2018 – an earthier mindset



The tumultuous Uranus square Pluto is waning fast, which has made for a series of rolling upheavals, rebellions and uncertainties since 2012. To be replaced by an approaching Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn which won’t come into exact aspect until 2019 but the effect will be felt, of a more battened down and repressive mood. Uranus moving into Taurus in May will put three of the four outer planets in Earth signs, focussing attention on money, possessions and work, with more of an emphasis on maintaining the status quo. Earth is good at building solid structures and businesses, but lacks flair, imagination and sentimentality, and dislikes sudden change. Saturn will trine Uranus at points in the second half of the way which can point to cautious innovations.

Jupiter will continue in sex-and-money Scorpio till November which picked up last fall with the #metoo outings; but also has financial implications, of which Trump’s tax reforms may be part – making the rich richer.

The Eclipses, Solar and Lunar will continue to focus on Aquarius and Leo, with the North Node in Leo till late year. Although there are two Solar Eclipses mid-year, the second in July falling in Cancer with the New Moon opposition Pluto. That looks the most fraught, with the Lunar Eclipse following on 27th July, having the Moon conjunct Mars opposition Sun square Uranus – so very rock n’ roll.

Neptune continues in Pisces till well into the 2020s fuelling religious zeal and casting its usual smoke and mirrors effect to obscure clarity of thinking.

Jupiter will sextile Pluto along the way for some highs; trine Neptune at other times for ‘false happiness’ and delusional hopes (financially) though only in a mild way. And moves into upbeat Sagittarius from November for a year. April looks high-risk with The Aries Sun square Pluto and conjunct Uranus; and Mars in Capricorn conjunct Saturn and Pluto.

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  1. In classical Roman Myth Saturn deposed Uranus only in his turn to be deposed by Jupiter. Saturn in his Greek guise of Kronos ruled over the mythical Golden Age. Kronos devoured his children as time devours all things both manmade and natural. This was not an act of cruelty but an attempt to stop Uranus imprisoning them in Tarturus.

    Entering Capricorn at the solstice he is in full Janus faced mode so I think both his destructive and constructive faces may be on display in the next couple of years. The Saturnalia was also the time of year master and slaves swapped places. In this guise he maintained the status quo by up ending it, albeit temporarily. If I was a member of the establishment I would not be sitting too comfortably at the moment even if the Uranus Pluto Square has passed.

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