts? Not so much.

  2. I don’t like its self-conscious virtue signalling and tiresome political correctness, but I would pay my licence fee many times over just for Radio 3 and Radio 4.

    • I’d call what BBC seems to be doing good old fashioned “hypocricy” instead of “virtue signaling” (which has taken infortunate alt-right connotations). The effort of being impartial in a highly partisan World isn’t working, when not accompanied by a deep understanding of Rule of Law. This is why they so often fail.

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