The Godfather – standing the test of time

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Francis Ford Coppola’s 1972 movie The Godfather, starring Marlon Brando and Al Pacino, was for a time the highest-grossing film ever, and is regarded as one of the greatest films in world cinema, ranked just below Citizen Kane in top US movies.

Principal photography started on 23 March 1971 and it premiered on 14 March 1972. The shoot started with an Aries Sun opposing Uranus square Mars in Capricorn, certainly befitting a violent gangster movie with a severed horse’s head in bed; with the Sun trine a high-finance and lucky Jupiter Neptune in Sagittarius. There was also a wide, enduring Saturn trine Pluto.

That last had moved to almost exact when it launched with an Air Grand Trine of Saturn in Gemini trine Pluto trine North Node in Aquarius, so it certainly connected to the zeitgeist. The content may have been bleak but it made its mark. Jupiter was in money-attracting Capricorn trine Venus in indulgent Taurus. There was an approaching New Moon in Pisces that night.

The Aquarius North Node seems significant, though the subject was hardly humanitarian; maybe just leading the pack for the gangster genre.


Brexit – could end up lose-lose ** updated

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From next Wednesday the Brexit process will begin in earnest with the EU initial reply expected two days later. The two key EU players who have both been making ominous noises in advance are EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and EU negotiator Michel Barnier.

Barnier, 9 Jan 1951 4.40pm La Tronche, France, is possibly the better guide since Brexit will be his priority whereas Juncker has several crises looming elsewhere.

Barnier, a Sun Capricorn square Neptune in Libra, inconjunct Pluto is under poleaxing and confusing challenges with tr Pluto conjunct his Sun and square his Neptune till late 2018. With confidence-undermining Neptune transits to his Jupiter/Node from mid next month, on and off till late 2018; with an even more discouraging tr Neptune square his Mars/Saturn this Oct till Jan 2018. If his birth time is accurate then 2019 will be a career-sinker with tr Neptune conjunct his MC.

He’ll be negotiating directly with UK’s David Davis, 23 Dec 1948, a Sun, Mercury Jupiter conjunct in Capricorn trine Saturn in Virgo, with Mars also in Capricorn. He looks jangled this April, but will face his worst fears in 2018/19 with tr Pluto conjunct his Mars, which is trapped and enraging; with a ‘shocking collision’ of Solar Arc Mars square his Sun probably in 2019.

His relationship chart with Barnier, is showing signs of strain, discouragement, devastation and some mighty outbursts in 2017/18; with worse in 2019. Davis’s relationship with Theresa May isn’t easy at best with a composite Mars opposition Pluto square Sun Mercury, and is ploughing through heavy, depressed and disruptive seas in 2017/18.

Although Theresa May will have no direct negotiations with Barnier, she’s clearly setting the agenda, and her relationship with him will be highly-strung, and stressed this year; and in a complete upheaval in 2018/19 with tr Pluto opposition the composite Uranus and tr Uranus opposition the composite Saturn.

Her relationship with Juncker is most at odds in 2018.

Mind you Angela Merkel is none too happy with Juncker this year, and more so next – if both survive that long politically, since she has a challenging election and his health is creaky. He has tr Neptune square his Sagittarius Sun in 2018 so won’t be thriving for one reason or another.

Merkel and May look v edgy come this May, in a complete turnaround in 2018; and aggravated in 2019.

Methinks this may end in tears along the way for one side or the other, or from the look of the above – both.

Add on: Neither Juncker or Barnier are exactly fans of UK Inc. The relationship between Juncker/UK has an impatient, hostile composite Saturn opposition Mars square Venus; with a fight-for-control composite Sun quincunx Pluto; and Pluto being on the focal point of a T square to Uranus opposition Node, which doubles up on the intransigence between the two sides. Late 2017 will be especially frosty as tr Saturn is conjunct the Sun; with irritability and dislike growing in 2018/19 with tr Saturn conjunct Venus, square Saturn and Mars.

Barnier is also instinctively drawn to seeing the UK as a pushy entity that needs put down, with a composite Jupiter Pluto conjunction in a disruptive square to Uranus. There’ll be a good deal of jockeying for position in 2017/18 with tr Pluto trine the composite Jupiter; suspicion and paranoia from tr Neptune opposition Saturn in 2017; bad temper over the New Year as tr Saturn squares the composite Mars; and separated initially in 2018 by tr Uranus conjunct the composite Moon, and more so in 2019 when tr Uranus opposes Neptune.

So it wouldn’t make much odds who the UK negotiator was.

Jupiter in Libra taking a walk on the dark side

One of the hallmarks of this year – with its polarised squabbles, rising populism/nationalism and Trump’s administration – is Jupiter in Libra opposition Uranus square Pluto.

At its best, Jupiter in Libra is about a desire for social justice and decent behaviour in relationships of all varieties, and is usually considerate of the needs and wishes of others. When afflicted however, it can make moralising judgements about others, promises more than it can deliver, appears disloyal and can lead to lawsuits arising from unfulfilled commitments.

Jupiter opposition Uranus, which I tend to simplistically describe as ‘adventurous’, in reality is over-restless, unwisely expansive, undiplomatically blunt, tending to exaggerate wildly, going off in all directions, usually at considerable cost, which can end, for some, in ruin. It also, because of Jupiter, pulls religious beliefs into the equation with much propagandizing and proselytizing (demagoguery and brainwashing). It favours fortune hunters (for a while until it doesn’t).

Jupiter square Pluto doubles up on the dogmatism, with a tendency to want to remake the status quo (in religious as well as general attitudes) – and because Pluto is in Capricorn, rebellion against heretofore accepted forms of government. It breeds a wilful, law-unto-oneself mindset where social niceties are tossed aside. The desire to be big and important leads to unpopularity and conflicts with authorities in government and elsewhere. Like Jupiter Uranus, if mishandled, this can lead to loss of status and reputation – and money.

There was a fair amount of this energy around through this month with Jupiter opposition Uranus at the start, and Jupiter square Pluto on the 30th, next Thursday; with more in April as the Aries Sun picks up aspects to all three planets in the first half of the month.

As ever, in advance one tends to be overly hopeful of Jupiter’s benign influence, but not much of it in evidence.

Khalid Masood & Ziyed Ben Belgacem – violent criminals handed a religious cosmetic

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Khalid Masood has been named as the man responsible for the Westminster attacks yesterday. British-born on 25 December 1964 in Kent, he had a string of previous convictions for assaults, including GBH (grievous bodily harm), possession of offensive weapons and public order offences; and had a peripheral association with a terrorist incident some years ago. Although ISIS has claimed ‘credit’, in truth he sounds like an unstable, criminal personality, the kind of lone wolf whom it is impossible for the security services to keep under permanent surveillance.

If his birth date is sound, he was a Sun Capricorn with the ferociously angry and unpredictable Mars Pluto Uranus in Virgo of that year square Mercury in fiery Sagittarius and square a Gemini North Node; with Venus also in Sagittarius and Saturn in Pisces. So a highly Mutable chart; with a guru- and money-chasing, can-be-delusional Jupiter in Taurus opposition Neptune. It’s not possible to be certain but I’d think he would have had mental problems, anger management issues for sure.

This week he had tr Pluto tugging on his Jupiter opposition Neptune by sextile to Neptune; tr Uranus in a jolting conjunction to his Solar Arc Saturn; and a confidently pushy tr Pluto opposition his Mars/Jupiter midpoint – aiming for his five minutes of fame.

He shared a Capricorn Sun with the UK chart, as well as Mercury in Sagittarius and Neptune in Scorpio; and his Jupiter fell in the UK 8th – so not a totally disastrous set of cross overs, though his resentful Saturn in Pisces was conjunct the UK Pluto.

Ziyed Ben Belgacem, who was shot dead at Orly Airport a few days back trying to grab a policewoman’s gun, was French-born of Tunisian extraction, on 14 Feb 1978. He also had a violent criminal past with convictions for assault, receiving stolen goods, drug trafficking and was radicalised in prison. He was known to police but not considered a serious terrorist threat.

He was a Sun Mercury in Aquarius square Uranus and opposition Saturn, as well as trine Pluto and trine Jupiter in Gemini; with a ruthless Pluto square Mars; and again a Jupiter opposition Neptune from Gemini to Sagittarius in his case. So a powerful and complicated chart – determined to be someone important.

He collided with the France chart more obviously with his Sun opposition Saturn sitting on top of the France Pluto in Aquarius opposition Uranus and square the France Mars. And there was a brutal-dislike composite Pluto Venus opposition Saturn square Mars in the relationship chart.

When he went on his violent spree, he had tr Uranus in an exact and reckless square to his Mars in excitable Cancer; his Solar Arc Uranus moving towards a tension-relieving opposition to Jupiter; and his Solar Arc Saturn exactly conjunct his Libra North Node.

There’s a sect for every nut and Buddhism would hardly suit.

London – under attack as Pluto opposes the Moon

uk  glc  solar


An attack on Westminster, London this afternoon, described as probably terrorist, has left five dead and 40 injured, some catastrophically,  as a car ploughed into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge and the driver then knifed an unarmed policeman on security guard to death outside the House of Commons and Lords and was himself then shot.

The Cancer Moon in the 10th of the UK 1801 chart is being triggered at the moment by the tr Pluto in opposition for the first time in a two-year run ahead. The 10th house is to do with rulership and the Moon is the public emotional state which will be running high.

In 1979 the year Airey Neave MP was blown up by a car bomb in Westminster; and Lord Mountbatten was also killed in separate IRA incidents, tr Pluto was in Libra square the UK Moon, so a quarter zodiac back.

At the outbreak of World War 11, the UK Solar Arc Pluto was just over the conjunction to the UK Moon. So it is a sensitive point in the UK chart.

The other marker for disasters/atrocities is the UK 8th house Mars in Taurus, which at the moment has the Solar Arc MC within less than half a degree square, moving to exact over the next three months. In July 2005 when a series of coordinated terrorist suicide bombs were set off killing 56 on London public transport, the Solar Arc Moon was moving to square that Mars, though still a degree away. At the outbreak of World War 1 tr Uranus was square the UK Mars. Tr Mars is at present moving through the UK 8th.

The London GLC chart, 1 April 1965, has a difficult natal Mars Uranus Pluto in Virgo opposition Saturn. That was being shaken by tr Uranus in Pisces at the 7/7/2005 attacks; and at the moment has tr Neptune opposition the Mars/Pluto and Uranus/Pluto midpoints; with a high-anxiety tr Pluto sextile Neptune. With the February 2017 Pisces Solar Eclipse conjunct Saturn and opposition Mars Uranus.

Located to London the Feb 2017 Pisces Eclipse puts an explosive Mars Uranus exactly on the MC opposition Jupiter on the IC square Pluto – so a critical location and time.

Ivanka Trump – a dynastic succession?

iv  iv mt comp  iv dt comp


Ivanka Trump is to get her own West Wing office as an adviser to her father, and security clearance to receive government communications. Since the election, she has sat in meetings with world leaders, including Justin Trudeau and Angela Merkel. It is unofficial and unprecedented, raising questions  about the multiple ethics sinkholes, the almost-vacant First Lady White House position and the possibility she’s being groomed for the 2020 election.

It sounds too far-fetched to be true. But, but – by 2020 and across into 2021 she has tr Pluto Jupiter in Capricorn square her Jupiter Pluto conjunction in Libra; with tr Pluto on her Jupiter rolling across the Inauguration – somewhat similar to the super-confident influences that brought Trump senior into unexpected elevation. So not beyond the bounds of possibility.

This year from early April she has tr Uranus opposition her Jupiter Pluto which is a lucky break, a sudden opportunity and a huge lifestyle change. That rolls on and off into 2018. There’ll be a major crisis for her this May, from tr Uranus opposition her Sun/Saturn midpoint at a time when that shows up on quite a few of the Trump and international relations charts, and that influence returns on and off into 2018. She’ll be downhearted when tr Saturn is conjunct her Neptune Venus late June/July and October when tr Saturn is in hard aspect to Trump senior’s Sun Moon.

It won’t all be plain sailing since tr Neptune will make an undermining square to her Solar Arc Sun this year and possibly into next; and in the run up to 2020; with a damaging-setback Solar Arc Mars conjunct her Saturn in 2018/19. In 2019 as well tr Uranus will oppose her Scorpio Sun.

Her husband Jared Kushner will be right in the middle of the triple conjunction in Capricorn of 2019/2020 with his late Capricorn Sun Mercury; but tr Neptune will conjunct his Solar Arc Mars around the election which looks panicky and undermined.

Ivanka’s relationship with Melania, not great at the best of times with a composite Mars Saturn, is under considerable strain in 2017/18. I wonder if Melania will ever move to the White House?

Ivanka’s relationship chart with her father is mystifying, given that they are supposedly close. There’s an argumentative composite Sun Mercury Mars, which is firmly clamped down by Saturn in conjunction to all three; with Saturn conjunct Uranus and Uranus conjunct Pluto – all of that looks explosive, unstable, breeding resentment in the one who is being suppressed, and will be constantly in flux. The composite Moon will be square Pluto, making the bond between them possessive; and is possibly square Uranus as well – so constantly pushing and pulling. Hardly a nurturing relationship.

Tr Uranus will trine the composite Mercury, Sun, Mars in 2018 which will be insecure, edgy, irritable; and trine Saturn Uranus in 2019 for major changes – with tr Pluto square the composite Jupiter in 2018/19 which will be a struggle for the upper hand.

Martin McGuinness – from violence to diplomacy

mm uk syn  uk mm comp


A coward, criminal and murdering terrorist or an inspiring peace-maker? Opinions are sharply divided, as former Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland Martin McGuinness dies suddenly, between those whose families were on the receiving end of IRA violence and those who applauded his dramatic changeover to politician and negotiator for the Good Friday Agreement.

Born 23 May 1950, he left school at 15 and rose in his twenties to become an IRA commander who was prepared to bomb, kill and oversee atrocities to drive the British out. He spent two years in prison in the Irish Republic; but gradually switched over to a more political role and was key to bringing the IRA hardliners into the peace talks.

He was a Sun Gemini square Jupiter in Pisces; with his Jupiter opposition his ruthless Mars/Pluto midpoint. His Mercury in Taurus was square his Pluto, trine Saturn and Mars, so he was a determined debater.

During the long five year negotiations running into the Good Friday Agreement of 1998, his Solar Arc Uranus was conjunct his Pluto, pushing him along the transformation from a man of violence to one of political accommodation with erstwhile bitter enemies.

Matching his chart to the UK 1801 chart, there’s a clear struggle for power with his Sun square the UK Pluto; and his Pluto square the UK Mars, opposition Venus, square Neptune. That translates in the relationship chart to a combative composite Sun trine Mars, sextiling onto a struggle-for-the-upper-hand Jupiter Pluto conjunction. There’s also a revolutionary composite Uranus square Pluto, though that also hints at a relationship that would go through dramatic changes, which it certainly did. He even shook hands with the Queen, whose uncle Lord Mountbatten was blown up by the IRA in 1979.

Norman Tebbit, the former Tory Cabinet Minister whose wife was paralysed in the Brighton Hotel bombing in 1984 that killed five though not Maggie Thatcher who was the intended target, and a colleague of Airey Neave MP, killed in Westminster in 1979 by a car bomb, was fiercely critical of McGuinness today, hoping he was rotting for an eternity in hell. The Tebbit/McGuinness relationship chart has a Uranus opposition Saturn square Mars; and a Pluto square Jupiter Sun – so never destined to mellow.

Vera Lynn – a perfect match for bleak times

vl uk syn  vl uk comp


Vera Lynn, the ‘forces sweetheart’ was one of the mainstays of British morale at home and amongst troops abroad during world war 11. Her ‘We’ll Meet Again’ issued in 1939 became a hit, as did ‘The White Cliffs of Dover’ and ‘There’ll always be an England.’ She travelled extensively at some risk to herself to sing in India, Burma and Egypt during fighting to entertain soldiers. At 92 she topped the UK album charts, and now aged 100, she’s just issued another which is outselling pop stars.

Born 20 March 1917, she started singing in working men’s clubs aged 7, and by 22 had sold a million records and was supporting her parents. She has four planets in Pisces – Sun, Mars, Mercury and Venus, so definitely musical, courageous and enthusiastic. Those all trine Saturn in Cancer giving her stability and common sense; with her Sun Mars square Pluto and trine Neptune adding determination, guts and another layer of musical ability. Her zany Aquarius Moon is probably conjunct Uranus; and she has a confident (and money-attracting) Jupiter in Taurus in a confident sextile to Pluto.

Her Jupiter falls in the UK 8th house, allowing her to boost morale at a deep level; with her Moon Uranus in the UK ‘entertainment’ 5th. Her Neptune is conjunct the UK 10th house Jupiter, turning her into a vision of hope. Her Pluto is conjunct and her Jupiter sextile the UK MC. What’s interesting is that her Saturn is conjunct the UK 10th house Moon, which Moon was then conjunct the UK Solar Arc Pluto. Normally Saturn conjunct Moon is a downer, but she fitted the war time mood perfectly.

Her relationship chart with the UK had that even more emphasised with a composite Mercury opposition Saturn square Pluto (Moon) – Saturn Pluto is the signature for war. There’s also a composite Sun trine Jupiter, sextile Mars – so she could lift spirits and inject courage through her songs (composite Venus Node conjunct). Without the war, she’d probably never have been as successful. It was a relationship perfectly designed for that context.

Hillary Clinton – under a Saturnine cloud



Hillary Clinton has intimated she is ‘ready to come out of the woods’ in a St Patrick’s Day talk. There’s nothing in her chart that would suggest a rousing time ahead. Her Solar Arc Saturn is moving to conjunct her Sun, exactly in 9 months time, and the run up to that will be discouraging and sombre.

She looks over wrought this month, and on and off till late 2018 with tr Pluto opposition her Mars/Uranus midpoint; and undermined in April and on and off till late 2018. If anything 2018 is even more muddled with tr Pluto square her Sun/Neptune.

If the 8am birth time is sound then her Progressed Moon is going into her 12th in just over six months and what follows will be inward-looking, more suited to the shadows than public platforms. Plus tr Saturn is moving now through her 2nd which is the lowest ebb of her chart.

I can’t see her making any impact really. Though she may bounce a bit in 2020 when her Solar Arc Jupiter moves to oppose her Mars Pluto.