Angela Merkel – once more into the breach, once more



Angela Merkel will be sworn in for her fourth term on March 14th. That gives an exact confident Sun sextile Pluto and trine Jupiter, and square Mars. Mars in turn trines Uranus still in square to Pluto. Saturn squares Venus Mercury. It won’t be without its moments of high stress, risk and argument, more than usually. But it’ll also be lucky and firmly controlling, running at times into resistance and unpopularity with a strong Pluto and Saturn Venus. Much will depend on the start time.

Her own personal chart looks less certain with a jolting tr Uranus opposition her 10th house Saturn from this July onwards; and a confusing (devastating) tr Pluto square her 10th house Neptune in 2019/2020; plus a highly disruptive tr Pluto opposition her 8th house Uranus in 2019/2020 and opposition her Sun in 2020/21. And a panicky-failure Solar Arc Neptune conjunct her Mars in 2020.

What doesn’t help her at the moment is tr Saturn moving through her less successful First Quadrant, now into its nadir for three years. She’ll struggle to find the energy, motivation and luck she had earlier in her political career.

Her relationship with Emmanuel Macron is aggravated at points this year especially September/October and frosty through 2019.

Her faith in the EU (and vice versa) will be tested over the next two years with tr Neptune square the composite Mars; and in a degree of turmoil with tr Uranus square the composite Uranus from July onwards; with a distinct chill in 2019.

Her domestic popularity may continue to worry her. Her relationship chart with Germany looks highly confused from later this month onwards; 2019 will be discouraging; with a complete turnaround in outlook between the two come 2020/2021.

2 thoughts on “Angela Merkel – once more into the breach, once more

  1. Marjorie, i’ve read a few times when you say saturn in the first quadrant is basically low energy, keeping your head down, charging your batteries, less success, etc. But what does it mean to move through the other quadrants and when is the best times to plan ahead or lay low?

  2. Well, a couple of months ago, Germany was going to spiral into chaos, stars considered. I think this is all relative. Merkel does not have credible opposition. Macron is nothing but pragmatic.

    Also, Trump’s Trade War will unite EU “bigly”. France and Germany both still have viable steel and car industries, and a lot to lose when China starts to dump steel to their market.

    I think Merkel may be thinking about succession, though.

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