Arctic Wildlife Refuge under threat – greed versus Gaia


Another Trump rumpus as his plan to expand USA fossil fuel production into the Arctic moves ahead, despite crashing oil prices and a general shift away from damaging energy sources. He has overturned six decades of protections for the largest remaining stretch of wilderness in the US though it’s likely to run into fierce legal battles from environmentalists and Alaskan Native groups over the fate of polar bears, migrating herds of caribou and birds, never mind the effect on climate change.

Leases could be sold by the year end though any oil production would be a decade away. It’s unclear how much interest there will be from energy companies at a time when many countries are trying to wean themselves from fossil fuels. Exploring and drilling in harsh Arctic conditions remains difficult and costly.

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge was set up on 6 December 1960, with a Sagittarius Sun Square Pluto Node in Virgo; with a tough Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn opposition Mars in Cancer.

Where it looked most at risk was three years ago as the Solar Arc Mars opposition Saturn squared the Sun – so maybe the shock of a Trump/Republican victory made the dangers clear from early on. There’s a nerve-stretched, panicky, paralysed tr Uranus opposition Neptune exactly now and repeating on and off through 2021. The recent Lunar Eclipse also shook up the Mars in Cancer opposition Saturn for a setback scenario in coming months.

There’s more cheer through this October and over the election with a sigh of relief from tr Uranus opposition Jupiter/Node midpoint and then the Jupiter/Pluto midpoint, which repeat in spring 2021.  But 2021 still looks like a tricky year though that could be other factors with climate change moving ahead or natural disasters.

10 thoughts on “Arctic Wildlife Refuge under threat – greed versus Gaia

  1. @ Bradvalentine

    I won’t respond to your pro-Trump rant…or any of the conspiracy theories you’ve thrown in as fillers. However, I will respond to your prediction that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won’t win – with astrology.

    On Election Day, Venus will trine Joe Biden’s Saturn and the U.S. natal Uranus. I interpret this to mean change, more responsibility, and stability.

    So, it is absolutely possible Joe Biden will win the election.

  2. @Chris Romero, Biden fundamentally and absolutely will NOT win. In fact, he’s only been put up there as a stooge. Your irrational hatred for Trump will not stand in the way if his winning. Give us one good reason why you hate someone who has enacted most of what he said he will do? The wall (built for two reasons, to stop the illegal trafficking of children from Mexico) removal from the WHO (Bill Gates being the main donator) healing relationships with Iraq, N Korea, preventing China from exporting dangerous 5K, cutting interest rates and supporting veterans. You think these things are wrong?? Truth hurts some people whose ideologies are challenged.

    • I’ve only left this here to indicate there are different opinions on Trump. Mind bending to be sure but worth keeping in mind. Tho’ Brad be warned if you go on rant and raves in future you’ll get binned.

  3. Why are these old men (Trump, Bolsonaro, etc) so intent on destroying the natural world? Is it all part of their infantile rage due to mother issues? I find it seriously disturbing.

    • It’s that legacy/generational destiny, to steal and corrupt. Maybe they can sell the oil back to the Russians; after all, “Seward’s Folly” was bought from Russia.

    • It’s deeply disturbing I agree. And in this instance, if oil production is ten years away, beyond unrealistic from a cold hearted commercial perspective. Why these men want to smash everything up is, indeed, infantile and to me, at least, suggests deep insecurity, fear, and mistrust of life itself in some way. I am wondering whether any insight might be gained from looking at Ceres in these charts, along with the Moon and Venus, and possibly BML? There’s also the question of “legacy”, in that what kind of world do they imagine for their children and grandchildren? Clearly, they have no care for the lives of those who come after them, let alone the rest of us here on Earth. Here’s James Lovelock, aged 101:

      “We are no more qualified to be the stewards or developers of the Earth than are goats to be gardeners.”
      ― James E. Lovelock, The Revenge of Gaia: Earth’s Climate Crisis & the Fate of Humanity

  4. This is heartbreaking. Thanks for pointing out the cheering sigh of relief over the election. If the Democrats take the houses of Congress they can stop this, whether or not the cheater-in-chief wins. That won’t resolve the climate crisis so not surprising 2021 looks tricky. We have climate-related disasters all around here in the US with raging wildfires currently, extreme heat in some places, and intensified storms. Never mind the disaster in our political system.

    The recent posts and comments here about the possibilities of Trump being reelected have been very depressing to read. At least watching the Democratic National Convention this week has been uplifting and inspiring as a counter-measure so I’ll try to remain hopeful. I will vote – my state is making it easier to vote “by mail” (can use drop boxes instead of the mail and many early voting sites to ease in-person voting) but we’re not a swing state.

    • I discovered that online voting is available here in Washington. What a concept! No mailboxes or drop boxes to corrupt by lemonade stand thieves.

    • @ Les,

      I know exactly what you mean. Just the thought of Trump winning reelection is not something I can even allow myself to consider happening. Intellectually, I know there’s a 50/50 chance…and even the astrology community is divided on this.

      Many vedic astrologers (and I know very little about vedic astrology; I’ve only taken classes in Western Astrology) are predicting Joe Biden to win. While many (but not all) Western astrologers appear to be predicting it will be Trump.

      Last election, I noticed it was mainly the vedic astrologers (who predicted Trump would win) who got it right. I guess we’ll see what happens this November.

      I know I’m voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and Democrat up and down the ballot this November – and I’m voting (in person with my mask on) on the very first day of early voting here in Florida.

      Also, I agree about the Convention – it’s been beautifully done. President Barack Obama’s speech last night was very powerful and inspirational.

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