Alfie Evans – a heart-rending dilemma



There’s a sad tale in the UK of a baby suffering from an incurable neurological disorder which has eaten away his brain and induces epileptic fits. His parents understandably have been fighting to keep him alive while the doctors and courts say the kindest thing would be to let him go. It has become a toxic debate with ideological Christians and others pushing their agenda; and the Pope and Italy offering sanctuary with the hope of more investigations. The judge, for whom the interests of the child are paramount, refused permission for him to travel to Italy. The father recently threatened to sue the hospital for murder and hospital workers are having to be given extra security because of the virulence of campaigners. He has been taken off ventilation and is breathing on his own and his father has now backtracked over his criticism of medical care and wants to take him home for palliative care. While doctors have been known to be wrong, all the outside experts consulted as well say his brain will never function.

Alfie Evans, born 9 May 2016, has his Sun, Venus and Mercury in Taurus trine Pluto trine Jupiter North Node in Virgo, forming an Earth Grand Trine, which should be robustly physical and confident. It’s formed into a Kite by Jupiter opposition Neptune, making Neptune the driving planet. The Jupiter opposition Neptune also squares Saturn Mars in Sagittarius, which is tough. His Moon is late Gemini or early Cancer.

This is one of these instances where the astrology is no use whatsoever. Even with a birth time, there would be little to add.

4 thoughts on “Alfie Evans – a heart-rending dilemma

  1. I just heard that the poor little boy has died, I hope he rests in peace.

    I’m sure the hospital staff would’ve done everything they could to save him. I had a huge amount of respect for NHS workers; just in the last few years they’ve faced Ebola and Novichok, ran towards ongoing terrorist attacks to help and have had to deal with mobs in cases like this. On top of all the regular crap they get and austerity. I’m amazed at their dedication.

  2. Its not merely ideological Christians who have been opposed to this (though, lol, your derision is noted). This is a case of the continuing erosion of parental rights. As if the parents themselves have no stake in the ‘best interests of the child’. This is a case of the overreaching state.

    I assume you are aware of the Ashya King case? The doctors refused to let him travel to seek further treatment. His parents removed him from the hospital. They were arrested in Europe, but their son got his treatment. And is now, happily thriving and Cancer free.

    This is all a slippery slope to euthanasia. Sad and frightening.

    • I note the anonymous post, so I’ll ignore the tone of your response.
      I did say doctors have been known to be wrong but medical experts from all over including Italy said there was no hope for him other than palliative care since his brain would never regrow.
      Parents’ rights are not absolute since in certain cases – Jehovah’s Witnesses etc – it may not be in the child’s best interests to allow them to make medical decisions. And yes medics get it wrong sometimes.
      What aggravates me about the pro-life-at-all-costs lobby is how little attention they give to disabled or abused children in general. All this outpouring of grief and vituperation over one tragically hopeless case could be turned to better use in helping those who have a chance of life.
      Had it been left to God, Alfie would have died considerably earlier. The medics did the best they could but there comes a point where further invasive treatments – tracheotomy etc – just continue suffering to no good end.

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