Astro-twins – a scandal-prone politician and unblemished Duchess Kate


A Tory Housing Minister in the hot seat over allegations of influencing planning decisions both about property belonging to former porn baron and Express owner Richard Desmond as well as his own house is a minor muddy puddle in the midst of greater dramas.  The only real interest about Robert Jenrick is that he was born on the same day as Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.

He has a track record of attracting criticism – breaking the CV-19 quarantine, renting a house in his constituency which is billed to taxpayers despite owning two London town houses and a historic country pile elsewhere, and overspending on his 2014 campaign victory. Born 9 January 1982 Wolverhampton, he was Cambridge educated and a lawyer to trade before being elected an MP in 2013, replacing a sitting Tory member forced to resign following a cash for lobbying scandal.

Which just goes to show that houses in a chart, dependent on the birth time, make a substantial difference to how the energy of the chart plays out. Kate is looking like goody-two-shoes and a virus heroine of late and without a scandal to blemish her record. And to be noted – the sexes can differ in their approach to the same Sun sign, if it isn’t un-PC to say so.

Both are Capricorn Sun, Cancer Moon squaring onto Saturn Pluto, maybe Mars in Libra – so ambitious, both in terms of money and status and home-focused as well. Saturn on the point of a T Square can give executive, organising ability. Pluto on the point of a T Square can be overly controlling, sometimes ahead of its time, often attracting resentment and is fairly battened down especially with Saturn close by.

Both have Jupiter in money-magnet Scorpio square a frivolous, indulgent Venus in Aquarius, allowing them to turn the charm on to order.

The same chart can also illuminate the different ways in which the same predictive influences can turn out.  July 3 to 15 both have tr Saturn square their Jupiter/Saturn midpoint, followed till the end of the month by tr Saturn conjunct their Sun/Venus. The first of those can indicate career losses though it can also bring irksome machinery breakdowns, or upsets with staff. The second brings a sense of being unloved or unpopular and sometimes accompanies separations.

The early July Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn will also be jangling both their Moon and their Sun, potentially tugging on Mars and Saturn, so it could be disruptive. But at the same time tr Pluto squares their Mars/Jupiter midpoint for a confidence surge.

Be interesting to see how it all shakes down for each.

Pic: Chris McAndrew.

12 thoughts on “Astro-twins – a scandal-prone politician and unblemished Duchess Kate

    • People born the same day you were born. Obviously, birthtime and even place messes this up, since it will affect houses things happen in. Basically, even multiple births can have different charts. I have a friend who has an identical twin brother. Brother has late Aries rising, friend early Taurus, because they were born 20 minutes apart.

      • Interesting. Years ago I met a doctor who had the same birthdate as mine, tho she was born in Florida and I in Pennsylvania. We acknowledged feeling an odd “connection”. Thanks!

  1. Seems to me a key difference is how they experience that Saturn Pluto square Sun, Moon and the nodes. While he seems to have internalized it and acted it out in the form of corruption, for DOC it seems imposed from without in the form of strict protocol ruling her every move and intense scrutiny and at points criticism by the media.

    • Thanks. I was getting round to saying and should have put it into the post that one of the key gender differences I’ve been aware of, in addition to certain sun signs – Libra, Cancer in particular – are hard Sun Pluto aspects. Often it takes women into their forties before they become ‘empowered’ – i.e. turn that submissive Pluto round from its childhood underdog position and learn they can make choices and assert themselves. With men (and I know one shouldn’t generalise) it seems easier to get a grip of Pluto and utilise its power-hungry and coercive side at a younger age.
      Adele’s Mel Gibson mirror image with a Mars Saturn in Scorpio square Pluto is an example of that. Gibson had a truly difficult father, reflected by those aspects, and grew up with anger issues driving him to drink and to aggressive acting out. Whereas Adele clearly coped by trying to placate the dragon and be super-nice. Though it would come at a cost. Some women can live out those super-power aspects – Christine Lagarde (IMF/ECB) for one, next to Merkel one of the most powerful women in the world today; and Marie Colvin, the former war correspondent but it’s not easy.
      Maggy, I think, years ago, said she thought the Middleton girls looked as if they were on remote control. That’s the underside of Pluto, feeling that choices lie with one or other of the parents, so the child feels like a pawn on a chessboard to be moved around at will. Both the Middleton parents have strong Pluto in their charts so would find it difficult to follow Khalil Gibran’s thought:
      Your children are not your children.

      They come through you but not from you,
      And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.

  2. Marjorie,

    Looking at Boris’chart, his progressed Moon is conjunct Pluto in the 11th now ….any chance of a peasant revolt considering the latest lies of one of his cabinet? Venus (chart ruler) has the Node conjuncting it in the 9th….wonder if someone will do something legal, Cummings started it, now this, will there be more? Mars squaring his Sun today….. so he’s very stirred up I”d think……not as dramatic as Cummings (yet) but as covert and glossed over…..they must be panicking…what else lurks in the cabinet that no antimacassar will cover….?

    • There’s a buried or at least long delayed report which I vaguely read about – something to do with Russian interference in the Brexit vote and Russian Tory party donors. It might get dragged out soon into the open.

  3. I once looked up my Astro-twin and he is an artist and musician. I’m an illustrator who is a ardent music-lover.

  4. You are right that women act more in accordance with their Moon sign and men in their life embody their Sun sign. Nowadays, it may be a fact that men and women are finding their inner male and female without projecting onto a partner or anyone else. Thst would certainly be more rounded and balanced. Kate does embody the Moon Cancer to me. At least, publicly! She does have the Mars square to the Moon. Perhaps in the case of Richard D, that manifests as ‘angry public’ !

    • I think time of birth, house and sign would impact which of the lights is dominant as much as much as gender. Traditionally night charts (ie where the Sun was below the horizon at time of birth) are thought to have the Moon as the dominant light and and day charts to have the Sun as the ruling light. A man with the Moon placed in a Cardinal sign like Cancer where it is the ruler would find it a major influence on his personality, behaviour and life particularly if born after sunset and before sunrise. The opposite would apply to a woman where the Sun was dominant in the chart. In the U.K. it is often hard to determine the exact time of birth because it is not normally recorded but often you can find out if the birth was in the day or at night.

  5. Thanks Marjorie – fascinating to see how things manifest for these astro twins. I was wondering about the lunar eclipse on their birthday, at 19 Capricorn. Would that make them more sensitive to eclipses in general?

    I’ve met two astro twins, with different birth times but similar locations. Both of them had made careers from things I enjoy as interests or “hobbies”. And although the houses were different, we had all experienced significant upheavals in our personal lives during the same quite specific time period.

  6. Hi Marjory,
    I found this fascinating; particularly as my astrological ‘twin’ is Mel Gibson, and I’m a fairly quiet, tea total people pleaser!
    Presumably the fact we were born at opposite ends of the world also had a significant impact

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