Amy Barrett – a decision Trump may regret

Amy Coney Barrett has been nominated and will almost certainly be confirmed as the Supreme Court replacement for Ruth Ginsberg. Barrett is reckoned extremely intelligent and capable though tainted by her association with a charismatic Christian, essentially Roman Catholic though also ecumenical, group known as People of Praise. It excludes women from its higher leadership and was thought to be one of the inspirations behind Margaret Atwood’s the Handmaid’s Tale.

  Born 28 January 1972 in New Orleans, Louisiana, she’s a Sun Aquarius conjunct the North Node sextile Neptune and trine Pluto – and tied into an out of element Grand Trine, with North Node trine Saturn in Fixed Taurus trine Pluto, turned into a Kite by Saturn opposition Neptune. Sun Neptune Pluto indicates soaring ambition. An Aquarius North Node is associated with devotion to a cause. Neptune is both spiritual and in aspect to Saturn both socially-aware and slightly paranoid. Saturn Pluto gives grit and perseverance.

   She also has Mars in upfront Aries in a volatile opposition to Uranus square Mercury in practical Capricorn; with a Cancer Moon also tied into what could be a Cardinal Grand Square. A Cancer Moon will be home-focused (seven children) but she hardly looks the submissive wife type – those are fairly explosive aspects.

  Her Sun will catch the tr Uranus square late November to mid-December this year and again next February for a major life’s change. This is a point which affects many of the main players and may well be when the confirmation hearings are held. [See previous post September 19 2020]. She has a ‘lucky break’ tr Pluto sextile her Jupiter/Uranus at the same time late this November to late December, though that’s mild. She looks stressed across the New Year till late January with tr Pluto conjunct her Mercury, which will involve her in toxic arguments. And has a fair few disaster influences through 2021.

   She half fits into the Supreme Court since both have Aquarius Suns and her Jupiter in Sagittarius works with the SCOTUS Jupiter Mars in Leo. But her Saturn squares the SCOTUS Mercury and her Mercury square Mars collides with the SCOTUS Neptune – so she will have a dampening and restricting effect on certain decisions and will fight against what she regards as ‘soft’ judgements.

   Her relationship with Chief Justice John Roberts, another Aquarius, is half friendly; and half fraught due to a composite Yod of Pluto sextile Neptune inconjunct Mars. This could tie them into life-or-death decisions (Mars Pluto) with irrevocable repercussions for both of them.  A composite Yod can have fated consequences for both parties.

  What is strange – maybe not – is that her relationship with Donald Trump is anything but cosy with an outright-dislike composite Mars Saturn conjunction. By 2022 tr Neptune starts three years of squaring and undermining that; as well as upending the composite Uranus also from 2022.  So if he wins or even if he doesn’t, cases that involve him which appear before the Supreme Court may find him regretting the day he appointed her.  

  And now that I look, Trump’s relationship with John Roberts while not quite as starkly at odds, is hitting a rough patch with panicky fears and disappointment from late April 2021 onwards for a year and upsets in 2022.

  The fates may get their revenge, though at some cost beforehand to America’s reputation and integrity. What a travesty.

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30 thoughts on “Amy Barrett – a decision Trump may regret

  1. Interesting to note Barrett’s Sun at 7 Aquarius is tight-locked to the U.S. Sibly South Node/opposing its North Node. Her own natal nodal axis and MC are also close by. It reads to me as a twisted sort of pride over leading the country in an “old” direction, one that has clearly outlived its karmic usefulness.

  2. Amy has been a judge for only 3 years. She’s another of Trump’s inexperienced appointments to office who are sent in to destroy what they are meant to to support. In this case, women’s rights. Betsy DeVos, education. Ajit Pai, the FCC and internet. Louis DeJoy, the post office. The list goes on and on.

  3. Aquarian Chief Justice John Roberts has from time-to-time voted against his own conservative instincts because he is guided by his “orginalist” interpretation of the US Constitution. It makes him appear to be a maverick, but Aquarius is very inflexible on matters of guiding principle. Aquarian and “orginalist” Amy Barrett may prove to be similar and surprise with some unexpected decisions.

      • I am aware that there is far greater complexity to consider, but I think that Sun/Aquarius is sufficiently indicative of certain tendencies to make this comment. For good or ill, Sun Aquarius individuals have had an unusually large impact upon the direction of US policy and politics – Lincoln, FDR, Reagan, Cheney – and now perhaps Barrett.

    • I have absolutely no doubt, what so ever, that ACB would join Roberts and Gorsuch in voting with “Liberal” Justices on, let’s say, coming Transparency of Government and Finances cases. That’s not the reason I find her scary, personally. What concerns me is her Cancer Moon, squaring Libra Uranus (this will work with any birthtime) and quite possibly conjunct US Chart Sun. She has “righteous” feelings on motherhood she obviously wants to push and is capable of pushing through.

      A lot has been made on her belonging to a prayer group calling female leaders “Handmaidens” (in contrast to classic Deaconess, that’s likely too Protestant for group’s liking), because of the connection to Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novels. What’s different, obviously, is that at People of Praise group Handmaidens were female leaders, where as in Atwood’s Universe, they were procreational slaves baring children to barren wives of high ranking members of Theocratic Government. As such, ACB’s role would be more akin to that of a Wife – and also an Aunt, who are arbitrators of female reproduction and have, thus, certain priviledges. Not coincedently, – spoiler – “The Testament” does give readers “The Handmaid Tale’s” ambigous antagonist Aunt Lydia a backstory as a former Judge who has been given a choice either to pile radioactive carbage or join the regime at a very Chile 1974 style “re-education center”.

  4. This is interesting, thank you, Marjorie.
    With Saturn, Jupiter and later Pluto going through Aquarius the Supreme Court is going to go through a time of change in the next decade or so.
    I have seen one study, I think on FiveThirtyEight website, which says that the Supreme Court slowly follows public opinion as shown by an election. The court will not want to be seriously at odds with public opinion unless they have manifest reason to do so. Accordingly, I suspect that the court will not give the strident opinions that their conservative sponsors crave. This would accord with the astrology. If they do give these strident opinions then congress may look to reform the court.

    • Who is going to pay them? Trump is broke, per NYT. RNC probably isn’t far behind. Vova has his hands tied with Belarus and now a war brewing between Armenia and Azerbaijan (this is huge, because Azeri funnel a lot of their oil money to Moscow, and also due to Russian Caspian Sea oilfields logistics). I’m guessing Saudis could help, but am not certain how Trump will sell this to them.

  5. Thank you Marjorie for this post, especially the last 3 paragraphs for a fuller picture.
    Given that Dems are gonna have at least a 2 term admin going forward, I’m curious how Justice Clarence Thomas is looking over the next couple of years. I have hypothetical scenarios.
    If something were to happen to Thomas and make his seat vacant, then clearly this would open up an opportunity for a Dem replacement. They’d still be at a disadvantage, BUT, what if(yes very far fetched I know, but go with me) Chief Roberts(seemingly of high character and principles) subsequently steps aside as an ultimate sacrifice to avoid a death match to expand the court and re-level the playing field. Under these scenarios, the new Chief would have to be a liberal Judge(probably Kagan) as they would then have seniority over their newer/younger conservative colleagues.

    A shock turn of fate this understatement would be.

    • The kind of post that would make me want to vote Democrat for the presidency and Republican for the Senate (if I had a vote, which I am very grateful not to).

      Just because the Republicans are nutters in one direction does not mean that Democrats have to go nuts in the other direction.

      In a sense, the US system of government is genius, because one can vote people of different parties in different jobs in such a way that no one ideology can get all its own way.

      • “In a sense, the US system of government is genius, because one can vote people of different parties in different jobs in such a way that no one ideology can get all its own way.”

        Except Republicans did have their way, in 2016, when Republican held Senate refused to Confirm President Obama nominee to Supreme Court, Merrick Garland almost 9 months (!) before Presidential Election. That meant there were 8 members, facilitating to “tie break” in all sorts of “non-nutter” cases brought before Supreme Court for 14 months between the (sudden) death of Justice Anthony Scalia and Justice Neil Gorsuch (and here I have to say, while a Social Conservative, Gorsuch has a firm grasp on certain “Rule of Law” issues) for handpicked by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell taking office in April 2017.

        I could go on discussing about how politicians nominating Justices or even Judges, or the whole Common Law legal system requiring a Supreme Court to set precedents isn’t, in fact, “genius”, from Separation of Powers point of view. The Common Law countries that actually rank high on Democracy rankings (New Zealand, Ireland, Canada), tend to have much stronger Separation of Powers procedures than The US. But that’s probably not the point on an astrology board.

    • You could add Chief Justice Roberts to the list because he has epilepsy and he had a fall over the summer.
      Several years ago he had a seizure that was so severe that he was not allowed to drive per doctor’s orders.
      He’s also 65 now so he is officially a senior citizen.

  6. Thanks Marjorie. ACB certainly doesn’t look like a pushover. I can’t understand how anyone with apparently “Christian” beliefs and faith could support Trump. The same goes for Mike Pence, another devout Christian. Unless, possibly, they believe they can help to stem the tide in some way? Do they think they’re Christian soldiers? They certainly haven’t overturned the tables of the money-lenders in the temple……I’m not a Christian, but isn’t it time for a bit of Old Testament smiting in certain quarters?

    People of Praise was founded in 1971, but I can’t find a date. The spiritual advisors within it are same sex – the ones for women were called “handmaidens” until recently. I will put myself off lunch at this rate! That year there was Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Sagittarius, and in the summer Saturn moved into Gemini to oppose Neptune. Anyway, I think it’s founding will resonate with ACB as they are only a year, or less, apart. They believe in “speaking in tongues” as well. I’d just love to know what they might have to say now.

    • I’ve encountered several born-agains who “speak in tounges”. It’s jibber-jabber talk, claiming that they are channeling the spirit of god (small “g”). I walk away in horror. Of all the capable people in the US, why are we stuck with such blind dates?

    • “Thanks Marjorie. ACB certainly doesn’t look like a pushover. I can’t understand how anyone with apparently “Christian” beliefs and faith could support Trump.”

      Evangelical, and especially Dominionist, leaders justify their support of Trump referring to him as an “imperfect vessel” akin to King Cyrus who let Jews return to Sion from their exile in Babylon. In their words, he will deliver Kingdom of God. Obviously, it’s not why they truly support Trump. Trump gives them access unlike any other modern POTUS, including Born Again Christian George W. Bush.

      ACB is, of course, no matter how strange her “prayer group” may seem, Catholic. I’m not Catholic myself, but know what kind of doctrine was taught to Gen X Catholics. I know many Italian and yes, American, Catholics of my Generation. I listened, in person, to already old and frail John Paul II preach on “women’s place in congregation and life” for 45 minutes in 1994. The views held on motherhood by men vowed to celibacy were too much even for my 17-year-old never had even kissed, Lutheran raised self. I was fuming. But there was a smart Latvian-Polish Catholic girl next to me who was asking me to translate from Italian, even if The Pope would replicate in various languages (there may have been translation available on request, but we were on a tour and organizers hadn’t made a request). I suppose ACB might be very similar to this girl, because this would have certainly been the message at her Youth Groups and such.

      Therefore, while I see ACB not being a likely believer in that “imperfect vessel” story on Trump, I think her formation has brought her to a point where she will see cancelling Roe vs. Wade as her spiritual mission. Everything else is consequential.

      • Thanks Solaia, I didn’t know about the “imperfect vessel” story. Words fail really. It’s quite Jesuitical – the way they’ve managed to justify present circumstances. I went to a religious school, and certain things tend to stick in one’s mind.
        Well, nearly October, so not too long before we see the next installment in this endless and exhausting soap opera. And perhaps, in a year jam packed with “surprises”, the fabled October Surprise.

        • I didn’t go to a religious school, but grew up in an area that was 90 per cent Lutheran and received mainly denominational religious teaching, although I always was more interested in studying religious systems in general. I only started to feel very Lutheran travelling and living in Italy.

          But yes, I can tell this “imperfect vessel” certainly isn’t part of Nordic Evangelical Lutheran – this will most easily transfer to Evangelical Lutheran Church in America for The US – theological thought either. I guess that as Lutherans, we got kind of burned by large parts of clergy and layman leaders supporting Hitler. For instance, some relatives of my husband, prominent in a Pietist revival movement, were Hitler apologists. Now, I think we rather look at Angela Merkel, a daughter of a Lutheran minister herself, as someone representing our values. Although there is even clergy that’s way more Liberal. A friend, for instance, is officiating gay couples even if this isn’t formally allowed by Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church.

      • Yes, there are also echoes of the Biblical King David, who had Bathsheba’s husband murdered so David could satisfy his own lust, with the “imperfect vessel” paradigm too. Of course, it’s a cautionary tale about the sinful lengths powerful people will go to in order to have things their own way. But that’s an angle you never seem to hear about in church!

  7. As I said in responses on SCOTUS post, there is something very uneasy about how GOP leadership is acting on their seeming victory here.

    And, this morning, the latest WaPo-ABC National poll has Biden at 54-44 among “likely voters”. We’ve lead to not believe in polls after 2016 fiasco, but there are some major differences here. While in 2016, several polls actually showed Trump leading at various points, none of the “reputed” ones has given Trump a lead. Also, in 2016, while certain polls did give Clinton comfortable 10-12 points leads, these came with numbers such as 50-38, with up to 12 per cent declaring themselves undecided/for 3rd party candidate. Now, 54-44 only leaves 2 percent undecided, and it seems Biden has gained among them. Positions seem to be fixed.

    So, I think GOP leadership, with an access to internal polling and knowledge on early voting stats, is starting to panic here. 10 per cent gap on National poll leaves very little space for Electoral College manoeuvring.

    My guess is: They feel they will have very little space to contest National Results at Supreme Court. The best they can hope is to have tight enough race in places like Carolinas (I’d say Montana and Maine too, but these States have much less history with voter surpression, and both parties like to play fair) to keep at least The Senate.

    If Republicans won’t keep The Senate, expect SCOTUS to be expanded to 11 judges,
    making Cobey Barrett’s standings much less consequential.

    • “If Republicans won’t keep The Senate, expect SCOTUS to be expanded to 11 judges,
      making Cobey Barrett’s standings much less consequential.”

      *Justices*. I haven’t had enough coffee today.

      • It is worth keeping in mind that the national lead in US presidential elections is not very useful.

        A recent Reuters article suggests that Biden is ahead of Trump in six swing states, but in most of them, the lead is within the margin of error and shrinks further if you factor in “likely voters” instead of all voters. So let’s not get ahead of ourselves and wait for the results. Winter is coming.

        If the Democrats do win a trifecta (both Houses and the Presidency), there is no shortage of proposals on neutering the power of SCOTUS.

        The bench could be increased to not just 11, but even to 13 or 15.

        There is another proposal for judges to have a fixed term (like 18 years) on SCOTUS, with them being moved to another court after their 18 years are up (the Constitution only requires that judges hold office while they are of good behaviour; seen as life tenure. It does not state that they get life on the same court).

        There are other proposals that equal seats on SCOTUS be assigned to the two parties, with both parties selecting the Chief Justice on a bi-partisan basis, and that a justice can only be replaced by a justice of the same party.

        So, no shortage of proposals.

        • “A recent Reuters article suggests that Biden is ahead of Trump in six swing states, but in most of them, the lead is within the margin of error and shrinks further if you factor in “likely voters” instead of all voters. So let’s not get ahead of ourselves and wait for the results. Winter is coming.”

          That’s some sloppy journalism there from Reuters, handpicking one online poll – these were problematic in 2016 – instead of consulting a poll tracker. Latest NBC/Marist poll has Biden up +10 in Wisconsin and +8 in Michigan. Arizona, I think, has been steady at +4, and Biden is helped by very popular Senatorial Candidate Mark Kelly and Cindy McCain endorsement. This would really be all he needs to win.

          Also, NYT has DJTs tax filings for 20 or so year. If nothing else, this will send him to frenzy before debate on Tuesday. So, can I get ahead of myself just a teeny little bit now?

    • @Solaia: Excellent poll to post. What’s remarkable is its consistency. I believe they were the first high quality pollster to start polling “likely voters” nationally from July, and has remained the same 54/44 split from then. They were one of 3 who came closest to getting 2016 correct. Marist and IBD/TIPP the others.

    • @ Solaia,

      Interesting that you brought up the Senate. According to data analysts G. Elliott Morris and Harry Enten, Democrats now have a 68% chance of taking back the U.S. Senate. As of right now, Democrats are slated to win Arizona, Colorado, Maine, and North Carolina…while losing Alabama (Doug Jones). That would give 50 seats to Democrats in the Senate, and a Vice President Kamala Harris would be the tie breaker.

    • Thank Marjorie.. fascinating..
      Solaia you wrote in an earlier post “rushing SCOTUS nom will, somehow, bite GOP on back some way”
      Interesting enough, the NY Times wrote in an article that because of a rushed process, Barrett may be the least vetted SCOTUS nominee ever.

      It is worth reading Majorie’s post again on Mitch McConnell August 2019: Sun Pisces with heavyweight tough-minded and unsentimental Mars Moon Saturn Uranus in Taurus trine Neptune plus Mercury Venus in opp Pluto probably square Taurus Moon. Incredibly Fixed, stubborn, enduring.
      I don’t think McConnell was ever enamored by Trump but simple a means to keep control and to fullfill his lifelong ambition of moving the courts to the extreme right. He never had the opportunity to fully do so until Trump came into office. The process for Kennedy and Scalia created such vitriol and doesn’t seem to affect him, lines up with the “heavyweight tough-minded and unsentimental”.
      I believe late 2019 and especially in 2020 McConnell started to realize that there was a high probability that the electorate was going to punish Trump & GOP. Maybe he sees the loss of Senate & Presidency as inevitable, therefore, at 78 years old, this small window to fulfill his long-life goal created by Ginsburg’s death will be the only opportunity he has left.
      — Over the election itself he has the tr Jupiter Pluto conjunction trine his Saturn and tr Saturn trine his Uranus – neither of which are ecstatic nor are they devastatingly bad. Though what comes next wont please him with a highly stressed December; and badly sagging morale and plans collapsing late January 2021 just after the Inauguration and running off and on till late 2022.

      “Over the election – neither ecstatic nor devastatingly bad” the hearings are supposed to start on Oct. 12 so he may have Judge Barrett confirmed fulfilling his life’s goal. The Senate unanimously passed a bi-partisan resolution Sen Joe Manchin’s (D-WV) resolution to reaffirm the commitment of the to a peaceful transition of power as called for in the Constitution. So he may have to put his actions where his mouth is if the Trump takes the election fight it to SCOTUS. I don’t McConnel will lose his election in KY, but highly stressed December could be a total wipe out of the GOP and risking even his role as minority leader as the blame goes around within the GOP and those conservatives who hate Trump. Once Trump is gone, McConnell as cold and calculated as he is, his only interest will be regaining power and not look back to bail Trump out of his financial swamp.

      His relationship with Trump, which has been relatively calm to date will hit a chilly and stormy patch from February 2020 onwards with tr Saturn square the composite Sun, then Venus and tr Uranus square the composite Pluto from May turning their connection upside down. The Saturn freeze and separation repeats through the year returning for the final time mid November 2020. Whether that is McConnell being beset by health issues or other political distractions since he’s up for re-election in 2020 isn’t clear–

      Also according to elections statistician Nate Silver at 538, Natl Polls look indeed good for Biden, but he uses them rarely since the election is contested at the state level & those are only a tiny bit better for Biden plus battle ground states that decide the electoral college are still very close & Trump seems to be slightly ahead in Florida and Arizona. Currently Dems are slightly favored to win the Senate. Both Harris and Biden seem to look positive post inauguration according to Marjorie, so my hope is on a good outcome.

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