Afghanistan – history repeating for the USA ++ Taliban

The Taliban have over run city after city in Afghanistan with a wholesale collapse of the national security forces and are now within 30 miles of Kabul. The entire country is expected to be under their brutal control within months, if not sooner, which regrettably is reflected in the astrology – see previous post July 6 2021.

   The scramble to airlift out embassy staff and vulnerable Afghans who helped the allies has drawn comparisons with the Fall of Saigon in late April 1975 which brought a humiliating end to the failed war in Vietnam.

  Both wars were launched on overly impetuous Jupiter aspects – high in confidence, low on realism, slapdash. 

  The Vietnam War in 1955 launched with Jupiter Pluto conjunct in Leo squaring onto Saturn Venus in Scorpio. Jupiter Pluto can be fanatical and self-assured, as well as arrogant, but is blocked here by reality-check Saturn.

  The Afghan War in 2001 was kicked off as a response to 9/11 with a crusading, overly zealous and self-justifying Jupiter opposition Mars, with Jupiter inconjunct Pluto. Saturn was then in a tough tough opposition to Pluto and semi-sextile Jupiter. So again a similar feel of too much Jupiter in conflict with Saturn.

  When the Vietnam War ended in a shambles tr Saturn was conjunct the USA 1776 Cancer Sun exactly and square the US Saturn.

  This year as the Afghanistan withdrawal leaves chaos in its wake tr Neptune is opposing the USA Neptune and tugging on the failure-ridden square to the US Mars; with tr Saturn conjunct the US South Node, exact this October when the extent of the collapse will be even more starkly obvious.  9/11 occurred with tr Neptune was conjunct the USA South Node which always seemed to me the most significant aspect – a devastating blow to America’s ‘leadership’ Leo North Node.

  There was never going to be an easy answer to Afghanistan and much of the blame attaches to the early decisions of GWB and cronies, but it could turn out to be a blot on Joe Biden’s copy book. Relocating his chart to Kabul puts Saturn on his Ascendant as well as Uranus.

Add On: The Taliban was spawned out of the chaos of the Soviet-Afghan War, proclaiming a Caliphate on April 3rd or 4th 1996 and in power between 1996 and 2001. The proclamation date gives a confident Sun square Jupiter with an emotionally intense Venus opposition Pluto and a cruel/military Mars in Aries conjunct Saturn, in a ruthless trine to Pluto and in an opportunistic, crusading square to Jupiter. Mars Jupiter often uses religious justifications for aggressive actions. The brutal Mars trine Pluto is further emphasised being in a mini-Grand Trine, sextile Uranus.

  It’s not that dissimilar to the Al Quaeda chart of 11 August 1988 with a Leo Sun trine Mars in Aries and square Pluto. With Pluto trine Venus, inconjunct Mars and sextile Neptune. Both have Mars at almost the same degree in Aries.

  The Taliban chart clashes badly with the Afghan country chart with the Taliban Neptune opposition the Afghan Mars, undermining the country’s assertive drive, causing panic; and the Taliban’s ferocious Mars is square the Afghan Pluto for a destructive, enraging connection.

  The relationship chart is bleak with a chained-together and resenting it composite Sun Saturn square Pluto. It is under disillusioning and disappointing Neptune influences this year into early 2022; with feelings running high in 2022/23 with tr Pluto opposition the composite Venus.

  Where the Taliban chart runs into trouble, if the start date holds good, will be 2023 when there is a Solar Arc Pluto square the Saturn for deprivation, hardship, financial setbacks. Though even before then with tr Pluto conjunct the Taliban Neptune from early 2022 to late 2023, there will be widespread confusion.

  The Afghanistan chart looks road-blocked and threatened in 2022/23 with tr Pluto opposition the Mars but there could be changes come 2024 as tr Uranus square the Sun and tr Pluto approaches a confident-push square to the Jupiter in 2025, though before then picking up the uplifting Jupiter midpoints from 2023 onwards. So paralysis for a couple of years and then maybe more hopeful.

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  1. @Jennifer E: research done on behalf of the UN, I believe, also a subject not formally studied and documented before. So although it seems logical to you, without relevant data we can only make assumptions, which is what is happening in our societies and online everywhere at the moment. I don’t know about you, but I would rather have funded research based on scientific data than opinions.

  2. With famine looming for 14 million Afghans (due to persistent drought which has already resulted in 40% crop loss). Do the charts show this as well?
    There is a think tank in The Hague that published a report some years ago which linked war and recurrent conflict to lack of food security.

    • ‘There is a think tank in The Hague that published a report some years ago which linked war and recurrent conflict to lack of food security.’

      Hmmm…! Not sure it needed a ‘think tank’ to figure that out but interesting for me would be how much money they spent for that?

      • JenniferE – Why would that be interesting, how much money was spent?

        I hv read defense reports on the projections (dire) of global warming and the assessment of forced migrations due to loss of water and arable land. Those reports from the late 1990’s are now being faced with incredulity…or denial. Competition for ever-limited resources…

        Wars seek to gain control…or to remove a threat (real or perceived). It was true during the crusades, Mongol invasions, Roman expansion. None of this is rocket science.

  3. The whole situation is heart wrenching and unbelivable. Is there something hidden in any of the countries charts as the withdrawal was brutal . The US left most of their weapons behind. Afganistan is rich in minerals that was not utilised by the UK or the US-although they keep saying they weren’t there to nation build.Is this what China and Russia want?
    The Afghanistan army that were trained and paid for the last 20 years seem to have disappeared or turned Taliban overnight. Something doesn’t seem right about the quick seizure.Taliban chiefs who have been in other countries have suddenly been flown into Kabul and yet the news says the airport is held by the US.Can you check the charts Marjorie for some hidden agenda etc as it seems like the news is only showing the harrowing scenes at the airport and not much in the rest of the country-almost like a smokescreen?

    • I too would like to know about this more because I am not sure what to make of such a quick takeover by the Taliban. It really does seem like there is a hidden agenda involved by all except for the poor Afghan people.

  4. I’ve just read an article in the daily telegraph from a soldier on the front line, asking why they are back in Afghanistan when most of the soldiers had already left. I’m afraid this has been orchestrated by Putin with his puppet Trump. I want to ask why QAnon are still saying Trump will be back in power by the end of August, it’s like they know something we don’t. This whole situation was started by Trump and HIS deal with the Taliban, the media and behind them the MONEY are doing dark powers bidding, we all know there are still people who want Trump to be the leader and most probably some of them are in the Army.

    • Hello Jane – Jane here! Would you mind adding something to your name to distinguish between us? It’s a bit confusing otherwise. Thank you.

      • Hello Jane – Jane here! As one of your long term fans, I was perplexed by the other Jane’s post, not that there was anything wrong with it. Just not your usual factual style, pinned down by relevant astro info.
        You definitely need to claim your name as I’m sure the other Jane understands. Look forward to reading both your posts in future, without wondering who’s who. In the meantime, welcome to the other Jane!

  5. Why is everyone conflating the decision to withdraw from Afghanistan with the epic debacle in its execution. “Come on Man!” even as a civilian I know you don’t pull your troops before the civilians. Civilians,NGOs, Embassy folks, then equipment, then troops. It’s common sense. Biden is clearly not in charge. It is obvious in every press conference he bumbles through. Have you seen the comparison of the ABC transcript and the actual film aired? ABC edited out all the confused muffed bits…journalists lololol riiiiggghhht!
    So who’s making the decisions? I don’t know…Susan Rice?, Chief ‘o Staff Ron Klain? I don’t know but it’s a moot point now because his own underlings are now contradicting him in public after his news conference.

    Biden: “Taliban is gone from Afghanistan”…”Americans are getting to the airport without problems”.
    Pentagon spokesman Kirby: “There is a Taliban presence”

    Sec. ‘o Defence Austin: “Americans were beaten trying to get to the airport”. Cover your butts boys it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

    Everyone who can distance themselves from him are doing it….bubbye Kamala…enjoy your trip….but don’t forget you were “the last one in the room” when the plan was hatched and put your seal of approval on it.

    We got it on tape.

  6. The situation in Afghanistan reminds me a lot of medieval Scotland. Afghanistan is tribal. Malala Yusufzai belongs to the Yusufzai Clan, as did one of the Mughal Emperor Babur’s wives, Bibi Mubarika Yusufzai. Afghanistan will not be a modern nation until someone suppresses this tribal structure. James VI/I finally destroyed the power of the Scots clans, which undermined every King of Scotland before him and even the Romans, resulting in the building of Hadrian’s Wall. The sentimentality about Scots clans and their tartans always amuses me since clan tartans date from the late 18th century, designed by people like Jane, Duchess of Gordon. Re Afghanistan, what is a nation? A loose association where one owes greater loyalty to one’s scattered relations in the outback than to the state? The Afghans need to move into the 21st century. They are of course free to live in a tribal medieval theocracy, but in that case should they even be at the table with advanced nations? The challenge here is whether the Taliban can actually run a state. My guess is they will find they have bitten off more than they can chew, in which case the international community will laugh at them and the Afghans will remove them.

  7. Impossible to express how heartbreaking and horrifying this situation is, and know that it will only get worse.

    Dominic Raab, the UK Foreign Secretary, is facing calls to resign today. Last April (2020), Marjorie wrote that he would be “into a downhill slide” in 2021. His birth date is 25th February 1974. I notice that he is having his Jupiter return at the moment, with natal Jupiter at 27 Aquarius, square Mars at 28 Taurus. Jupiter trines his Gemini Saturn and Libran Uranus – so possibly far too much “mental” activity, or mistaken practical actions in the real world (tr Jupiter square natal Mars). I can see that his natal Sun/Mercury conjunction in Pisces is square Neptune in Sagittarius, which doesn’t look exactly incisive.

    Raab’s Mars/Jupiter connects with the Afghan Moon at 27 Taurus – not sure what that might say about how his links with the beleaguered Afghani people might work out? Fixed star Algol, the Medusa’s Head, looms over all of this too. As does the lunar eclipse at 27 Taurus in November. Marjorie has sometimes noted that eclipses can begin to exert pressure or show effects early – perhaps this is an example?

  8. During Dwight Eisenhower’s term in office, he often through Radio Free Europe, promised that America would come to the aid of thise who rose up against their oppressors, ie the USSR.

    In Hungary a group did just that, only for the president to back out sharpish, as he didn’t want to commit his country to a war with Russia. Needless to say, all were killed or ended up in some gulag or other.

    If America thinks it is fine to pull out of a country that is so desperately reliant on them. Then it is America and the UK that are behaving abhorrently. What we will be left with is large sections of the middle-east controlled by Russia and China. Both the UK and the USA have abandoned the moral highground!

  9. Biden has made a few mistakes with his strategy here. There was always going to be a brief window of weakness as the Americans left and the Afghans who took over experienced a sharp learning curve – and the Taliban were always going to try to exploit that window.

    The exit should have happened in winter. Afghan winters are savage and it would have been hard for the Taliban to advance, giving the Afghans several months breathing space as they found their feet.

    The only reason it was done in summer was because Biden wanted headlines that he’d left before the 20th anniversary of 9/11. He made a military decision for political reasons, instead of focussing only on the conditions on the ground.

    He also withdrew the military and closed the Bagram airbase on 2nd July – when he should have started evacuating civilians FIRST and closed that airbase only after all everyone had been evacuated. The military should have been the last to be withdrawn not first.

    He doesn’t know as much as he thinks he does about foreign policy and seems to be making all his decisions based on whether they can generate political headlines or not.

    I had a look at Biden’s chart – and he has his Sun in the hidden 12th house – so might not turn out to be the president people thought they were voting for.

    Interestingly George W Bush also has his Sun in the hidden 12th house. He spent his election campaign saying “No interventions, no nation building” but after he was elected took Americans into the two biggest interventions in recent history. So not what people thought they were voting for either.

    Biden’s inauguration chart was horrendous, and I think we’re now starting to see it play out.

    • you’d prefer Drompf? It’s easy to become an armchair quarterback on Monday morning. Be careful what you wish for as a replacement president.

      • The world already experienced Trump in the last four years.

        And it was better than Biden. Biden’s America is one where aircraft run over civilians, kiling them. Not enemy civilians, but civilians who helped America. In an airport entirely controlled by America and where the aircraft could have paused so as not to hurt anyone.

        You can see the cruelty in Biden’s inauguration chart – that Sun-Saturn-Pluto conj. Mars conj Uranus square Saturn.

        • For Trump, cruelty, domination and grifting are the only point. He cares only about himself and, now, staying out of prison, which he richly deserves for inciting insurrection, possible treason and extreme corruption.

          He will go down as the worst president of the US in modern history.

  10. Something is very wrong with this Afghan picture. I read astrology avidly, but the deal Trump did with the Taliban is far more sinister that we may know for awhile. He removed in excess of ten thousand troops from Afghanistan…. did Trump do a deal with Putin for money ( not to forget the bounty on the heads of US soldiers) did Putin do a deal with the Afghan leadership and the Taliban for money. Roderick is right, Biden was totally caught off-guard …. how come, when you have the so called best intelligence in the world, Biden was kept in the dark, this is deliberate, I bet he was told all was arranged by the previous Government, Pompeo et al. Biden was scammed by his own people, this is still part of the denial story, Trump is the real problem, I am back as your real President, I won, as his chart shows his constant denial and deceit and 40% of the American population still believe that.
    The question is what about the Afghan women and children, in fact that whole Country…
    At least Marjorie points out that the Taliban will have some extreme hassles upfront. Hopefully, Afghanistan will also be the Taliban’s graveyard, but I wonder with Iran sitting next door probably propping them up… this will affect the whole world.

  11. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a Democrat and I was also one of Joe Biden’s earliest supporters in the Democratic Presidential primaries last year. I voted for Biden and I still support him. However, I have to respectfully disagree with President Biden’s handling of Afghanistan – it was an epic failure in my opinion and I believe he’s listening to incompetent people in his cabinet.

    Former First Lady, U.S. Senator, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (the person who really should’ve been President) was vehemently opposed to Biden’s Afghanistan withdraw strategy (and let’s be real here; he didn’t really have one) and she warned of what would likely happen as a result. Surprise! Hillary Clinton was, once again, right on the money. I do think Hillary Clinton’s expertise on foreign policy actually outweigh most politicians – including Biden and definitely Harris.

    Former President Barack Obama’s Director of Global Engagement Brett Bruen recently came out and urged President Biden to fire current National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and I agree with Bruen.

    Anyway, I don’t care how many years the U.S. had been in Afghanistan – it was unethical to just withdraw and leave the Afghan people to fend for themselves (and how are they going to do that?). The U.S. certainly doesn’t mind maintaining a military presence in all of the rich and politically stable countries where natural resources and strategic “perks” are in abundance.

    By allowing the Taliban to regain total control of Afghanistan, they could easily spread their influence to other parts of Central Asia…as well as parts of South Asia (like Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan)…thus bringing much instability to both regions. The Taliban is already establishing diplomatic relations with the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China – three sociopathic, authoritarian regimes now acting like “besties”

    All in all, I feel the decision to withdraw from Afghanistan in such a erupt and swift manner was arbitrary on President Biden’s part. In many ways, it’s comparable to what Donald Trump did to the ethnic Kurdish peoples of Northern Iraq. However, Donald Trump is an idiot and a sociopath…so, I wasn’t surprised (but I was still disgusted) by any of Trump’s actions. Biden, on the other hand, is an intelligent human being who has a conscience, has years of experience in politics, and is more than capable of making rational decisions. So, I do expect a lot more of Biden.

    • Chris, well said. As a Canadian I am dismayed by our swift, heartless, brutal withdrawal and betrayal of our Afghani allies on the ground.

  12. The West was never going to win in Afghanistan. The best we can hope for is to offer some form of sanctuary to the women and children and those who risked their lives helping us. Fat chance of that happening!

  13. Afghanistan – a lurch into more of the same
    14th April 2021

    A post from Marjorie on the fallout from Biden’s decision. Was nto going to be clean-cut, no matter who says what.

  14. Hi larryc It would be helpful if you could explain which issues for women you feel unable to relate to because you are a man? Aside from astrological aspects I wonder if your response would shed some light on the reasons so many male dominated societies perpetuate major ( and minor) cruelties on their female populations. Thanks.

    • Hello Trish. I’ll write up soemthing the next day or so…but I’ll be out of town until later Thursday w/o email. So might be not until Friday that I can post back. Will gladly share my experiences. Thanks for asking!

  15. President Ghani was born 19th May, 1949. I can’t find a birth time. However, his Mars is 14 Taurus, opposing Pluto at 14 Leo. The Uranus (and Saturn) transit is writ large there. Plus his Moon’s Nodes are 25 Aries/Libra, under pressure from transiting Pluto. His Sun at 27 Taurus aligns with fixed star Algol, the Medusa’s Head, and is squared by Saturn in Leo at 29 degrees linking him with Afghanistan’s national chart, and Jupiter’s transit of Aquarius I think.

    Although I’m not sure how much impact a lunar eclipse has, the one in November this year will be conjunct his natal Sun (and Algol). In May 2022 another lunar eclipse hits at 25 Scorpio. These mirror a pair of lunar eclipses from November 2002 (28 Taurus) and May 2003 (25 Scorpio) – which coincided with the chaos and confusion of the months around the invasion of Iraq.

    I also think it’s intriguing that Ghani’s children are US citizens, and he was partly educated in the US.

  16. Rangina Hamidi gave an interview to the BBC from the hallway of her home in Kabul yesterday wondering what the future might bring. She was not on the way to the airport. Rangina is the first female minister for education in Afghanistan. She was educated in the USA and returned to Afghanistan in 2003 to help rebuild her country. Quote “I might face consequences….I guess that’s the price we pay for trying to make the world a little better”. I am beyond words.

  17. Neither Russia or China has not evacuated Embassy staff..They stay out.
    A clip from The Guardian:
    “Taliban officials visited China in July, and met with foreign minister Wang Yi. After the meeting the Taliban spokesman, Suhail Shaheen, said they saw China as a “friend” to Afghanistan and they hoped to talk to Beijing about investment in reconstruction work.”
    Perhaps something Marjorie would take a look at.
    The West certainly became a bit less safe all of a sudden…

    • Those two are hyenas, circling for a bite to eat. Russia should know better; they lost their share of soldiers. PRC could lose a million soldiers…and easily recover within one generation.

  18. I am no fan of Trump but really not all the sins in the universe started with him.
    For one: Afghanistan has defeated everyone over a century and a half.
    For two: GWB, Cheney etc should have gone full tilt for Bin Laden and once he was eliminated got out. But the pull of Iraq oil was too strong so they left the job half done and in a mess.
    What the Taliban do to women is unconscionable – but it’s not the only place. Look at Indonesia etc etc and parts of Africa – Boko Haram etc.

    • M: I am no fan of Trump but really not all the sins in the universe started with him.

      Trump signed the ‘peace’ agreement with the Taliban and then he never withdrew U.S. troops.
      I guess he got bored and his attention went elsewhere.

  19. Right decision, however horrific for many Aghans, but terrible implementation by Biden. Tho he was hamstrung – of course – by his predecessor’s deal with the Taliban. This was a no win situation for the US – we can only hope all Americans and their allies can be airlifted to safety!

  20. My heart breaks for the Afghani women and girls in particular. I am a U.S. citizen who voted for Biden, fears that Trump is as mentally ill as the most extreme WWII fascists, and expect Trump and his clones to use the fall of Afghanistan to take my own country back to the dark ages: no reproductive choice for women, tax dollars syphoned to private religious schools owned by Trump cronies, massive suppression of voting rights, the exhausted middle class bearing the tax burden for millionaires and billionaires, legal harassment of gays, scientists, medical workers, etc., etc. It is almost a petty concern to voice today, laid out against the horror and violence Afghanis are facing because of us…but I am wondering if by abandoning Afghanistan today, we are not plunging our own country into ruination, and throwing the 2022 and 2024 elections back to Trumpers. Deeply troubled.

    • Not being a woman, many issues you mention I simply cannot relate to; does not mean I’m being insensitive. Email is horrible medium for this kind of discussion.

      The Trumper-related issues are very real, and they affect me as well. Only by allowing the course of events to flow can America filter out the right-wing elements (poison). That genie is out of the bottle, and no amount of nurturing, re-education, blind acceptance or tricks will seduce the genie back into the bottle or can filter them out. The country has to evolve…either thru war or elections and the democratic process…or thru one-second urban renewal (nuclear).

      How we deal with the issues is as important as the issues themselves. Remaining home in fear, worrying about it all util we’re immobilized – each has to divine their own answer and coping.

      It crossed my mind that a journalist once mentioned that policicians always leave office far richer than when they took office. That’ll never change. It’s the plague of politics. What’s happening in the Middle East is only a side show. Far worse can yet occur here in this country.

  21. Looking back at Marjorie’s previous post and the Afghan chart the transits today and last week are extraordinary. Jupiter back on to Uranus in Aqua, Solar Return and Venus (in Virgo) Return just in these 2-3 days. It’s impossible to imagine the fear people must live in. We are so very fortunate.

    • Yes, it is quite amazing (and horrifying) how Jupiter’s transit has energised the whole Afghanistan national chart. This evening, the Taliban seized the Presidential Palace. President Ghani has gone. Seemingly none of the intelligence services saw this speedy victory coming.

      I posted this elsewhere on here, but think it is worth noting that the Afghan national chart has Venus conjunct the fixed star Alkaid. As you said, Louisa, Venus has just made a return to that degree. I hadn’t realised the wider significance when I wrote the comment below:

      “Venus has aligned with the fixed star Alkaid at 26 Virgo in Ursa Major. Arab astrologers called the star ‘The Daughters of the Bier’, chief mourners at a funeral. It has been associated in mundane astrology with weather catastrophes, and other calamaties. It has also been called ‘the destroyer of nations’. Given the literal sound of its name, I can’t help but think of beleaguered Afghanistan…..”


    Underneath is a photo of a US helicopter removing people from the rooftop of a building. What does that conjure up images of?

    There was never a workable Western answer to Afghanistan. One Korean War vet told me, “In for a dime, in for a dollar. There’s no clean way out.”

    We don;t know what the US intelligence services knew…but it is known that Drompf ignored everyone. Biden, I’m sure, knew the repercussions from his decision. Yes, Biden takes the rap, and the US population (and world) wants accountability for it all. But it ain’t gonna happen.

    • Later post from CNN, “American officials have expressed dismay at Ghani’s inability to protect key cities and regions from the Taliban, despite laying out a strategy for doing so during his communications with Biden and other senior US leaders.”

      Take away the nursing bottle, and another country collapses. The so-called leader runs away.

    • Indeed, larry those black and white images of the fall of Saigon are playing in my mind while the scenes from Kabul of people desperate to get out of the country, armed men shooting and absolute chaos remind me that the West has learned the square root of nada from the spectacular failure of Vietnam and the 20 years of useless fighting, maiming, raping and the resulting trauma.

      • It bothers me that “we” should suddenly feel guilty because “they” waited until the very final microsecond to apply for passports and to seek a safe path out of the country. Even if it means hanging onto the side of a transport plane to leave. Rather silly on the face of it.

        Nothing was learned by politicians from ‘Nam, Korea, and events in Africa. Let’s not forget the entire Cold War as well. Only, perhaps, how to get in quick, grab what one can, and leave even more quickly.

      • This is far worse than Saigon in 1975 . North Vietnam has a professional army, armour and an airforce. The South Vietnamese army the ARVN also put up longer resistance. This debacle show the US progressed Mars retrograde effect in full force. If it is sensible it will adopt a far more defensive military strategy. As for the Europeans they need to think seriously about their own position as they have been riding on the back of the US military for far too long.

  23. The “failure” started last year when Trump invited Taliban to Camp David and signed a “peace” agreement. When Biden took over there were only 2500 soldiers left there and Taliban already controlled half of the country.

    • The failure started when Clinton and Blair started the process of trying to makeover countries in the Balkans in the 1990s and then others attempted the same in much more difficult locations.

  24. Marjorie,

    Would you look at the chart of the USSR when it withdrew from Afghanistan in 1989 and that of the UK at the time of the Third Afghan War to see if there are any astrological parallels of empires losing in Afghanistan? And do you think that China will get involved in Afghanistan in the near future?

    Both quotes from Wikipedia.

    “The final and complete withdrawal of Soviet combatant forces from Afghanistan began on 15 May 1988 and ended on 15 February 1989 under the leadership of Colonel-General Boris Gromov.”

    “The Third Anglo-Afghan War (Persian: جنگ سوم افغان-انگلیس‎; Pashto: د افغان-انگرېز درېمه جگړه‎), also known as the Third Afghan War, the British-Afghan War of 1919 and in Afghanistan as the War of Independence, began on 6 May 1919 when the Emirate of Afghanistan invaded British India and ended with an armistice on 8 August 1919. The war resulted in the Afghans winning back control of foreign affairs from Britain, and the British recognising Afghanistan as an independent nation.”

  25. There are two countries that have remained unbeaten in a thousand years – Vietnam and Afghanistan.

    What a terrible tragedy for the innocent civilians who will view the oncoming march of the vile Taliban, with utter

    • One mother has had her eyes gouged out and daughters are being taken for Taliban men’s sex slaves. As a women, I find it quit heart breaking to read the awful things happening to young women and what lies in store for them in the future. Trump and Biden should have known better. Their intelligence services would have known that the Taliban Forces were in much better shape than first thought, if not, then we have a real problem with reliable intelligence coming from these countries. Which is a very dangerous situation to be in. The repercussion’s of America’s standing in the world is what Biden should worry about. Marjorie’s relocation of Biden’s chart states that Uranus in his Ascendant – well he has certainly had a huge sudden surprise. Saturn also being there will ground him and I think hit him hard. He will take the wrap for Trump’s move and his is now in power.

      • Trump did his damnedest to destroy the US intelligence services, forcing competent professionals out and damaging their credibility. We’re all paying the price now for his demand for blind loyalty to him and doctoring of intelligence output to meet his distortions.

        • Trump’s legacy has been utterly destructive in every manner. To think that 74 million people trusted this
          amoral grifter to continue with a potential second term. Biden was totally caught off-guard by the fast
          moving situation. The result has been appalling to witness.

          There will be very dark days for this beleaguered country.

          • But there will also be bright days ahead. This is hope we can retain and nurture.

            Not tomorrow, or next week…it will take time.

          • RJ:Biden was totally caught off-guard by the fast moving situation. The result has been appalling to witness.

            No one knew that Afghan army would give up so easily so it is not our problem any more.

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