Alexei Navalny – the risks of baiting the Russian bear


Alexei Navalny, Putin’s most prominent political opponent is in a coma in Siberia having fallen ill on a plane, caused it is thought from drinking a poisoned cup of tea at the airport. He claims he was poisoned last year, and three years ago a chemical attack left him partially blind in one eye. His brother is in prison, he says on trumped up charges. And three other activists close to him have also been poisoned by unknown toxic substances which in one case removed the ability to speak and see, and in another left them near death.

Born 4 June 1976 1.30 pm (from memory) Moscow, Russia, he is an idealistic Sun Venus in Gemini opposition Neptune forming a talented Half Grand Sextile with his Sun Venus trine Pluto and sextile Mars in Leo.

Tr Uranus is square his Mars exactly now which can be explosive, risky and bring great insecurity – and given it is part of his Half Grand Sextile configuration it will have a stronger effect even than usual. It repeats on and off through 2021.  Though if he survives this attack, his most dangerous, game-changing moments will come in three years’ time when his Half Grand Sextile moves by Solar Arc to connect with his Saturn by hard aspect for a very challenging three years thereafter.

Putin’s 4th Term chart does have a ruthless Pluto Mars in Capricorn square Uranus Mercury in Aries. He is already in trouble with protests mounting in various regions; with more violence erupting after the middle of 2021 and complete deadlock by 2023. The Russia 1917 chart also looks highly stressed in 2023.

Navalny is important to Russia with his Sun Venus conjunct the Russia 1917 10th house Jupiter; and his Jupiter sitting in the Russia 1991 10th house.

PS. It is reassuring, if astonishing, to see the Senate Report on Russian interference in the 2016 election went a good deal further than Mueller in pointing out Trump campaign’s Russia links. Not that anyone is paying much attention.

7 thoughts on “Alexei Navalny – the risks of baiting the Russian bear

  1. Russia has become a gangster state.

    I wish Akexei Navalny well but knowing the murderous history of that blighted country,
    things don’t bode very well.

    • Russia is indeed a tragic country. My own paternal ancestors were caught in its merciless machinery over a century ago and it left its mark on their descendants.

        • Absolutely. Things people in Russia went through as late as early 20th century are medieval. My ancestors were protected from the worst by autonomy. However, they could see how Russian “subjects” were treated elsewhere, since there were troops from the rest of Empire stationed here. I don’t know if this has been studied a lot, but based on stories from my family and husband’s family, seeing how troops, especially those belonging to ethnic and religious minorities, were treated by Russian officers was main reason common people in countryside were “radicalized”. People didn’t want to lose their loved ones for 20 or 30 years, if not for forever through forced draft.

        • Unfortunately, I think Putin will only leave the way Stalin did, dying in the office, since he has a long history of eliminating any viable opposition. I do not have any astrological backup for this, since I don’t think his birth time is even remotely exact.

          As for Navalny, Grand Trine apart, I don’t think he has ever been as “dangerous” in Putin’s mind Boris Nemtsov was. He probably got caught in a bad moment, with trouble in Belarus.

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